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Images Dated 20th January 1998

Choose from 14 pictures in our Images Dated 20th January 1998 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Artwork of a black hole Featured 20 Jan 1998 Image

Artwork of a black hole

Black hole. Artist's impression of a black hole with a glowing accretion disk. The disk occurs because matter has angular momentum transferred to it by gravitational effects as it falls towards the rapidly-spinning hole. The matter in the disk is compressed & heated so that it begins to glow, emitting photons. The accretion disk becomes so hot that radiation pressure from the photons force out 2 jets of gas at the black hole's poles almost at the speed of light. Black holes are incredibly dense objects that are formed from the cores of huge stars which exploded as supernovae when they exhausted their fuel supply. Their gravity is so strong that light cannot escape from them