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science technology/people/operating theatre maternity ward
Operating theatre in maternity ward
science technology/people/pituitary cells stained eosin haemotoxylin
Pituitary cells stained with eosin and haemotoxylin
science technology/people/ecg monitor printout coming out close up
ECG monitor with printout coming out, close-up
science technology/people/decompression chamber row oxygen tanks
Decompression chamber and row oxygen tanks
science technology/people/jupiters satellites close up
Jupiter's satellites, close-up
science technology/people/skeletal muscle cells
Skeletal muscle cells
science technology/people/liver cells
Liver cells
science technology/people/human skin seen microscope showing hair shaft
Human skin seen under a microscope, showing hair shaft and sweat pores
science technology/people/high pressure sodium lamp
High-pressure sodium lamp
science technology/people/starburst filter used lens camera image starlight
Starburst Filter Used Over Lens Of Camera To Give Image A Starlight Effect
science technology/people/micrograph onion cells close up
Micrograph of onion cells, close-up
science technology/people/test tube contaiing solution sodium fluorescein
A test tube contaiing a solution of sodium fluorescein
science technology/studio shot/heating sodium chloride salt using camping stove
Heating sodium chloride (salt) using camping stove to produce orange flame
science technology/people/floodlights tall pylon
Floodlights on a tall pylon
science technology/people/seismograph
science technology/people/yeast culture petri dish close up
Yeast culture in petri dish, close-up
science technology/people/imaginary scene distant planet
An imaginary scene on a distant planet
science technology/people/netherlands internal mechanism traditional windmill
The Netherlands, internal mechanism of a traditional windmill, close-up
science technology/people/bae 146 fuselage section british commercial
BAe 146, fuselage section of British commercial aircraft
science technology/people/teleprompter
science technology/people/model coal fired power station
Model of coal-fired power station
science technology/people/chile antofagasta region atacama desert paranal
Chile, Antofagasta Region, Atacama Desert, Paranal Observatory, operated by European
science technology/people/human urinary anatomy
Human urinary anatomy
science technology/people/models human skeletal muscular cardiovascular
Models of human skeletal, muscular and cardiovascular systems
science technology/people/human respiratory anatomy
Human respiratory anatomy
science technology/people/human heart cross section
Human heart, cross-section
science technology/people/human liver tissue cross section
Human liver tissue, cross-section
science technology/people/human digestive anatomy
Human digestive anatomy
science technology/people/human liver close up
Human liver, close-up
science technology/people/human nervous
Human nervous system
science technology/people/human liver lobules cross section
Human liver lobules, cross-section
science technology/people/muscles human body
Muscles of the human body
science technology/people/human spine
Human spine
science technology/people/diagram muscle structure
Diagram of muscle structure
science technology/people/diagram showing nerve impulses cross section
Diagram showing nerve impulses, cross-section
science technology/people/human cell structure showing cytoplasm cell membrane
Human cell structure showing cytoplasm, cell membrane, nucleus, mitochondrion
science technology/people/human large intestine
Human large intestine
science technology/people/human lungs cross section
Human lungs, cross-section
science technology/people/cardiovascular human body
Cardiovascular system of the human body
science technology/people/human endocrine
Human endocrine system
science technology/people/human skeleton view
Human skeleton, front view
science technology/people/human skeleton rear view
Human skeleton, rear view
science technology/people/dna including double helix chromosome cell
DNA including double helix, chromosome, cell
science technology/people/human cell cross section
A human cell, cross-section
science technology/people/human nervous spine foot sciatic nerve tibial
Human nervous system from spine to foot with sciatic nerve and tibial nerve in purple
science technology/people/diagram hiv particles entering human cell
Diagram of HIV particles entering human cell and spreading
science technology/people/profile mans head
Profile of man's head
science technology/people/international space station close up
The International Space station, close-up
science technology/people/human stomach small intestine
Human stomach and small intestine
science technology/people/anatomical model showing human thyroid gland lung
Anatomical model showing human thyroid gland, lung, kidney, bladder
science technology/people/spherical vostok descent module close up
Spherical Vostok descent module, close-up
science technology/people/human brain cross section view
Human brain, cross-section, side view
science technology/people/anatomy human newborn baby
Anatomy of human newborn baby
science technology/people/nasa space shuttle mission flight path
NASA space shuttle mission flight path
science technology/people/mir space station close up
Mir space station, close-up
science technology/people/silver test tube dilute acid
Silver at bottom of test tube in dilute acid
science technology/people/patients room maternity ward
Patient's room in maternity ward
science technology/people/folic acid pills blister pack single pill shown
Folic acid pills in blister pack, single pill shown removed from packaging, close-up
science technology/people/maternity ward equipment
Maternity ward equipment
science technology/people/architectural blueprints rulers calculator measuring
Architectural blueprints with rulers, calculator and measuring tape on top