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Ono no Komachi Washing the Copybook (Soshiarai Komachi), 1735-40 (hand-coloured woodblock print; hosoban)

Ono no Komachi Washing the Copybook (Soshiarai Komachi), 1735-40 (hand-coloured woodblock print; hosoban)

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Ono no Komachi Washing the Copybook (Soshiarai Komachi), 1735-40 (hand-coloured woodblock print; hosoban)

5859586 Ono no Komachi Washing the Copybook (Soshiarai Komachi), 1735-40 (hand-coloured woodblock print; hosoban) by Kiyomasu II, Torii (1706-63); 29.6 x 16 cm; The Art Institute of Chicago, IL, USA; ( By Torii Kiyomasu II)

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5 Five People 5 People 5 Persons Art Fine Art Calligraphed Calligraphic Calligraphy Edo Period Edo Period 1603 1868 External View Building Five Persons Home Front Japanese Print Outdoor Setting Tokugawa Period Ukiyo E War Effort War Production Woman At Work Working Woman 18e Siecle 18th Century 18th Centuries Art Style Asiae External View Several People Several Persons


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This print titled "Ono no Komachi Washing the Copybook (Soshiarai Komachi)" by Kiyomasu II, Torii takes us back to 18th century Japan. The hand-coloured woodblock print, measuring 29.6 x 16 cm, showcases the exquisite artistry of Torii Kiyomasu II. The image depicts a scene from everyday life during this period. In the foreground, we see Ono no Komachi diligently washing a copybook with utmost care and precision. Her focused expression and graceful posture reflect her dedication to her task. This portrayal of a working woman highlights the importance of women's contributions in society. Surrounding Ono no Komachi are several people engaged in various activities. Their presence adds depth and context to the artwork, giving us a glimpse into Japanese culture at that time. Calligraphy plays an essential role in this piece as well, with intricate writing adorning the background and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The vibrant colors used in this woodblock print bring life to every detail captured by Kiyomasu II's skilled hands. The use of color further emphasizes the beauty and elegance present throughout Japanese art history. This artwork belongs to the ukiyo-e genre, which translates to "pictures of the floating world". Ukiyo-e prints were highly popular during this era for their depiction of daily life scenes and landscapes. As we admire this masterpiece from The Art Institute of Chicago's collection, we are transported back centuries ago when Japan was undergoing significant social changes and artistic advancements. It serves as a reminder not only of our shared human experiences but also celebrates cultural diversity through visual storytelling.

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