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Cell Biology Gallery

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Nerve and glial cells, light micrograph
Anaesthetic inhibiting an ion channel C015 / 6718
T lymphocytes and cancer cell, SEM C001 / 1679
Glial stem cell culture, light micrograph
Dendritic cells, artwork
Pine pollen grains, light micrograph
Pine stem, light micrograph
Lime tree stem, light micrograph
Cell types, artwork
Neural stem cell culture
Cell membrane, artwork C013 / 7467
Fat cells, TEM
Chloroplast structure, artwork
Water lily leaf, light micrograph
Dohle bodies in blood cell, micrograph
Microscopic view of human respiratory syncytial virus
Embryo development 24-36 hours after fertilization
Plasma cells, TEM
Cell division, fluorescent micrograph
Activated macrophage, SEM C015 / 6375
Acute promyelocytic leukaemia, micrograph
Phagocytosis of fungal spores, SEM
Lymphocyte white blood cells, artwork
Intestinal microvilli, TEM
Fibroblast cell, artwork
Nerve damage and stem cells, artwork
Haematopoietic stem cells, SEM C013 / 5009
Human chromosomes, SEM C013 / 5002
Animal cell structure
Cell, illustration
Pancreas tissue, colored scanning electron micrograph
Phagocytosis of fungus spores, SEM
Anton van Leeuwenhoek, caricature
Histopathology and pathophysiology of diabetic food ulcers
Cell membrane lipid bilayer, artwork F007 / 1477
Myeloblast blood cell, light micrograph
Macrophage and lymphocytes, TEM
Hepatocyte liver cell, TEM
Skin cancer cell, SEM C016 / 4764
Red blood cell, SEM
Cell biology laboratory
Scanning electron micrograph of HIV particles infecting a human H9 T cell
Coxiella burnetii, the bacteria that causes Q Fever
Conceptual image of platelet, red blood cell and white blood cell
Stylized rabies virus particles
Microscopic view of yellow fever virus
Microscopic view of Giardiasis
Kaposis sarcoma on the skin of an AIDS patient

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