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27 Mar 2014

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history/scotland ever charge scots greys waterloo
history/icon st joseph arimathea glastonbury holy grail
history/painter/a man armour 1655 oil canvas rembrandt van rijn
history/war/battle stalingrad aerial view fuel stores fire
history/minoans traders wall painting acrotiri thera
history/wolf charmer illustration john la farge published
history/1973 chilean government headed salvador allende
history/french/death sardanapolis eugene delacroix 1798 1863
history/painter/luncheon boating party 1881 oil canvas
history/engraving/dodo raphus cucullatus didus ineptus extinct
history/painter/johannes vermeer 1632 1674 dutch painter zittende
history/tuke henry scott 1858 1929 artist ruby gold
history/giacomo puccini 1858 1924 italian composer operas
history/science/world flat projection map composite satellite images
history/art/bayeux tapestry 1067 battle hastings 14 october 1066
history/britain/himmel all highest truth spoken worst us
history/war/battle waterloo 18 june 1815 wellington staff
history/french/gebhardt lebrecht von blucher 1742 1819 prussian
history/french/french religious wars 1562 1598 siege poitiers
history/engraving/arthur wellesley 1st duke wellington 1769 1852
history/portuguese map 1558 bastian lopez showing europe
history/religion/ezekiels vision chariot sky c614 bc bible ezekiel
history/science/constellation andromeda johannes bayer uranometria
history/president michael gorbachev ussr 1991
history/painter/sunday afternoon la grande jatte 1884 oil canvas
history/art/bayeux tapestry 1067 harold ii crowned king england
history/egon krenz 1937 communist east german politician
history/war/stephanus johannes paulus kruger 1825 1904
history/war/plan battle elandslaagte boer war engraving
history/war/charge 5th lancers battle elandslaagte drawing r
history/war/lieutenant general thomas kelly kenny commander
history/war/battle majuba hill 27 february 1881 lst boer war
history/war/piet joubert petrus jacobus 1834 1900 south
history/war/battle modder river argyll sutherland highlanders
history/religion/matthew parker 1504 1575 english prelate second
history/war/boer prisoners camp bloemfontein 2nd boer war
history/french/paul verlaine 1844 1896 french poet anonymous
history/war/cronjes boer officers captured paardeberg 1900
history/war/piet cronje 1835 1911 south african soldier
history/french/paul verlaine 1844 1896 french poet anonymous
history/french/paul verlaine 1844 1896 french poet decadence
history/literature/rinaldo enchanted armida 1742 painting giovanni
history/war/wotan odin god wisdom poetry war left hiss
history/war/sectional view typical boer entrenchment
history/richard wagner 1813 1883 german composer 1882
history/britain/fingals cave best known caves basalt stacks
history/literature/sleep titania queen fairies mid nineteenth illustration
history/literature/romeo juliet play wiliam shakespeare written c1895
history/paris/spread lhumanite paris 7 march 1953 reporting
history/death nelson painting daniel maclise horation
history/brunhilde foremost valkyries daughter wotan erda
history/paris/title page lhumanite paris 7 march 1953 reporting
history/view florence italy duomo cathedral campanile
history/joseph stalin 1879 1953 russian communist
history/art/o bottom thou art changed snout quince seeing
history/igor fedorovich stravinsky 1892 1971 russian
history/piotr ilyich tchaikovsky 1840 1893 russian
history/literature/john henry newman 1801 1890 english theologian
history/literature/walt whitman 1819 1891 american poet
history/george frederick handel 1685 1759 german english
history/orlando gibbons 1583 1625 english composer
history/engraving/thomas augustine arne 1710 1778 english composer
history/thomas tallis c1505 1585 english composer organist
history/literature/illustration john tenn iel alices adventures
history/alban berg 1885 1935 austrian composer pupil
history/literature/mad hatters teaparty illustration john tenn
history/sergei vasilyevich rachmaninov sergey rakmaninov
history/painter/moritz von schwind 1804 1871 austrian romantic
history/literature/paolo francesca early 20th century illustration
history/edward elgar 1857 1934 english composer
history/war/ulysses simpson grant 1822 1885 born marion county
history/britain/edward eadward martyr 963ja 978 english king 975
history/london/sarah siddons born kemble 1755 1831 english
history/french/henri philippe omer petain 1856 1951 french
history/war/russo turkish crimean war 1853 6 peace commemorations
history/war/sterling price general army southern confederate
history/war/american civil war confederate southern general
history/war/douglas haig 1861 1928 scottish born british soldier
history/french/henri la tour dauvergne turenne vicomte turenne
history/war/american civil war 1861 65 federal northern
history/war/american civil war 1861 1865 confederate southern
history/vladimir ilyich lenin ulyanov 1870 1924 c1917
history/war/w j hardee major general american civil war 1861 1865
history/war/leonidas polk 1806 1864 american cleric soldier
history/jefferson davis 1809 1889 president confederate
history/war/black refugees travelling bullock cart american
history/war/off war unionist northern soldier bidding farewell
history/war/john mcclernand major general federal northern
history/french/marie louise 1791 1847 empress french daughter
history/war/ulysses sgrant 1822 1885 lithograph issued
history/war/american civil war prison stockade andersonville
history/acupuncture chart rear body 19th century japanese
history/vladimir ilyich lenin ulyanov 1870 1924 reading
history/acupuncture chart body 19th century japanese
history/engraving/egyptian king male attendants mid 19th century
history/acupuncture chart 19th century woodcut
history/engraving/egyptian queen female attendants mid 19th century
history/robin hood c1250 c1350 legendary english folk
history/britain/consigning bodies plague communal grave plague


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