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Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy, c.1858 (pencil, crayon, w/c, wash & ink on paper)

Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy, c.1858 (pencil, crayon, w / c, wash & ink on paper)

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Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy, c.1858 (pencil, crayon, w/c, wash & ink on paper)

8598224 Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy, c.1858 (pencil, crayon, w/c, wash & ink on paper) by Scheffer, Ary (1795-1858); Musee de la Vie Romantique, Paris, France; ( Drawing by Ary Scheffer)

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19e Siecle 19th Century 19th C B And W Christianity Religion Looking Up Mary Madgalena Mary Magdalen Mary Magdalene Pray Prayers S Mary Magdalene Saint Mary Magdalene St Mary Magdalene Look Up Mzprint Only One Person


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This print showcases Ary Scheffer's "Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy, " a stunning artwork that combines various mediums such as pencil, crayon, watercolor, wash, and ink on paper. Created in 1858, this piece resides at the Musee de la Vie Romantique in Paris. Scheffer masterfully captures the essence of Mary Magdalene's spiritual experience through his delicate strokes and vibrant colors. The image portrays a woman lost in deep prayer and contemplation, her eyes closed as she connects with a higher power. The artist's attention to detail is evident in every line and shade, creating a sense of ethereal beauty. As we gaze upon this work of art from the 19th century, we are transported back to a time when religious devotion was paramount. Mary Magdalene, often associated with repentance and redemption within Christianity, becomes an emblematic figure representing faith and spirituality. The contrast between black and white adds depth to the composition while emphasizing the emotional intensity conveyed by Scheffer. This drawing serves as both an aesthetic masterpiece and a testament to human devotion throughout history. Bridgeman Images has expertly captured this extraordinary artwork for all art enthusiasts to appreciate its intricate details up close. Through their dedication to preserving fine art pieces like these through high-quality prints, they allow us to bring home a piece of history that continues to inspire awe centuries later.

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