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Versailles Palace Collection

Step into the opulent world of Versailles Palace, where history and grandeur intertwine

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Step into the opulent world of Versailles Palace, where history and grandeur intertwine. Imagine Louis XIV, the Sun King himself, sharing a breakfast with the renowned playwright Moliere, discussing their latest artistic endeavors. The Kings cabinet de travail at Versailles offers a glimpse into his private study, where decisions that shaped nations were made. Nancy Mitford's book 'The Sun King' brings to life the magnificence of this iconic palace. Engraved views from 1684 showcase the breathtaking beauty of Versailles, with its ornate architecture and meticulously manicured gardens. From the main square to the Queens courtyard and avenue of Dragon fountain, every corner exudes regal splendor. As you approach through the Main Gateway adorned with a royal crown detail, you can't help but be awestruck by Pierre Patel's painting capturing both palace and gardens in all their glory, and is no wonder that visitors have been captivated by this sight since 1668. Even fashion finds its place in Versailles' allure. A back view of a lady's grey promenade dress engraved by Dupin transports us to an era when elegance was paramount. But it wasn't just France that found significance within these walls; Wilhelm I became Kaiser at Treaty of Versailles in 1871, marking Germany's unification as he stood on this historic ground. Amidst all this grandeur stands Flora herself - a statue dating back to 1672-1674 adorning Flora Basin in the park surrounding Versailles Palace. Her presence adds an ethereal touch to an already enchanting landscape. Versailles Palace remains an enduring symbol of power and beauty throughout centuries. Its allure continues to draw visitors from around the world who seek to immerse themselves in its rich history and experience firsthand what it means to live like royalty.