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>>> European Ground Squirrel
>>> Five-striped Palm Squirrel
>>> Four-striped Ground Squirrel
>>> Franklins Ground Squirrel
>>> Fremonti
>>> Gambian Sun Squirrel
>>> Grandis
>>> Grey-bellied Squirrel
>>> Guianan Squirrel
>>> Gunnisons Prairie Dog
>>> Harriss Antelope Squirrel
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>>> Olympic Marmot
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>>> Palmeri
>>> Parvidens
>>> Plantain Squirrel
>>> Prevosts Squirrel
>>> Princeps
>>> Quadrimaculatus
>>> Quadrivittatus
>>> Red Squirrel
>>> Red-tailed Squirrel
>>> Richardsons Ground Squirrel
>>> Ring-tailed Ground Squirrel
>>> Rock Squirrel
>>> Round-tailed Ground Squirrel
>>> Rufus
>>> Ruwenzori Sun Squirrel
>>> Sagitta
>>> Senex
>>> Siberian Flying Squirrel
>>> Sibiricus
>>> Siskiyou
>>> Smiths Bush Squirrel
>>> Southern Flying Squirrel
>>> Speciosus
>>> Speckled Ground Squirrel
>>> Spotted Giant Flying Squirrel
>>> Sri Lankan Giant Squirrel
>>> Sybilla
>>> Tahan
>>> Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel
>>> Three-striped Ground Squirrel
>>> Townsendii
>>> Townsends Ground Squirrel
>>> Umbrinus
>>> Unstriped Ground Squirrel
>>> Utah Prairie Dog
>>> Variegated Squirrel
>>> Western Gray Squirrel
>>> White-tailed Antelope Squirrel
>>> White-tailed Prairie Dog
>>> Woodchuck
>>> Yellow-bellied Marmot
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Illustration, colony of Prairie Dogs (Cynomys sp.), shown playing, digging, standing on edge of mound and disappearing into burrow, eagle flying overhead

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Hoary marmot (Marmota caligata)

Hoary marmot (Marmota caligata), front view showing the long claws and hairless feet pads for enhanced grip on rock surfaces in their mountainous habitat. Alaska Panhandle, Alaska, USA

Alpine, Animal, Animals, Colonial, Digits, Eutheria, Fauna, Food Animal, Foot, Gregarious, Ground Squirrel, Hibernator, High Altitude, High Elevation, Hunted For Fur, Lying, Mammal, Mammalia, Marmot, Marmota, Marmotini, Montane, One Animal, Rodent, Rodentia, Sciuridae, Social, Squirrel, Subalpine, Talus Slopes, Teeth, Timber Line, Whistle Pigs, Whistler, Wildlife

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Black-tailed Prairie Dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus), two pups (right) seem to be kissing their parent

Black-tailed Prairie Dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus), two pups (right) seem to be kissing their parent. The behaviour is a gesture of recognition and identification among members of a social group of these gregarious mammals. Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma, USA


Affectionate, Babies, Behaviour, Cute, Cynomys Ludovicianus, Families, Greeting, Interaction, Kissing, Mammals, Prairie Dogs, Rodents, Sciuridae, Three, Usa, Vertebrates, Vertical, Young