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Allium Cepa Gallery

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Vegetable roots
Food plant bulbs
Allium cepa, onion
Carnation, Washington State, USA. Freshly harvested Cipollini onions
Onion - Onion, Allium cepa, with flower, leaf, bulb and roots. Handcoloured stipple copperplate engraving by Lambert
Onion, Allium cepa, Side view of two onions growing in a vegetable plot with other
Shallot, Allium cepa, a mass of these baby pink onions
Digital illustration of Allium cepa (Onion)
Close Up Of An Early Onion Plant With Water Droplets; Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Onion slices C016 / 9656
Vegetables C016 / 9646
Vegetables and supplement pills C016 / 9647
Giant onions
Giant onions
Onion leaf epidermis with stomata pores
Red onion
Red onion
Onion half
Onion half
Fruit and vegetables
Spring onions
Spring onions
Red onion slices
Onion (Allium cepa Ailsa Craig )
Organic onion
Organic onion
Organic onions
Onions (Allium cepa Red Sun )
Dutch shallot (Allium Golden Gourmet )
Assorted alliums
Cytoplasmic streaming in onion cells
Organic onions (Allium Red Baron )
Blooming onion field, Italy
Onions -Allium cepa-
Onions, potatoes, ginger and garlic, Devaraja Market, Mysore, Karnataka, South India, India, South Asia, Asia
Garlic and onions at market, Portugal, Europe
Shallots, Dambulla, Sri Lanka, Asia
Whole yellow onion and one sliced in half
Large American Danvers onion
Allium cepa, Onion
Allium cepa, three Onions, close up
Allium cepa (Onion plant)
Whole brown onion, whole red onion and a red onion cut in half, close-up
Allium cepa, Onions, close up
Onion Red Baron
Allium cepa, Onion being peeled with a knife, side view
Large Welsh Onions and smaller Spring Onions with long green leaves fanning, beside pile of Cocktail Onions, above view
Selection of fresh vegetables, close up
White Bunching onions with green leaves and white roots
Onion (Allium cepa) by Leonhart Fuchs from De historia stirpium commentarii insignes
Mitosis, light micrograph

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