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A Framed Print from Media Storehouse is a traditional frame with custom cut card mount and lightweight, shatterproof, optical clarity acrylic glazing. The prints are created by taking a high-resolution digital image and then printing it onto archival quality paper. The image is then mounted onto a wooden (or wood effect) frame, which contains a custom-made card mount to fit the size and shape of the artwork. The frames come in various sizes, styles, and colors to match any decor. Media Storehouse Framed Prints are an excellent way to display your favorite photos or artwork in your home or office. They also make great gifts for family and friends as they are both stylish and affordable.

Choose from our galleries and have your picture framed for your home or as a gift today

✓ Made in USA
✓ Crafted with high-quality materials
✓ Pixel perfect color reproduction

★★★★★ - David, Texas
“Thrilled with my order! The frame itself is real quality and it was well packaged to fully protect it. I have recently ordered a couple of similar prints from other companies but none are the quality or show the care that Media Storehouse provide. Excellent in all aspects!”

Framed Prints from Media Storehouse are simple and safe to order...

Choose your print
Select your frame and size
Your print is quickly framed and delivered

Turn your space into a gallery with the simple addition of Framed Wall Art.

If you are looking to give your print a sense of style then a Framed Art Print might be just what you were looking for.

Frames can go a long way in adding a sense of sophistication to your space and refinement to your favorite photos, abstract art, or print reproductions of famous artists painting in a range of sizes and finishes. After printing your chosen image Media Storehouse can place your photography into a modern Picture Frame creating a robust and versatile visual art form ready to hang on your wall.

Framing a work of art gives it more purpose and can help provide a point of interest to your walls, be it in an office, hotel, living area, hall way, nursery or bedroom.

Here at Media Storehouse we custom print and frame every order from our vast library of images with great care and professional craftsmanship. Our frames are hand crafted by experienced professionals with the finished artwork packed ready for shipping in just 3 days.

Framing is our most popular way of professionally presenting prints at reasonable cost.

Alternatives printmaking include lower costs options such as Canvas Prints. You can also purchase a regular photographic print or poster online and place it into your own frame purchased elsewhere.

  • Canvas Prints are frameless wall mounted prints. Your chosen artwork is printed onto special Canvas, and then stretched and wrapped over a wooden box frame. They are a good lower cost alternative to Framed Prints.
  • Photographic paper is the professionals choice when framing. We only use professional Archival Quality Photographic Paper in our framed prints. The thicker paper prevents the print from sagging over time and our archival quality paper retain bold colors for a lifetime and beyond. If in a hurry Photo Prints can also be dispatched very quickly, allowing you to purchase a frame locally for framing at home.
  • Poster Paper is an even cheaper option with good bang for your buck. However you'll need to ensure that the poster is securely supported within the frame as thinner Poster Paper can be more liable to sagging over time.

Higher cost options include Fine Art Prints and Metal Prints.

  • Fine Art Prints are unframed prints printed on thick high quality card.
  • Metal Prints are glossy, ultra modern, unframed prints bonded directly on to an Aluminum composite panel. Rigid and lightweight, this consists of a flexible polyethylene core covered with a thin aluminum sheet on each side, finished with a high quality lacquer that guarantees perfect printing.

Media Storehouse offers both contemporary and sturdy wood grain effect frames. These are available in a range of different sizes, styles and colors to meet your specific needs. Our wood effect frames look just like real wood and, as they are of robust plastic, that can be lighter, longer lasting, maintenance free, and less prone to damage. The choice on offer can include modern and antique finishes.

Our original range of frames features a modern flat edge and come in different styles:

Each framed photo print is professionally mounted with a color of your choosing. The three color options are cream, white and black.

Experiment with different frames and mounts to find the right combination for you. The frames are also available in a variety of sizes.

Our frames come with a hardboard back stapled with a hanger, topped off with a glass-like Styrene Plastic finish. Since glass is heavy and hazardous many shipping companies refuse to carry glass framed prints, therefore modern Styrene Plastics are really the only choice for cost effective and reliable shipping. Our virtually unbreakable Styrene Plastic glazing protects your prints from dust and curious pets, easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Browse the millions of images in Media Storehouse's library today to find the perfect framed photo prints for you.


Contemporary and Classic frames

Available in a range of sizes and colors, professionally framed with a faux mat of your choosing. Experiment with different frames and mats to find the right combination for you. Please note: these are our American frames, other regions may vary.

Our range of modern flat wood effect frames include

Black Ash Wood Effect
Dark Oak Wood Effect

Our frames are available in a variety of sizes

Browse the millions of photo prints in Media Storehouse's
library today to find the perfect wall art for you

animals category
architecture category
arts category
historic category

Over 50,000 customers have created framed image prints with us!

Built to Last

Our frames come with a hardboard back stapled with a hanger, topped off with a glass-like Styrene Plastic finish. Our virtually unbreakable Styrene Plastic glazing protects your prints from dust and curious pets, easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

How to choose a Framed Print

Framed Prints provide a decorative and safe way to display your favorite photographs.

Prints are encased in a frame with a clear glazed front and supportive back. Originally glazed using glass (dangerous and heavy to ship) many frames now use durable Styrene Plastics that are lighter, safer, and often have better optical properties.

Frames can be made out of most robust materials, with most commercial frames comprising molded plastic, wood, or simulated wood-effect molded plastic. The rear is ideally MDF hardboard stapled to the frame, mass produced frames may use rotating locking pins instead.

For a better finish prints can be mounted behind a paper based card mat (or matte or mount) to separate the print from the glass. To securely hold the print in place, and prevent it from buckling over time, it can also be adhered onto a backing mounting board.

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