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Tripoli Gallery

Tripoli, Libya in Africa

Judaism. Torah scroll case wrapped in black. Libya, 1889
Map / North Africa 19C
Reference Map of Libya with Keys
Italo-Turkish War - Defense of the Bumiliana Wells, Libya
Suk el Turk - Tripoli, Libya
Italo-Turkish War - Landing Italian Troops
Cylindrical Torah scroll case.Tripoli, Libya, 1935. Silversmi
The Italo-Turkish War - Tripoli occupied by Italy
Libyas Desert Express'
Street scene in Ain Zara, Tripoli, Libya
Street of main banks, Tripoli, Libya
Costumes of Tripoli, Libya, woman in burqa
Costumes of Tripoli, Libya, bagpiper and a female dancer
LIBYA. Leptis Magna. Forum of Septimius Severus
Libya. Leptis Magna. Archaeology
Libyans attend an Eid al-Fitr prayer in Tripoli
Libyan girls participate in a street festival held to celebrate their traditional
People hold a giant Libyan flag during a march to Martyrs Square in Tripoli
Smoke rises above following a fight at Souk Bouslim
Security personnel inspects the site of a suicide attack on the electoral commission in
A mannequin is seen at the beach in Tripoli
A building on fire, which witnesses say was hit by a rocket
Map of Libya
Map of Libya
WORLD WAR II: LIBYA. U.S. Army Jeeps driving past an area containing enemy mines
WORLD WAR II: LIBYA, c1943. Allied bombing of the Italian Royal Air Force base
Leptis Magna
Leptis Magna
Italo-Turkish War (1911-12) - Fighting at Tripoli
The Temple of Augustus at Virginia Water, Surrey, 1894. Creator: Unknown
Tripoli Castle, Libya
Great Man-Made River monument, Tripoli, Libya, late 20th century
Arch of Marcus Aurelius, Tripoli, Libya, 163 AD
Tripoli, 1838
Tripoli, 1838
On the Tripoli road, c1942 (1944)
The Ruins, Virginia Water, Windsor, c1917
A castle near Tripoli, on the river Kadesha, Libya, 1841.Artist: WF Starling
Tripoli from the Roadstead, c1890. Artist: Barbant
Libya - Tripoli - narrow passage within the Old City
Libya - Tripoli - The seafront / Waterfront
House of an Arabian Sheikh at Tripoli, Libya
The Kings Palace, Tripoli, Libya
LIBYA. TRIPOLI. Leptis Magna. Severus Basilica
LIBYA. TRIPOLI. Leptis Magna. Forum built during
Racial Type / Libya

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