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28 Mar 2014

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history/reconstruction medieval conception universe showing
vintage postcards/usa/liberty tunnel traffic circle ca 1932 pittsburgh
history/anna eleanor roosevelt 1884 1962 american
vintage postcards/prints/family beer ad ca 1941 ad mathie ruder brewing
history/religion/pazzi madonna virgin child marble c1417 18
vintage postcards/prints/cabin lake near adirondack mountains ca 1940
world heritage/vertical/russia karelia kizhi pogost holy icon fresco
history/mesmers tub consulting room parish opened soon
history/religion/madonna child berlinghiero active 1228 d1236
history/edwin powell hubble 1899 1953 american astronomer
vintage postcards/prints/holstein friesian cow ca 1933 usa holstein friesian
world heritage/building exterior/china beijing surroundings huairou mutianyu
history/art/eighth pylon karnak thebes c1911 watercolour
history/art/death world imperialist monster 1919 soviet
history/painter/women fields france 1915 world war i henri
history/french/general pierre cambronne 1770 1842 french soldier
history/french/napoleon battle waterloo 18 june 1815 popular
history/dutch belgian forces action battle waterloo 8
history/alfred moritz mond 1st baron melchett 1868 1930
history/britain/martinus theunis steyn 1857 1916 south african
history/edward confessor c1003 66 anglo saxon king england
history/london/mrs bancroft born marie wilton 1840 1921 english
history/london/edward baines 1800 1890 english journalist
history/london/henry drummond charles wolff 1830 1908
history/painter/coronation virgin 1495 tempera oil wood
history/art/meeting demonstration 1919 linocut vladimir
history/painter/lace maker c1664 johannes vermeer 1632 1674
history/science/herbert spencer 1820 1903 english philosopher
history/william thomson lord kelvin 1824 1907 scottish
history/joseph priestley 1733 1804 english chemist presbyterian
history/engraving/preparation copper silver alloyed production coins
history/london/jospeh priestley 1733 1804 english chemist non conformist
history/britain/coal mining pit shaft train wagons waiting hoisted
history/london/charles darwin 1809 1882 english naturalist
history/death triumphant hartmann schedel liber chronicarum
history/paris/barthlemy thimonnier 1793 1857 french inventor
history/london/samuel wilberforce 1805 1873 english prelate
history/britain/foundry cast house butterley ironworks derbyshire
history/paris/giant cannon used launch space craft columbiad
history/literature/cuneiform tablet gilgamesh flood epic babylonian
history/interior pantheon rome italy
history/glazed terracotta lion processional way temple
history/engraving/charles v 1500 1553 holy roman emperor 1519
history/war/macedonian helmet 3rd century bc archaeological
history/war/tippoo sultan 1749 99 sultan mysore slain fall
history/engraving/ceres roman goddess agriculture corn greek demeter
history/engraving/murex mollusc inhabited shell source tyrian purple
history/early idea quick firing cannon valturio militari 1482
history/war/gustav ii adolf gustavus adolphus 1594 1632
history/engraving/battle talivera 27 28 july 1809 bayonet charge
history/french/marie curie 1867 1934 polish born french physicist
history/literature/coffin makers carousel chowles coffin maker
history/religion/jesus defending woman taken adultery scribes
history/paris/electroscope fitted microscope used curies laboratory
history/robert falcon scott 1868 1912 british antarctic
history/family new south wales natives butchering kangeroo
history/literature/samuel johnson 1709 1784 english author lexicographer
history/literature/little red riding hood way grandmothers observed
history/art/marcus tullius cicero 106 43 bc roman orator
history/engraving/robert henry sale 1782 1845 english general
history/religion/peter john beautiful gate silver gold i none
history/war/richard iii 1452 1485 king england 1483 killed
history/war/dunstanburgh castle coast northumberland changed
history/art/constantine great c 273 337 roman emperor 306
history/french/madam sklodowska mother marie sklodowska curie
history/britain/william hogarths print published 1721 satirising
history/britain/north london cemetery highgate london england
history/abbey st etienne st stephen caen founded william
history/engraving/george monk or monck ist duke albermarle 160816 70
history/britain/necropolis cemetery glasgow steel engraving
history/giant statue rameses ii great 1304 1237bc king
history/french/nicolas jean dieu soult 1769 1851 french soldier
history/david lloyd george ist earl lloyd george dwyfor
history/paris/human sacrifice voodoo ceremony la fayette louisiana
history/french/roland ferragus hero roland killing giant ferragus
history/man reaping barley sickle probably wood set flint
history/french/joan arc c1412 31 st joan st jeanne darc
history/literature/election polling plate ii series four
history/nefertiti 14th century bc egyptian queen consort
history/science/pythagoras 6th century bc right using counting
history/earth rise seen surface moon apollo mission 1969
history/gebbard leberech von blucher 1742 1819 prussian
history/jackal headed god anubis receiving dead king noble
history/paris/minerva roman goddess wisdom athena greek pantheon
history/religion/osiris ancient egyptian god son nut brother set
history/earth space view apollo 17 december 1972
history/religion/st john baptist lamb simple wooden cross
history/religion/st augustine hippo 354 430 great fathers early
history/paris/diana huntress dogs roman goddess moon hunting
history/war/american civil war engagement confederate ironclad
history/paris/alexander greats head alexander porus chalrews
history/engraving/conjuror performing tricks 1715 edition jb della
history/religion/st isidore labourer active 1130 patron saint madrid
history/britain/victoria 1819 1901 queen great britain ireland 1838
history/john frederick 1620 1688 great elector brandenburg
history/paris/napoleon bonaparte 1769 1821 egypt 1798 1799
history/literature/william shakespeare 1564 1616 english playwright
history/french/napoleon iii louis napoleon 1808 1873 emperor
history/paris/astronomical diagram showing earth centre surrounded


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