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history/war/robert stephenson smyth baden powell 1815 1941
Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell (1815-1941) lst Viscount Baden-Powell
history/war/battle stalingrad aerial view fuel stores fire
Battle of Stalingrad - Aerial view of fuel stores on fire
history/war/battle waterloo 18 june 1815 wellington staff
Battle of Waterloo, 18 June 1815. Wellington with his Staff doffing his hat (to Blucher)
history/war/pudel bite peper english civil war propaganda
To Him Pudel, Bite Him Peper, English Civil War Propaganda by English School
history/war/sons tipoo sultan 1749 99 sultan mysore given
Two sons of Tipoo Sultan (1749-99) Sultan of Mysore, given as hostages to English
history/war/russo turkish crimean war 1853 6 siege sebastopol
Russo-Turkish (Crimean) War 1853-6. Siege of Sebastopol, October 1854 to September 1855
history/war/braxton bragg 1817 1876 american soldier
Braxton Bragg (1817-1876) American soldier. General in Confederate (southern) army
history/war/colt frontier revolver known colt peacemaker
Colt Frontier revolver. Also known as the Colt Peacemaker. After Mexican War of 1846-1848
history/war/st louis james buchanan eads earliest ironclad
St Louis', James Buchanan Eads' earliest ironclad gunboat employed by Unionist
history/war/boers attacking british blockhouse microfort
Boers attacking a British blockhouse (microfort) during the 2nd Boer War 1899-1902
history/war/womens land army lifting crop 1940 skills young
Women's Land Army lifting a crop, 1940. Among the many skills these young women
history/war/rescue workers merseyside north west england
Rescue workers on Merseyside, North West England, searching for survivors in the
history/war/sealing labelling thousands flasks blood donated
Sealing and labelling some of the thousands of flasks of blood donated by citizens of Moscow
history/war/first british casualties german bombing england
The first British casualties of the German bombing of England were at Clacton-on-Sea
history/war/richard i coeur lion lionheart 1157 1199 left
Richard I, Coeur de Lion or Lionheart (1157-1199), left, king of England from 1189
history/war/ancient greek warrior stepping chariot hoplites
Ancient Greek warrior stepping into his chariot
history/war/pierre gustave toutant beauregard 1813 183 american
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard (1813-183) American confederate (southern) soldier
history/war/hoplite training hoplites heavily armoured ancient
Hoplite in training. Hoplites were the heavily armoured Ancient Greek infantry
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 eastern front russian
World War I 1914-1918: Eastern Front. Russian position abandoned in the face of German
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 battle falkland islands
World War I 1914-1918. Battle of the Falkland Islands, South Atlantic. Decisive British
history/war/world war ii 1945 general dwight eisenhower
World War II - 1945: US General Dwight Eisenhower (1890-1969) inspecting troops
history/war/sausage department armour companys meatpacking
Sausage department at Armour and Company's meatpacking factory, Chicago, Illinois
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 visit king bavaria german
World War I 1914-1918: Visit of King of Bavaria to the German Headquarters, 1917
history/war/general robert e lee centre son george washington
General Robert E Lee, centre, between his son George Washington Lee, left, and Colonel
history/war/world war i italian poster prestito nazionale
World War I Italian poster: Prestito Nazionale di Guerra Poster shows a crowd of
history/war/john churchill first duke marlborough 1650 1722
John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough (1650-1722) English soldier especially
history/war/american war independence 1775 1783 english
American War of Independence (1775-1783) English commander Charles Cornwallis (1738-1805)
history/war/prince orange battle quatre bras 16 june 1815
The Prince of Orange at the Battle of Quatre Bras, 16 June 1815. Painted in 1817 - 1818
history/war/galleass armada galleass higher larger regular
A galleass from the armada The galleass were higher and larger than regular galleys
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 secure german military
World War I 1914-1918: Secure German military hospital at Vigneulles, Lorraine, 1915
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 german field telephone
World War I 1914-1918: German field telephone unit on the Somme, France, 1916. Warfare
history/war/thumbscrew used germany world war i 1914 1918
Thumbscrew used by Germany in World War I 1914-1918
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 eastern front german mortar
World War I 1914-1918: Eastern Front. German mortar in position near Predeal, Transylvania
