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Images Dated 10th December 2004

Choose from 53 pictures in our Images Dated 10th December 2004 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Abstract coloured MRI scan of the human brain Featured 10 Dec 2004 Image

Abstract coloured MRI scan of the human brain

Brain scan abstract. Coloured Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan through a human head, showing a healthy brain in side view. Radiating light is emanating from the background. The face is seen in profile at left. Tissues of the mouth, nasal cavity, and central nervous system are visible. The folded cerebrum of the brain (at top) makes up the larger part of the brain; conscious thought and memory are processed in the cerebrum. At centre (red) is the elongated brainstem which controls involuntary reflexes like breathing and eye reflexes; it connects with the spinal cord. To the right of the brainstem is the cerebellum (blue) involved in body posture and balance


Twelfth cranial nerve Featured 10 Dec 2004 Image

Twelfth cranial nerve

Twelfth cranial nerve (hypoglossal nerve, cranial nerve XII). Historical anatomical artwork of a side view of a dissected human neck showing veins (blue), arteries (red), muscles (red), and nerves (white). The hypoglossal nerve is named for the branch it sends to the underside of the tongue (at upper right), but other nerves also ennervate the tongue (such as the gustatory nerve). The twelfth cranial nerve also branches to ennervate other structures, such as throat muscles. The thick nerves at lower left are cervical nerves from the cervical spinal cord. The main vein seen here is the internal jugular vein. Artwork from The Nerves of the Human Body (Ed. Jones Quain, London, 1839)


Common / European Buzzard - head Featured 10 Dec 2004 Image

Common / European Buzzard - head

Common / European Buzzard - head
Buteo buteo
Jean Paul Ferrero
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