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underwood archives/indoors/bell lab scientists work
Bell Lab Scientists At Work
#media dmcs-9706339
underwood archives/shepherd rescue cat
Shepherd And His Rescue Cat
#media dmcs-9738419
underwood archives/groomed standard poodle
A Groomed Standard Poodle
#media dmcs-9738393
underwood archives/ice sail race sweden
Ice Sail Race In Sweden
#media dmcs-9738085
underwood archives/cross country skiing quebec
Cross Country Skiing In Quebec
#media dmcs-9737975
underwood archives/youthfull strongman
A Youthfull Strongman
#media dmcs-9736041
underwood archives/skiers basking sun
Skiers Basking In The Sun
#media dmcs-9706851
underwood archives/united states/dean martin jerry lewis golf
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Golf
#media dmcs-9743481
underwood archives/united states/notre dame army football game
Notre Dame-Army Football Game
#media dmcs-9737773
underwood archives/indoors/nun swivels hula hoop hips
Nun Swivels Hula Hoop On Hips
#media dmcs-9737585
underwood archives/united states/nyc financial district
NYC Financial District
#media dmcs-9740977
underwood archives/vintage/movie star sophia loren
Movie star Sophia Loren
#media dmcs-9743433
underwood archives/indoors/american gangster al capone
American Gangster Al Capone
#media dmcs-9739763
underwood archives/vintage/british troops leave germany
British Troops Leave Germany
#media dmcs-9739157
underwood archives/united states/loren nichols catch eyes
Loren And Nichols Catch Eyes
#media dmcs-9743417
underwood archives/indoors/violinist yehudi menuhin
Violinist Yehudi Menuhin
#media dmcs-9743591
underwood archives/united states/actress grace kelly
Actress Grace Kelly
#media dmcs-9742911
underwood archives/united states/swinging patty berg
Swinging Patty Berg
#media dmcs-9742043
underwood archives/indoors/fewer falsies cleveland
Fewer Falsies For Cleveland
#media dmcs-9741595
underwood archives/united states/new york city harbor
New York City Harbor
#media dmcs-9741075
underwood archives/united states/children playland sf
Children At Playland In SF
#media dmcs-9740715
underwood archives/united states/big dipper roller coaster
The Big Dipper Roller Coaster
#media dmcs-9740711
underwood archives/united states/golden gate bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
#media dmcs-9740677
underwood archives/united states/golden gate bridge ballet
Golden Gate Bridge Ballet
#media dmcs-9740641
underwood archives/united states/baker beach sf
Baker Beach In SF
#media dmcs-9740605
underwood archives/united states/1939 treasure island view
1939 Treasure Island View
#media dmcs-9740593
underwood archives/united states/golden gate bridge work
Golden Gate Bridge Work
#media dmcs-9740585
underwood archives/united states/san francisco cliff house
San Francisco Cliff House
#media dmcs-9740577
underwood archives/vintage/new pramobile
The New Pramobile
#media dmcs-9740519
underwood archives/united states/1950s teenagers
Two 1950's Teenagers
#media dmcs-9740455
underwood archives/united states/youths parking lot
Four Youths In A Parking Lot
#media dmcs-9740449
underwood archives/united states/1950s youths
Two 1950s Youths
#media dmcs-9740443
underwood archives/united states/bikers sons
Bikers And Their Sons
#media dmcs-9740437
underwood archives/united states/man motorcycle
Man On His Motorcycle
#media dmcs-9740431
underwood archives/united states/teenage youths hanging
Teenage Youths Hanging Out
#media dmcs-9740427
underwood archives/united states/downtown empire state express
Downtown Empire State Express
#media dmcs-9740399
underwood archives/united states/1950s bikers playland
1950s Bikers At Playland
#media dmcs-9740383
underwood archives/united states/hells angel motorcycle rider
Hells Angel Motorcycle Rider
#media dmcs-9740345
underwood archives/united states/boarding california zephyr
Boarding The California Zephyr
#media dmcs-9740329
underwood archives/united states/executives commute handcar
Executives Commute By Handcar
#media dmcs-9740307
underwood archives/united states/sierra railroad
The Sierra Railroad
#media dmcs-9740305
underwood archives/united states/railroad meets wagon train
Railroad Meets Wagon Train
#media dmcs-9740301
underwood archives/united states/happy hippie couple
A Happy Hippie Couple
#media dmcs-9740265
underwood archives/united states/vets protest war
Vets Protest War
#media dmcs-9740261
underwood archives/united states/finger vietnam war
A Finger For The Vietnam War
#media dmcs-9740251
underwood archives/united states/unemployed man sells apples
Unemployed Man Sells Apples
#media dmcs-9740209
underwood archives/united states/1920 suffrage demonstrators
1920 Suffrage Demonstrators
#media dmcs-9740101
underwood archives/united states/womens liberation gathering
Women's Liberation Gathering
#media dmcs-9740071
underwood archives/united states/war veterans picket mgm studio
War Veterans Picket MGM Studio
#media dmcs-9740035


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