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Images Dated 30th April 2004

Choose from 42 pictures in our Images Dated 30th April 2004 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Human skeleton Featured 30 Apr 2004 Image

Human skeleton

Human skeleton. Historical artwork of a human skeleton holding an hourglass. The 206 bones of the skeleton provide protection and support to the body. The ribs of the chest (upper right) enclose the heart and lungs. The pelvis protects (centre right) the lower abdominal organs. The flexible backbone runs from the skull to the pelvis and protects the spinal cord. The bones of the arms and legs articulate to provide locomotion. Hourglasses are used to measure time. It may symbolise ageing or death. This artwork is by Felix Platter and was published in 1583


Artwork of a comet Featured 30 Apr 2004 Image

Artwork of a comet

Artist's impression of a comet, seen on a winter's night. A comet is a body of ice and dust which moves on a long, elliptical orbit around the Sun. As it nears the Sun its surface is heated and some of the ice evaporates. The gas becomes ionised by the Sun's ultraviolet light and forms a coma, a glowing halo surrounding the nucleus. Ionised gas is drawn outwards by the solar wind (a stream of high velocity charged particles emitted by the Sun), forming a plasma tail. The released dust sometimes forms a second tail, pushed outwards by radiation pressure


Snake s head FRITILLARIES Featured 30 Apr 2004 Image


Frosty morning, Wiltshire, UK
Fritilllaria meleagris
Also known as Checked lily / Snakehead lily. Flowers: late Spring - April / March
Bob Gibbons
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