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science technology/science/white crystals sodium carbonate decahydrate washing
White crystals of sodium carbonate decahydrate, washing soda, in watch glass
science technology/science/bright blue orange flame bunsen burner close
Bright blue and orange flame of bunsen burner, close up
science technology/science/newton meters held angle 1 kg weight showing resultant
Newton meters held at an angle with 1 kg weight showing resultant force of 10 newtons
science technology/science/childs hand pushing row dominoes
Child's hand pushing over a row of dominoes
science technology/science/crumpled aluminium foil
Crumpled aluminium foil
science technology/science/droplet yellow oil droplet colourless oil
A droplet of yellow oil beside a droplet of colourless oil
science technology/science/italy pozzuoli solfatara crater bubbling mud
Italy, Pozzuoli, Solfatara crater, bubbling mud
science technology/science/hand dropping acid sodium hydrogencarbonate causing
Hand dropping acid on sodium hydrogencarbonate causing it to fizz and bubble
science technology/science/apparatus neutralization acid measured alkali
Apparatus for neutralization of acid with a measured amount of alkali with ph indicator in flask
science technology/science/clamp stands holding apparatus prepare hydrochloric
Clamp stands holding apparatus to prepare hydrochloric acid using sulphuric acid
science technology/science/space filling models showing molecules decomposition
Space-filling Models showing the Molecules in Decomposition of Sugar to Ethanol
science technology/science/microscopic view paramecium single celled
Microscopic view of a Paramecium, a single celled organism
science technology/science/hand holding lit splint test tube
Hand holding a lit splint in a test tube
science technology/science/hand holding lit match jar slightly yellowed liquid
Hand holding lit match over jar of slightly yellowed liquid containing a piece of liver
science technology/science/hand putting liver jar clear liquid
Hand putting liver into jar of clear liquid
science technology/science/clear jar liver liquid
Clear jar of liver in liquid
science technology/science/ball plasticine bowl water
A ball of plasticine at the bottom of a bowl of water
science technology/science/hollowed piece plasticine shaped bowl floating
A hollowed out piece of plasticine shaped as a bowl floating in a bowl of water
science technology/science/old botanical specimen jars filled nature finds
Old botanical specimen jars filled with nature finds, front view
science technology/science/glass beaker containing potassium manganate shows
Glass beaker containing potassium manganate shows the solid dissolving to form a solution
science technology/science/resistance test battery resistor ammeter
Resistance test, battery, resistor and ammeter
science technology/science/space filling model section polychloroethene pvc
Space-filling model of section of polychloroethene or PVC molecule
science technology/science/deflecting electrons straight cathode ray tube
Deflecting electrons, straight cathode ray in tube
science technology/science/light experiment using convex mirror reflecting
Light experiment using convex mirror reflecting the light outwards
science technology/science/electromagnetic spectrum neon tube showing characteristic
Electromagnetic spectrum, neon tube showing a characteristic orange glow
science technology/science/green red blue coloured disks showing subtractive
Green, red and blue coloured disks showing the subtractive process, the three filters
science technology/science/electromagnetic spectrum green led light emitting
Electromagnetic spectrum, green led, light-emitting diode, showing a green glow
science technology/science/thumb pushing drawing pin illustrating pressure
Thumb pushing drawing pin illustrating pressure over a small pin point
science technology/science/laboratory apparatus produce hydrogen sulphide
Laboratory apparatus to produce hydrogen sulphide from dilute hydrochloric acid
science technology/science/glass dish suspension sulphur sodium sulphite
Glass dish with suspension of sulphur in sodium sulphite heated on a tripod
science technology/science/laboratory apparatus production oxygen catalytic
Laboratory apparatus for the production of oxygen from catalytic decomposition of
science technology/science/ball stick model showing arrangement carbon atoms
Ball and Stick Model showing arrangement of Carbon Atoms in Diamond
science technology/science/electrical circuit ammeter voltmeter illutrating
Electrical circuit with ammeter and voltmeter illutrating Ohm's Law, a thin wire
science technology/science/scientific apparatus used pressure experiment
Scientific apparatus used in pressure experiment to show Charlies' Law, the volume
science technology/science/newton meter pulled weight immersed water scales
Newton meter pulled by weight immersed in water with scales showing upthrust
science technology/science/apparatus measure pressure foot pump showing boyles
Apparatus to measure pressure with foot pump showing Boyle's Law, the volume of
science technology/science/step two balloons hanging side thread
Step two: Balloons hanging side by side by thread
science technology/science/blue cobalt chloride ion solution test tube
Blue cobalt chloride ion solution in a test tube
science technology/science/sillhouettes hand sets water ripple rings formed
Sillhouettes of a hand two sets of water ripple-rings formed around it illustrating
science technology/science/piece square shaped wholemeal bread mould hair
A piece of square shaped wholemeal bread that has mould and hair growing on it
science technology/science/weights sliding sloping surface oil showing reduction
Two weights sliding down sloping surface one with oil showing reduction in friction
science technology/science/slide showing cluster single celled organism called
Slide showing cluster of a single celled organism called cyanobacteria
science technology/science/colony bacteria seen microscope
A colony of bacteria seen under a microscope
science technology/science/battery connected copper pipe key copper sulphate
Battery connected to a copper pipe and a key in copper sulphate solution, copper plating
science technology/science/moon view mamalluca observatory near vicuna
Moon view from Mamalluca Observatory, near Vicuna, Chile
science technology/science/chile coquimbo region elqui valley concana
Chile, Coquimbo Region, Elqui Valley, Concana Observatory
science technology/science/glass filled blue liquid
A glass filled with a blue liquid
science technology/science/preparation ethyne exothermic reaction water
Preparation of ethyne, exothermic reaction of water and calcium carbide
science technology/science/battery connected electrodes water electrolysis
Battery connected to two electrodes in water for electrolysis
science technology/science/view reel magnesium metal ribbon
Above view, reel of magnesium metal ribbon