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Siberian Lemming - skull in tundra (typical scene Featured Sibiricus Print

Siberian Lemming - skull in tundra (typical scene

Siberian Lemming - skull in tundra (typical scene due to a high lemming population), next to a flowering White Dryas (Dryas octopetala) plant (Lemmus sibiricus) Date

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Anatomy, Bone, Bones, Dryas, Due, Flowering, High, Lemming, Lemmings, Lemmus, Mammal, Mammals, Octopetala, Plant, Population, Rodent, Rodents, Scene, Siberian, Sibiricus, Single, Skull, Skulls, Tundra, Typical, White, Wildlife

NPR00027 Featured Sibiricus Print


Siberian chipmunk (Tamias sibiricus lineatus) standing in patch of Bellflowers Campanula chamissonis filling cheek pouches with food. Body about 11 cm., Japan (occurs in Northern Europe & Asia, including Japan), August

© Nature Production/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Asia, Body About 11 Cm, Japan Occurs In Northern Europe And, Siberian Chipmunk Tamias Sibiricus Lineatus Standing In Patch Of

ANZ-982 Siberian Lemming - young pops out at the entrance of its burrow to check for danger Featured Sibiricus Print

ANZ-982 Siberian Lemming - young pops out at the entrance of its burrow to check for danger

Siberian Lemming - young pops out at the entrance of its burrow to check for danger.
tundra near Dikson, Russian Arctic. Summer, August.
Lemmus sibiricus
This particular individual has greyish colour, with less visible stripe on its back (light colour variations are normal for Siberian Lemmings)
Andrey Zvoznikov
Please note that prints are for personal display purposes only and may not be reproduced in any way

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