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history/religion/pilgrim fathers advancing america crossing europe
Pilgrim Fathers advancing into America after crossing from Europe in the
history/religion/jan huss 1369 1415 heretical bohemian theologian
Jan Huss (1369-1415) Heretical Bohemian theologian. Burnt at Constance for preaching
history/religion/christ little children whosoever shall receive
Christ and the little children. Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as
history/religion/st dunstan c925 988 born glastonbury somerset
St Dunstan (c925-988), born in Glastonbury, Somerset, Archbishop of Canterbury (961)
history/religion/st matthew evangelist called work tax gatherer
St Matthew the Evangelist being called from his work as a tax gatherer. Bible: Matthew 9
history/religion/st paul apostle preaching athenians bible acts
St Paul the Apostle preaching to the Athenians. Bible Acts. Chromolithograph c1860
history/religion/christ raising daughter jairus governor synagogue
Christ raising the daughter of Jairus, governor of the Synagogue, from the dead
history/religion/st paul apostle shaking viper hand bible acts 283
St Paul the Apostle shaking the viper from his hand. Bible Acts 28:3. Copperplate
history/religion/st john evangelist symbol eagle copperplate
St John the Evangelist with his symbol, the Eagle. Copperplate engraving c1808
history/religion/moses 40 days absence comes mountain
Moses, after 40 days absence, comes down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments
history/religion/jesus pilate bible john 18 pilate lictor roman
Jesus before Pilate. Bible John 18. By Pilate is his Lictor, a Roman magistrate's
history/religion/moses having interceded god behalf israelites
Moses, having interceded with God on behalf of Israelites in the wilderness, instructs
history/religion/christ giving sight man born blind bible st john 9
Christ giving sight to the man born blind. Bible St John 9. Chromolithograph c1860
history/religion/king david playing ark david house israel brought
King David playing before the Ark David and all the house of Israel brought up the
history/religion/crucifixion jesus nailed cross st john 19
'Crucifixion'. Jesus nailed to the cross
history/religion/page wycliffes translation bible english c1400
Page from Wycliffe's translation of the Bible into English c1400. The bygynynge
history/religion/st luke evangelist writing gospel bible luke 1
St Luke the Evangelist writing his gospel. Bible Luke 1.3. Patron saint of artists
history/religion/adoration sheperds mary joseph shepherds
'Adoration of the Sheperds'. Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds and the Christ child
history/religion/moses shown horns hair leading children israel
Moses, shown as so often with horns of hair, leading the Children of Israel out of
history/religion/isaac saved sacrifice abraham appearance ram caught
Isaac being saved from sacrifice by Abraham by appearance of ram caught in the thicket
history/religion/moses tablets inscribed commandments bible exodus 34
Moses with the tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments. Bible Exodus 34. Copperplate
history/religion/king david praising lord playing harp bible
King David praising the Lord and playing the harp
history/religion/god sent plague serpents punish israelites disobedience
God sent a plague of serpents to punish Israelites for their disobedience. They repented
history/religion/st paul apostle prison writing epistle ephesians
St Paul the Apostle in prison, writing his epistle to the Ephesians. 1st century AD
history/religion/jesus discipes supper bible mark 1522 copperplate
Jesus and his discipes at the Last Supper. Bible Mark 15.22. Copperplate engraving c1804
history/religion/first page st matthews gospel william tyndales
First page of St Matthew's Gospel from William Tyndale's (c1494-1536) English
history/religion/conversion st paul road damascus hartmann schedel
Conversion of St Paul on the road to Damascus
history/religion/moses descending mount sinai tablets law ten
Moses descending from Mount Sinai with the tablets of the law (Ten Commandments)
history/religion/19th century ethiopian manuscript showing angel sword
19th century Ethiopian manuscript showing angel with a sword (right) and two male figures
history/religion/pope pius ix giovanni maria mastai ferretti 1792 1878
Pope Pius IX (Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti 1792-1878) Pope from 1846, addressing
history/religion/st basil great c329 379 greatest greek fathers
St Basil the Great (c.329-379) one of greatest Greek fathers of the Christian church
history/religion/mount lebanon shaker community lebanon springs
Mount Lebanon Shaker Community, Lebanon Springs, New York State
history/religion/miniature armenian gospels 1391 calligrapher
