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Vivaca Ragaputra, a Leaf from Ragamala Series, c. 1700-20 (opaque w/c and gold on paper)

Vivaca Ragaputra, a Leaf from Ragamala Series, c. 1700-20 (opaque w / c and gold on paper)

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Vivaca Ragaputra, a Leaf from Ragamala Series, c. 1700-20 (opaque w/c and gold on paper)

XOS5884557 Vivaca Ragaputra, a Leaf from Ragamala Series, c. 1700-20 (opaque w/c and gold on paper) by Indian School, (18th century); 15.7x21.5 cm; Cleveland Museum of Art, OH, USA; ( India, Pahari Hills, Bilaspur school, 18th century)

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This print showcases "Vivaca Ragaputra, a Leaf from Ragamala Series" created by the Indian School in the 18th century. Measuring at 15.7x21.5 cm, this artwork is currently housed in the prestigious Cleveland Museum of Art in Ohio, USA. The image depicts a scene from India's Pahari Hills, specifically the Bilaspur school during the 18th century. The vibrant colors and intricate details bring to life an era long gone. Three individuals are prominently featured in this piece: two men and one woman. The central figure is a musician passionately playing a drum, his rhythmic beats resonating through the air. His skillful hands create melodies that transport listeners to another world filled with enchantment and emotion. Standing beside him is a servant or attendant who assists with various tasks while maintaining an air of grace and elegance. Dressed impeccably, their presence adds depth to the composition. In contrast to these figures, we see a third person - possibly another servant or housemaid - standing near lush trees that provide shade on this sunny day. Their role within this narrative remains open to interpretation but adds an element of mystery and intrigue. The use of opaque watercolor and gold on paper demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship prevalent during this period in Indian art history. Each stroke reveals meticulous attention to detail as well as mastery over color palettes that evoke both harmony and vibrancy. Through Bridgeman Images' lens capturing this fine art masterpiece, viewers can appreciate not only its aesthetic beauty but also gain insight into India's rich cultural heritage during the 18th century.

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