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Barber giving manicure in Pondicherry, early 20th century (photo)

Barber giving manicure in Pondicherry, early 20th century (photo)

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Barber giving manicure in Pondicherry, early 20th century (photo)

3788810 Barber giving manicure in Pondicherry, early 20th century (photo); ( Barber giving manicure, in Pondicherry. Photograph from early 20th century. Caption reads barbier manicure et pedicure'. Snake charmer in Pondicherry. Photograph from early 20th century. Caption reads: Un charmeur de Serpents'. Pondicherry was the name given to late French India, as well as the capital of that territory
British postcard.); Lebrecht History

Media ID 33394288

© Lebrecht History / Bridgeman Images

2 People 2 Persons Beauty Care Colonies Crouched Crouching Hygiene Manicure Outdoor Setting Personal Hygiene Pondicherry Sat Down South Asia Squat Squatting Street Trade Street Vendor Street Vendors Sub Continent Turbanned Two Persons Asiae Body Care Manicurist


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This photograph from the early 20th century transports us to Pondicherry, a former French colony in India. In this bustling street scene, we witness an intriguing fusion of cultures as a barber skillfully tends to a customer's manicure. The caption on the photo reads 'barbier manicure et pedicure, ' highlighting the meticulous attention given to personal hygiene during that time. The image showcases two individuals engrossed in their roles – the barber diligently working on his client's nails while seated outside amidst the vibrant city backdrop. Both men are dressed in traditional attire, with turbans adorning their heads, symbolizing their Indian heritage. Pondicherry was known for its rich cultural diversity, and this snapshot perfectly encapsulates that essence. It serves as a testament to how different civilizations coexisted harmoniously within this colonial setting. As we delve into this historical moment frozen in time, it is impossible not to marvel at the intricate details captured by the photographer. Every line and wrinkle tells a story of hard work and dedication towards personal care. This photograph also invites contemplation about beauty practices prevalent during that era – how they were intertwined with daily life and carried out by skilled professionals like barbers who catered not only to haircuts but also nail treatments. Bridgeman Images has once again unearthed a gem from our past through Fine Art Finder. This print allows us to travel back in time and immerse ourselves in an era where street scenes like these were commonplace yet filled with intrigue and charm.

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