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30 Mar 2014

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history/giant limestone statues ramses ii rameses 1304 1237
history/drakkar viking longships sail watercolour albert
history/london/carbon microphone invented 1878 david edward hughes
history/britain/map british empire 19th century areas controlled
history/science/prize offered scientific american new york october
history/literature/ghost christmas present appearing scrooge
history/theodore roosevelt 1858 1919 addressing meeting
history/jabir ibn hayyan abu musa c721 c815 al jabir
history/napoleon staff watching burning moscow 1812
history/literature/maggie tulliver having cut off hair run away home
history/religion/jesus teaching synagogue matthew4 illustration j
history/french/british military decorations left right distinguished
history/literature/abaddon angel bottomless pit mammon god world
history/fortune noblet tarot 1d prince albert riding
history/religion/christ healing sick brought villages bible mark 6
history/art/mosaic tiger gladiators 2nd centuryad national
history/painter/harlech castle wales john wright oakes 1820 1887
history/religion/solomons prayer consecration temple i built house
history/literature/cassandra legendary greek prophetess daughter priam
history/mummy wrapped bandages lying base coffin cairo museum
history/art/hand constantine sculpture fragment giant statue
history/portrait photographers studio taken photograph
history/french/st vincent paul c1581 1660 french priest philanthropist
history/paris/anne austria 1601 1666 married louis xiii france
history/science/gatling rapid fire gun 1861 62 camel mounted model
history/britain/london night watchman going streets pike lantern1569
history/publicity hollywood film like hot 1959 director
history/literature/smith threatening leonard holt obey lord mayors
history/british india colonel mordaunt watching cock
history/war/sons tipoo sultan 1749 99 sultan mysore given
history/britain/sinking american liner lusitania struck torpedo
history/art/la manivelle starting up female engineering worker
history/engraving/vlad tepes vlad iv impaler ruler walachia 1456 62
history/remains ancient roman paved street photograph
history/french/crusaders embarking holy lane 15th century statutes
history/religion/ceremony honour mariatale goddess smallpox temple
history/religion/st francis xavier 1506 1552 spanish jesuit missionary
history/paris/brewer ancient egyptian model louvre paris
history/french/lazare nicolas marguerite carnot 1753 1823 french
history/gleaners sunset 1889 artist leon autustin
history/french/battle marengo 14 june 1800 french bonaparte
history/frederick i barbarossa c1123 1190 holy roman
history/religion/st paul apostle who took christian message gentiles
history/falconer woodcut george turbevile turbeville
history/engraving/penelope loom ancient greek legend wife ulysses
history/london/senses smell hearing sight touch taste
history/phoenecian gold jewellery 5th century bc
history/religion/st anthony st paul desert fed raven 1645
history/australian natives preparing meal animal hunted
history/romans battle barbarians scene sarcophagus general
history/engraving/assyrian winged god nisroch carrying pine cone
history/literature/bleak house charles dickens 1852 1823 novel satirised
history/religion/finished christs words cross illustration
history/britain/hereward wake 11th century anglo saxon leader
history/paris/ur nanshe king lagash sumeria ur dynasty i
history/religion/icon novgorod school 15th century st george
history/science/camera obscura showing scene outside collected
history/religion/st matthew angel 1621 abraham bloemaert 1564 1651
history/catacomb capuchin franciscan convent palermo
history/war/russo turkish crimean war 1853 6 siege sebastopol
history/religion/resurrection his countenance like lightning raiment
history/literature/hetty sorrel beloved adam bede meeting young
history/leopold ii 1835 1909 king belgium 1865
history/war/braxton bragg 1817 1876 american soldier
history/olympias d316 bc queen macedon wife philip ii
history/woman birthing chair various medical instruments
history/literature/sarah siddons born kemble 1755 1831 english
history/britain/telling room national bank scotland glasgow
history/pre columbian columbia quimbaya seated figure
history/literature/blaize grocer bloundels porter testing patent
history/literature/adam bede village carpenter workshop dog gyp
history/roasting copper furnace c a cakes smelted copper
history/literature/shakespeare king lear first performed c1605 lear
history/religion/stoning burial st stephen stephen first christian
history/paris/death grim reaper turkish army defeated cholera
history/hernando cortes cortez 1485 1547 spanish conquistador
history/war/colt frontier revolver known colt peacemaker
history/engraving/exterior view new york stock exchange wood engraving
history/religion/st anthony abbot left martyr painting master
history/paris/lazaro spallanzani 1729 1799 italian naturalist
history/britain/local residents supplying refreshments trainload
history/rock salt marston salt mine northwich cheshire
history/science/relation man microcosm universe macrocosm showing
history/engraving/manicheel tree hippomane mancinella poison guava
history/london/speaking tube idealised cross section ship showing
history/book dead ptolemaic period 332 30 bc thoth
history/the tilt forge artist godfrey symes 1825 1866
history/art/alexander sarcophagus 4th century bc showing
history/religion/saint barbara christian saint circa 4th century
history/literature/shakespeare othello act 5 desdemona emilia lie dead
history/engraving/jacobus henricus vant hoff 1852 1911 dutch chemist
history/dmitiri ivanovich mendeleyev 1834 1907 russian
history/religion/kronos chronos greek titans father zeus
history/french/french map central south america showing florida
history/science/all sky images constructed preliminary data dmr
history/science/spectroscope type used gustave robert kirchhoff
history/london/californian balloon railway novel way travelling
history/torturing prisoner rack sixteenth century england
history/federal german republic 53rd member imf international


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