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The Past In Colour - It works like magic!

Great news! We’re super excited to announce we’ve just launched a cool new colourisation tool. Now you can take a walk down a colourful memory lane, making the years slip away and seeing images in a whole new way. Even better it's FREE. Yes, your eyes didn't deceive you, we're offering this service to our customers at no extra cost!

What is colourisation & how does it work?

It’s a process that adds colour to black and white and sepia photographs.

Colouring photos has been around for as long as the camera with photographers adding colour to photos by hand.  Today cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology has made it possible to beautifully colour photos in an instant. 

It works like magic!  The hustle and bustle of London's Billingsgate Fish Market captured in the '30's seems so much more lively with some colour added.



Can all black and white images be colourised?

Lots of images can be colourised but it’s going to take a few months for us to identify, check and colourise ones which work best.

Are colourised images accurate?

Colours are reconstructed by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.  They may not be historically accurate but you can see how they look in our product previews.  

In the early 1900's being clean-shaven was associated with basic hygiene. Here's a colourful look at barber shaving. Ouch!!!!

How do I Colourise Images?

Images already colourised are shown by clicking on "Colourise Image"

Or images can be colourised on request by clicking the "Add Colour" link. 

These need to be analysed by the artificial intelligence algorithms and you will be shown the colourised image as soon as it’s ready.

If neither option is shown this means we have yet to identify that image as a suitable candidate, or we may have decided that image does not suit colourisation. 

Can I colourise my own images?

Yes, you can upload your own photos and have them colourised and professionally printed on a range of products here 

Click on the colourised image below to start browsing.  Enjoy a walk through time and have some fun transforming iconic images of historic moments, people, and places to colour.