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The 17th century was a time of great artistic and historical significance, as depicted in various captivating artworks. "The Continence of Scipio" showcases the prowess of this era with its stunning oil on canvas composition, created around 1706. Another masterpiece from this period is "Royalist cavalry, Battle of Naseby, " a color lithograph illustrating the intensity of the English Civil War in 1645. Delving into portraiture, we encounter Charles I through a chromolithograph that captures his regal presence. Meanwhile, "The Temptation of Saint Anthony" mesmerizes viewers with its intricate details painted on canvas. Moving towards historical events, "The Queens of Persia at the feet of Alexander, " also known as "The Tent of Darius, " transports us to c. 1660 and depicts an awe-inspiring scene from ancient times. Religious themes are prevalent too; for instance, "Saint Luke healing the hydropic child" portrays faith's power through a remarkable painting dating back to the 17th century. Additionally, two renditions showcasing Mary Magdalene's penitent nature—namely "Penitent Magdalen" and "Saint Mary Magdalene penitent"—offer glimpses into spiritual introspection during this period. Intriguingly capturing history in motion is a detail from another artwork titled"The Entry of Louis XIV and Maria Theresa into Arras. " This oil on canvas piece completed around 1685 reveals grandeur and opulence surrounding significant political events. Not limited to paintings alone, engravings like the timeless portrait depicting King Charles I provide insight into both artistry and historical documentation during this epoch. Shifting focus to architecture, we witness London's resilience through a vibrant photograph showcasing"The Monument to the Great Fire. " Its colors bring life to one of England's most iconic landmarks while commemorating an event that shaped history forever.