history/war/world war 1914 1919 british women working armaments
World War 1914-1919: British women working in an armaments factory in Nottingham
history/war/greek warriors hand to hand combat early 20th
Greek warriors in hand-to-hand combat. Early 20th century illustration based on an
history/war/viking ship dragon prow carrying warriors attack
Viking ship with dragon prow carrying warriors to attack second vessel on right
history/war/normal method applying petard explosive device
Normal method of applying a petard (explosive device) to the gate of a fortress
history/war/richard i coeur lion 1157 1199 landing sandwich
Richard I, Coeur de Lion, (1157-1199) landing at Sandwich, Kent, 14 March 1194. Richard
history/war/roman cavalry crossing wooden bridge trajans column
Roman cavalry crossing a wooden bridge: from Trajan's column
history/war/fitzroy james henry somerset 1st baron raglan
Fitzroy James Henry Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan (1788-1855) English soldier, c1860
history/war/picket 13th hussars surprised near tugela river
Picket of 13th Hussars surprised near the Tugela River (Hussar Hill)
history/war/empress matilda 1102 1167 daughter henry i
Empress Matilda (1102-1167), daughter of Henry I of England and mother of Henry II
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 torpedo british submarine
World War I 1914-1918. Torpedo from British submarine hitting Turkish transport ship
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 women greeting regiment
World War I 1914-1918. Women greeting a regiment passing through a ruined village
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 general alexander von kluck
World War I 1914-1918: General Alexander von Kluck (1846-1934) with his Chief-of-Staff
history/war/oil painting italian giovani battista langetti
oil painting by the Italian Giovani Battista Langetti (1635-1676) Archimedes with
history/war/first sino japanese war 1894 battle mouth yalu river
First Sino-Japanese War, 1894: Battle at the mouth of the Yalu River, 17 September 1894
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 german mobile field kitchen
World War I 1914-1918: German mobile field kitchen handing out food to the local
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 morning german army hut vosges
World War I 1914-1918: Morning in a German army hut in the Vosges, Lorraine, 1916
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 armaments manufacture
World War I 1914-1918. Armaments manufacture - using a steam hammer in an ironworks
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 visit charles i austria
World War I 1914-1918: Visit of Charles I of Austria to the German Army Headquarters
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 dead german soldiers trench
World War I 1914-1918. Dead German soldiers in a trench. From 'Le Pays de France
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 wounded german soldier
World War I 1914-1918: Wounded German soldier on a stretcher being treated behind
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 german field marshal august
World War I 1914-1918: German Field Marshal August von Mackensen (1849-1945) watching
history/war/world war i 1914 1918 austrian archdukes frederick
World War I 1914-1918: Austrian Archdukes Frederick and Charles with their officers, 1915
history/war/roman soldiers stone slingers equipment
Roman soldiers: Stone slingers and their equipment
history/war/st thomas aquinas 1225 1274 known doctor angelicus
St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) Also known as Doctor Angelicus, member of Dominican order
history/war/carthaginian general hannibals army crossing
Carthaginian general Hannibal's army crossing the Alps 218 BC to do battle with
history/war/railway balaklava william simpson illustrations
The Railway at Balaklava. From William Simpson Illustrations of the War in the East
history/war/roman legionary sentry duty trajans column
Roman legionary on sentry duty, from Trajan's column
history/war/richard i coeur lion 1157 1199 battle arsuf 1191
Richard I, Coeur de Lion, (1157-1199) at the Battle of Arsuf, 1191
history/war/british fire fighters damping smouldering roof
British fire-fighters damping down smouldering roof timbers of a church hit by German
history/war/battle culloden 16 april 1746 battle 1745 jacobite
Battle of Culloden 16 April 1746, last battle of 1745 Jacobite rising under Charles
history/war/method fixing petard explosive device fortress
Method of fixing a petard (explosive device) to a fortress gateway when protected
history/war/women children homeless german bombing walking
Women and children made homeless by German bombing, walking through a Liverpool street
history/war/star fort defended moat coming siege robert fludd
