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Wealthy lady arriving for dinner by car (litho)

Wealthy lady arriving for dinner by car (litho)

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Wealthy lady arriving for dinner by car (litho)

5235388 Wealthy lady arriving for dinner by car (litho) by Lelong, Rene (1871-1933); Private Collection; ( Wealthy lady arriving for dinner by car. Illustration for The Printing Art, Volume XXIII, No 3, May 1914.); Look and Learn / Valerie Jackson Harris Collection; French, out of copyright

Media ID 23608318

© Look and Learn / Valerie Jackson Harris Collection / Bridgeman Images

Arriving Chauffeur Dinner Driver Driving Opulence Rich Statuary Wealthy


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This lithograph captures the essence of opulence and wealth in early 20th-century society. In this print, a wealthy lady arrives for an extravagant dinner by car, showcasing the luxurious lifestyle of the upper class during that era. The lady's elegant evening dress shimmers under the soft lighting, emphasizing her status and sophistication. Her attire reflects the fashion trends of the time, with intricate details and impeccable tailoring. The car itself is a symbol of modernity and progress, representing both technological advancements and social mobility. As she steps out of her automobile, we see her chauffeur waiting attentively by her side. This image highlights not only her wealth but also the stark contrast between different social classes at that time. The grandeur doesn't end there; statuesque figures adorn the entrance to this lavish venue, further enhancing its aura of extravagance. The engraving technique used in this lithograph adds depth and texture to every detail captured on paper. This artwork was originally published as an illustration for The Printing Art magazine in May 1914. It serves as a historical snapshot into a world where money spoke volumes about one's place in society. Through this print, we are transported back in time to witness an era defined by luxury, glamour, and societal divisions—a reminder that art can capture not only beauty but also moments frozen forever within history's grasp.

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