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Leeds United - 1969/70 Featured See See Partridge Print

Leeds United - 1969/70

Football - 1969 / 1970 season - Leeds United photocall
Full Squad team group at Elland Road.
Back Row (left to right): Don Revie (manager), Robert 'Bob' English (physio), Keith Edwards, James 'Shaun' O'Neill, Chris Galvin, David Kennedy, Norman Hunter, Rod Belfit, Eddie Gray, Terry Yorath, B. Mundell, Cyril Partridge (trainer), Maurice Lindley (assistant manager), Syd Owen (coach).
Third Row: Allan Clarke, Mike O'Grady, Jackie Charlton, Garry Sprake, David Harvey, Mick Jones, Paul Madeley, Albert Johannson.
Second Row: Les Cocker (trainer), David Walls, Paul Reaney, Nigel Davey, Terry Cooper, Terry Hibbitt, Johnny Giles, Billy Bremner, Mick Bates, Jimmy Lumsden, Paul Peterson, Derek Edmonds.
Front: Colin Smith, Robert Malt, Robert Danskin, S. Brown, Sean Grace, Jimmy Mann, Robert 'Bobby' Rutherford, Brian Stuart, P. Thrussell, Peter Hearnshaw

© Colorsport

The North Fork mountaintop-removal coal mine in Partridge Featured See See Partridge Print

The North Fork mountaintop-removal coal mine in Partridge

The North Fork mountaintop-removal coal mine, formerly owned by the now bankrupt mining company BlackJewel, in Partridge, Kentucky, U.S. August 13, 2019. Picture taken on August 13, 2019. REUTERS/Charles Mostoller

Clouds, Coal, Copy Space, Creative Use, Day, Exterior, Fuel, Industry, Kywdpcs, Mine Industrial, Mineral, Mountain, Nature, No People, Open, Rural Landscape, Sky, The Great Outdoors, Weather

Central Bedfordshire SG19 2 Map Featured See See Partridge Print

Central Bedfordshire SG19 2 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Central Bedfordshire SG19 2

