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Saint Mary Magdalene Collection

"Saint Mary Magdalene: A Journey of Redemption and Devotion" Noli Me Tangere, c1514

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"Saint Mary Magdalene: A Journey of Redemption and Devotion" Noli Me Tangere, c1514. Artist: Titian In this captivating painting by Titian, we witness the profound moment when Jesus Christ resurrects and refuses to be touched by Sainte Marie. It portrays the divine power and significance of Saint Mary Magdalene's encounter with the risen Lord. Penitent Magdalen (oil on canvas) A masterpiece that captures the essence of repentance, Penitent Magdalen showcases Saint Mary Magdalene seeking forgiveness for her past sins. Through her humility and devotion, she finds solace in her relationship with God. Saint Mary Magdalene penitent, 1625-27 (oil on canvas) This striking artwork depicts a remorseful Saint Mary Magdalene immersed in deep contemplation as she reflects upon her life before encountering Jesus. Her transformation from a sinner to a devoted follower is beautifully portrayed through delicate brushstrokes. Jesus with Mary and Martha, c1870 An evocative portrayal of an intimate gathering between Jesus Christ and his beloved friends - sisters Martha and Mary - where their faith intertwines harmoniously. Among them stands Saint Mary Magdalene, whose unwavering devotion shines through every stroke of paint. Mary Magdalene anointing the feet of Jesus, c1880 This poignant scene immortalizes one of the most touching moments in biblical history – when Saint Mary Magdalene humbly anoints the feet of Jesus with precious ointment as an act of love and gratitude for his teachings. The Resurrection of Christ, 1622 (oil on copper) Within this breathtaking artwork lies a powerful depiction of Christ's resurrection from death itself. Amidst this miraculous event stands Saint Mary Magdalene – a testament to her unyielding loyalty even in times filled with despair.