Star Fort defended by moat coming under siege. From Robert Fludd Utriusque cosmi
history/war/john andre 1751 80 british soldier served america
John Andre (1751-80) British soldier: served in America: aide-de-camp to General Grey
history/war/douglas haig 1st earl haig bermersyde 1861 1928
Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig of Bermersyde (1861-1928) Scottish-born British soldier
history/war/samuel colt 1814 1862 american inventor industrialist
Samuel Colt (1814-1862), American inventor and industrialist, shown here with the
history/war/gone wind 1939 producer david v selznick
'Gone With The Wind' 1939. Producer: David V. Selznick. Still from the Burning
history/war/rescue workers releasing injured person debris
Rescue workers releasing injured person from the debris of a building destroyed by
history/war/henry morgan 1635 1688 notorious welsh pirate
Henry Morgan (1635-1688) notorious Welsh pirate and buccaneer who, with tacit support
history/war/spirit war effort cartoon l ravenhill london
Spirit of war effort. Cartoon by L. Ravenhill, London 2 August 1916. Munitions worker
history/war/reconstruction julius caesars siege marseilles
Reconstruction of Julius Caesar's siege of Marseilles, showing the musculus or
history/war/queen victoria listening dispatch line boer war
Queen Victoria listening to a dispatch from the front line during the Boer War
history/war/hobart pacha pasha augustus charles hobard hampden
Hobart Pacha or Pasha: Augustus Charles Hobard-Hampden (1822-1886), c1880
history/war/russians routing bulgarians cavalry skirmish
Russians routing Bulgarians in cavalry skirmish. Chromolithograph from 10th century
history/war/albrecht van wallenstein waldstein 1583 1634
Albrecht van Wallenstein (Waldstein) 1583-1634: Austrian soldier. Engraving
history/war/american civil war generals grant left lee
American Civil War: Generals Grant (left) and Lee meeting on Palm Sunday 1865 to
history/war/venezuelans attacking spanish conquistadors
Venezuelans attacking Spanish conquistadors. Coloured drawing by Hieronyouse Koler
history/war/horatio herbert kitchener 1st earl kitchener
Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener of Khartoum (1850-1916) Irish-born British
history/war/woman tank factory instructed use metal power drill
Woman in tank factory being instructed in the use of a metal power drill: 1940
history/war/don carlos buell 1818 1898 unionist northern
Don Carlos Buell (1818-1898) Unionist (northern) general in American Civil War 1861-1865
history/war/saladin salah al din al ayyubi 1137 93
Saladin (Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi) 1137-93
history/war/theodore roosevelt 1858 1919 26th president usa
Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) 26th President of the USA (1901-9) said to be in dress
history/war/henry william paget ist marquis anglesey english
Henry William Paget, Ist Marquis of Anglesey: English soldier: served in Flanders
history/war/american civil war fall richmond virginia 2
American Civil War: The fall of Richmond, Virginia, 2 April 1865. Confederates abandoning
history/war/philip ii macedon 382 336 bc father alexander great
Philip II of Macedon (382-336 BC) father of Alexander the Great. Statue showing
history/war/fortifications ancient fortress curtain walls
Fortifications: Ancient fortress with curtain walls, top, and bastioned fortress, bottom
history/war/american civil war battle gettysburg 1 3 july 1863
American Civil War - Battle of Gettysburg 1-3 July 1863. Heavy losses on both sides
history/war/yalta conference allied leaders 4 11 february 1945
Yalta Conference of Allied leaders, 4-11 February 1945. Seated left to right: Churchill
history/war/russo turkish crimean war 1853 1856 battle
Russo-Turkish (Crimean ) War 1853-1856. Battle of the Tchernaya, 16 August 1855
history/war/johann tserklaes count tilly 1559 1632 flemish
Johann Tserklaes, Count Tilly (1559-1632) Flemish soldier. Commanded Catholic army
history/war/richard plantagenet duke york 1411 1460
Richard (Plantagenet), Duke of York (1411-1460), claimant to English throne
history/war/marshall plan aid reconstruction europe world war ii
Marshall Plan of US aid for the reconstruction of Europe after World War II. Krorhout
history/war/charles lee 1731 82 english born american revolutionary
Charles Lee (1731-82) English-born American Revolutionary general captured by British
history/war/william i scotland the lion 1143 1214 taken
William I of Scotland, 'The Lion' (1143-1214) taken prisoner by the English
history/war/velasquez 1599 1660 the reduction breda spanish
Velasquez (1599-1660) 'The Reduction of Breda': Spanish occupation of Low Countries
history/war/children home run german ministry health served
Children at home run by the German Ministry of Health being served a meal outside


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