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Fresh Water Gallery

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KEL-629 FISH - Red-Tailed Catfish, on riverbed
Great Crested Newt - Single adult male photographed underwater
Channel Catfish
Fish - Spotted Sailfin Pleco
Sumatra / Tiger BARB Fish
PM-10223 Black Ghost-knife fish, electric fish found in shallow fast flowing waters in South America
JPF-13029 Murray Cod - Murrumbidgee River
AF-237 Silver ARAWANA / Arowana / Aruana FISH
Goldfish - in goldfish bowl with weed
Red COMET GOLDFISH - 3, from above
Gold Nugget Pleco Catfish (Baryancistrus sp.), South America
KEL-610 Red / Asian ARAWANA / Aruana / Arowana - head and scales
Axolotl, artwork
Diatom, SEM
Diatom, SEM
NG-646 Amazonian / South American MANATEE - eating aquatic grass
KEL-648 Zebra Cichlid - Egg Spots
KEL-653 Alligator Gar
European / Common TREEFROG - on yellow Flag / yellow IRIS
Grizzly BEARS - fishing for Salmon at Brooks Falls
Siamese Fighting Fish - Red form male, full display
Diatom, SEM
Diatom, SEM
KEL-709 Common Carp
Brichardi Cichlid
Kel-704 Discus Fishes - Cichlidae
PM-10457 Dwarf Caiman
CANADA - Athabasca River & Rocky Mountains
Loch Lochy, Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe
Water bear, SEM
Olkhon Island in Lake Baikal
Three-spined Stickleback
KEL-134 Rainbow Trout / Steelhead
Blackwater Falls at Blackwater River
Freshwater / Johnston CROCODILE - at surface
Vietnamese Mossy Frog - camouflaged in moss
Piranhas mouth
PM-10066 Bristle-nosed Catfish - freshwater fish
La-75 Piranha Fish
Axolotl: white form of neotenous larva
Axolotl - neotenous larval form, shows external gills absent in adult
Smooth / Common NEWT - showing belly and feet
Red-bellied PIRANHA - close-up of teeth
Fish - Sucking Loach / Chinese Algae Eater
Frontosa Cichlid

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