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Images Dated 9th September 2008

Choose from 38 pictures in our Images Dated 9th September 2008 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping. We are proud to offer this selection in partnership with EyeUbiquitous.

JAPAN 17 Featured 9 Sep 2008 Image


Japan/ Kyoto/ Gion area the neighbourhood where Geisha's live, study and perform.
Geisha with painted neck and shoulders, fixed hair and traditional kimono is attending a class at "Mia Garatso" school for Geisha's

© Athanasios Papadopoulos / Eye Ubiquitous

Accessories, Acting, Actor, Actress, Amorous, Anthropology, Apprentice, Art, Artist, Body Ornaments, Body Painting, Brush, Cimono, Civilisation, Clothes, Coiffure, Comb, Combing, Country Of The Rising Sun, Culture, Dana, Dance, Dancer, Danna, Education, Erotic, Eroticism, Erotism, Ethnic, Ethnik, Far East, Female, Feminine, Festival, Flirt, Flirtation, Folklor, Follclor, Follklor, Foreighn, Foreign, Geiko, Girl, Hair Brush, Hair Dressing, Hairdo, Hairstyle, Haute Cuture, Heritage, Herritage, History, Japanese, Japanesse, Kaiseki, Kimono, Kimono Clad, Kiotan Language, Kioto, Language, Lifestyle, Love, Love Affair, Make Up, Music, Musician, Musik, Myth, Patron, Performance, Performer, Performing Art, Playing Instrument, Rake, Sensual, Sensuality, Sensuous, Sex Symbol, Shamisen, Show, Singer, Song, Students, Style, Styling, Stylist, Symbol, Tea Ceremony, Teaching, Touching Up, Tradition, Translation, Trend, Trendy, Trim, Visual Art, Way Of Living, Wig, Woman

JAPAN 34 Featured 9 Sep 2008 Image


Japan/ Shinkansen train series "700" - Tokyo - Kyoto
Japanese couple eating their boxed lunch with Japanese food while traveling with the Shinkansen train known as "bullet train"

© Athanasios Papadopoulos / Eye Ubiquitous

Appetite, Beer, Businesman, Business, Callories, Chopsticks, Comfort, Comforts, Country Of The Rising Sun, Culture, Delicaties, Energy, Far East, First Class, Food, Gourmet, Internet, Lifestyle, Modern, Nutrition, On Board, Package, Pc, Portable, Railway, Recipe, Recipy, Sinkansen, Smile, Speed, Student, Sushi, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Way Of Living

JAPAN 18 Featured 9 Sep 2008 Image


Japan/ Tokyo/ Tsukiji fish market
Portrait of a Japanese man selling herbs at the worlds biggest fish and food market the "Tsukiji fish market" known as "the stomach of Tokyo"

© Athanasios Papadopoulos / Eye Ubiquitous

Civilisation, Country Of The Rising Sun, Culture, Ethnic, Expresion, Expression, Expressive, Far East, Feeling, Folklor, Follklor, Food, Happy Face, Health, Modern Life, Mood, Natural Product, Nutrition, Recipe, Smile, Smille, Taste, Working Class