Acorn Mews, Aldgate Close, Alexander Road, Astwood Close, Avocet Close, B1040, B1042, Baker Avenue, Bakers Lane, Barnwell Rise, Beamish Close, Bellevue Close, Berridge Fields, Biggleswade Road, Blackbird Street, Braggs Lane, Brambling Close, Braybrooks Drive, Brook End, Brookfields, Bull Street, Burdetts Court, Burmo Way, Bury Hill, Butchers Lane, Byards Green, Carthagena Road, Catherines Close, Caves Court, Central Bedfordshire, Chapel Close, Chapel Street, Chapman Close, Church End, Church Farm Close, Church Lane, Church Road, Church Street, Cockayne Hatley, Common Road, Cottage Road, Crow Hill, Deepdale, Dove Close, Downside Gardens, Drew Croft, Drove Road, Everton, Everton Hill, Everton Road, Eyeworth, Eyeworth Road, Falcon Close, Festival Road, Fieldfare, Gamlingay Great Heath, Gamlingay Road, Garden Fields, Georgetown, Goldfinch Drive, Great North Road, Green Lane, Hatley Road, Havelock Close, Hawk Drive, Hawthorn Close, Heath Road, High Street, Home Farm Close, Horne Lane, Horslow Street, Hutchinson Rise, Ibbett Lane, Ivy Close, Jacobs Close, Jennings Close, Judith Gardens, Kestrel Way, King Street, Kingfisher Close, Kitchener Grove, Langley Gardens, Larkins Close, Larks Rise, Lawson Grove, Lewis Corner, Linnet Close, Long Riding, Manor Gardens, Manor Way, Market Square, Mayston Close, Merlin Drive, Mill Lane, Munkman Close, Myers Road, Newtown, Nursery Close, Oak Crescent, Oddie Coopers Lane, Old Bedford Road, Orchard Close, Osprey Close, Owlswood, Partridge Piece, Pipit Grove, Ploversfield, Potton, Potton Road, Randalls Close, Robin Close, Royston Street, Sand Lane, Sandy Road, Sawfords Meadow, Sg19, Sg19 2aa, Sg19 2ab, Sg19 2ad, Sg19 2ae, Sg19 2af, Sg19 2ag, Sg19 2ah, Sg19 2aj, Sg19 2al, Sg19 2an, Sg19 2aq, Sg19 2as, Sg19 2at, Sg19 2au, Sg19 2aw, Sg19 2ax, Sg19 2ay, Sg19 2az, Sg19 2ba, Sg19 2bd, Sg19 2be, Sg19 2bf, Sg19 2bg, Sg19 2bj, Sg19 2bl, Sg19 2bp, Sg19 2bq, Sg19 2bs, Sg19 2bt, Sg19 2bu, Sg19 2bw, Sg19 2bx, Sg19 2by, Sg19 2bz, Sg19 2da, Sg19 2db, Sg19 2dd, Sg19 2de, Sg19 2df, Sg19 2dg, Sg19 2dh, Sg19 2dl, Sg19 2dp, Sg19 2dq, Sg19 2dr, Sg19 2ds, Sg19 2dt, Sg19 2du, Sg19 2dw, Sg19 2dx, Sg19 2dz, Sg19 2ea, Sg19 2eb, Sg19 2ed, Sg19 2ee, Sg19 2ef, Sg19 2eg, Sg19 2eh, Sg19 2ej, Sg19 2el, Sg19 2en, Sg19 2ep, Sg19 2eq, Sg19 2er, Sg19 2es, Sg19 2et, Sg19 2eu, Sg19 2ew, Sg19 2ex, Sg19 2ey, Sg19 2ez, Sg19 2fa, Sg19 2fb, Sg19 2fe, Sg19 2ff, Sg19 2fg, Sg19 2fh, Sg19 2fl, Sg19 2fq, Sg19 2fs, Sg19 2gd, Sg19 2gh, Sg19 2gq, Sg19 2ha, Sg19 2hb, Sg19 2hd, Sg19 2he, Sg19 2hf, Sg19 2hg, Sg19 2hh, Sg19 2hj, Sg19 2hl, Sg19 2hn, Sg19 2hp, Sg19 2hr, Sg19 2hs, Sg19 2ht, Sg19 2hu, Sg19 2hx, Sg19 2hy, Sg19 2hz, Sg19 2ja, Sg19 2jd, Sg19 2je, Sg19 2jh, Sg19 2jj, Sg19 2jp, Sg19 2jq, Sg19 2js, Sg19 2jt, Sg19 2ju, Sg19 2jw, Sg19 2jx, Sg19 2jy, Sg19 2jz, Sg19 2la, Sg19 2lb, Sg19 2ld, Sg19 2le, Sg19 2lf, Sg19 2lh, Sg19 2lj, Sg19 2lp, Sg19 2lq, Sg19 2lr, Sg19 2ls, Sg19 2lt, Sg19 2lu, Sg19 2lw, Sg19 2lx, Sg19 2ly, Sg19 2lz, Sg19 2na, Sg19 2nb, Sg19 2nd, Sg19 2ne, Sg19 2nf, Sg19 2ng, Sg19 2nh, Sg19 2nj, Sg19 2nl, Sg19 2nn, Sg19 2np, Sg19 2nq, Sg19 2nr, Sg19 2ns, Sg19 2nt, Sg19 2nu, Sg19 2nw, Sg19 2nx, Sg19 2ny, Sg19 2nz, Sg19 2pa, Sg19 2pb, Sg19 2pd, Sg19 2pf, Sg19 2pg, Sg19 2ph, Sg19 2pj, Sg19 2pl, Sg19 2pn, Sg19 2pp, Sg19 2pq, Sg19 2pr, Sg19 2ps, Sg19 2pt, Sg19 2pu, Sg19 2pw, Sg19 2px, Sg19 2py, Sg19 2pz, Sg19 2qa, Sg19 2qb, Sg19 2qd, Sg19 2qe, Sg19 2qf, Sg19 2qg, Sg19 2qh, Sg19 2qj, Sg19 2ql, Sg19 2qn, Sg19 2qp, Sg19 2qq, Sg19 2qr, Sg19 2qs, Sg19 2qt, Sg19 2qu, Sg19 2qw, Sg19 2qx, Sg19 2qy, Sg19 2qz, Sg19 2ra, Sg19 2rb, Sg19 2rd, Sg19 2re, Sg19 2rg, Sg19 2rh, Sg19 2rj, Sg19 2rl, Sg19 2rn, Sg19 2rp, Sg19 2rq, Sg19 2rr, Sg19 2rs, Sg19 2rt, Sg19 2ru, Sg19 2rx, Sg19 2ry, Sg19 2rz, Sg19 2sa, Sg19 2sb, Sg19 2sd, Sg19 2se, Sg19 2sf, Sg19 2sg, Sg19 2sh, Sg19 2sl, Sg19 2sn, Sg19 2sp, Sg19 2sq, Sg19 2sr, Sg19 2sw, Sg19 2ta, Sg19 2tb, Sg19 2td, Sg19 2te, Sg19 2tf, Sg19 2tg, Sg19 2th, Sg19 2tj, Sg19 2tl, Sg19 2tp, Sg19 2tq, Sg19 2tr, Sg19 2ts, Sg19 2tt, Sg19 2tu, Sg19 2tw, Sg19 2tx, Sg19 2ua, Sg19 2ub, Sg19 2uh, Sg19 2uj, Sg19 2ul, Sg19 2un, Sg19 2up, Sg19 2ur, Sg19 2ut, Sg19 2uu, Sg19 2uw, Sg19 2ux, Sg19 2uy, Sg19 2uz, Sg19 2wa, Sg19 2xu, Sg19 2xx, Sg19 2yh, Sg19 2yp, Sg19 2yq, Sg19 2yu, Sg19 2zt, Shannon Place, Sheepwalk Close, Sheffield Close, Simms Place, Snow Hill, Spencer Close, St Marys Walk, Starling Close, Station Court, Station Road, Stratford, Stratford Road, Stuart Court, Sun Street, Sutton, Sutton Mill Road, Sutton Road, Swaden, Swallow Crest, Swift Close, Sycamore Close, Tadlow Road, Tear Crescent, Tempsford, Tempsford Road, Tetworth, Tetworth Hill, The Baulk, The Buntings, The Close, The Finches, The Harriers, The Jays, The Lawns, The Manor, The Paddocks, The Ridgeway, The Rookery, The Slade, Torrington Close, Victoria Close, Warden Hill, Water End, Weavers Green, West End Lane, Whitfield Road, Willow Road, Wingfield Drive, Woodbury, Woodcock Close, Woodlands Close, Woodpecker Way, Wren Close, Wrestlingworth, Wrestlingworth Road, Yates Meadow, Yew Tree Close