Miniature from Armenian Gospels (1391). Calligrapher, Aristakes: Artist, Tseroun
history/religion/st eusebius epistle eusebius carpianus13th century
St Eusebius. From Epistle of Eusebius to Carpianus.13th century Armeniasn manuscript
history/religion/coronation otto iii german king c998 otto
Coronation of Otto III, German king, c998
history/religion/women condemned inquisition copperplate engraving
Three women condemned by the Inquisition. Copperplate engraving, Cologne, 1759
history/religion/emperor abyssinia ethopia carrying cross
Emperor of Abyssinia (Ethopia), carrying a cross. 17th century woodcut
history/religion/north indian manuscript 18 19 century recounting
North Indian manuscript, 18-19 century, recounting episodes in life of Krishna
history/religion/st elizabeth hungary 1207 1231 daughter andras
St Elizabeth of Hungary (1207-1231) Daughter of Andras II of Hungary, wife of Louis
history/religion/eltenberg reliquary rhine valley late 12th
Eltenberg Reliquary - Rhine Valley. Late 12th century
history/religion/creation animals bible genesis old testament
Creation of the animals. Bible: Genesis. Old Testament. From Armenian Evangelistery
history/religion/st george killing dragon half legendary christian
St George killing the dragon. Half legendary Christian soldier from Cappodocia martyred
history/religion/st barbara 4th century christian virgin martyr
St Barbara, 4th century Christian virgin martyr. Her symbol of a tower, top right
history/religion/jesuit missionaries siam projecting image solar
Jesuit Missionaries in Siam projecting image of a solar eclipse through telescope
history/religion/st jerome landscape st jerome 340 420 born strido
'St Jerome in a landscape'. St Jerome (340-420) born in Strido, Dalmatia
history/religion/st ignatius loyola inigo lopez rocalde 1491 1556
St Ignatius Loyola ( Inigo Lopez de Rocalde 1491-1556) Spanish soldier, founder of
history/religion/st james apostle st james great patron saint spain
St James the Apostle (St James the Great) Patron saint of Spain. Horse's trappings
history/religion/adoration 24 elders christ majesty surrounded
Adoration of 24 elders. Christ in Majesty, surrounded by symbols of evangelists
history/religion/shiva gods hindu trinity trimurti consort parvati
Shiva one of the gods of the Hindu trinity (trimurti) with his consort Parvati
history/religion/monks work manuscripts scriptorium liebig trade
Monks at work on manuscripts in a scriptorium. Liebig trade card c1900. Chromolithograph
history/religion/pius ix giovanni maria mastai ferretti 1792 1878
Pius IX (Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti - 1792-1878) Pope from 1846
history/religion/siva shiva hindu god contrasting qualities destructive
Siva (Shiva) Hindu god with contrasting qualities of destructive and renovating power
history/religion/exterior church novgorod russia photograph
Exterior of church, Novgorod, Russia. Photograph UNESCO
history/religion/shrine buddha cave sokkuram near kyongju south
Shrine of Buddha, in cave at Sokkuram, near Kyongju, South Korea
history/religion/carving cave shrine sokkuram near kyongju south
Carving in cave shrine, Sokkuram, near Kyongju, South Korea
history/religion/excavating low relief carving fish god dagon
Excavating a low-relief carving of the Fish god Dagon. From Austen Layard Discoveries
history/religion/gurm gamle gormo king denmark 840 wearing leather
Gurm Gamle (Gormo) king of Denmark from 840, wearing leather corselet over a tunic
history/religion/arch druid holding sceptre crowned oak leaves
Arch-Druid holding sceptre, crowned with oak leaves. Druid holds Crescent (Caed-Rai-Re)
history/religion/galilei galileo 1564 1642 italian astronomer
Galilei Galileo (1564-1642) Italian astronomer and mathematician
history/religion/druids making human sacrifice gods based report
Druids making human sacrifice to their gods, based on report by Julius Caesar. Druids
history/religion/victim illustration ab houghton tennysons poem 1868
The Victim Illustration by AB Houghton for Tennyson's poem 1868. Arch-Druid about
history/religion/ancient british arch druid wearing breastplate
Ancient British Arch-Druid wearing the Breastplate of Judgement. Wood engraving c1900
history/religion/baudicon ogden george wishart bc1513 1546
Baudicon Ogden & George Wishart (bc1513-1546), Scottish Protestant reformer, having
history/religion/flagellants brothers cross netherlands town doornik
Flagellants or Brothers of the Cross in Netherlands town of Doornik 1349 scourging
history/religion/painting buddhist monk ajanta cave temples india
Painting of a Buddhist monk from the Ajanta cave temples, India. 5th-6th century AD
history/religion/puseyite moth roman candle edward pusey 1800 1882
The Puseyite Moth and the Roman Candle: Edward Pusey (1800-1882) English theologian
history/religion/the cats paw poor pussey edward pusey
'The Cat's Paw: or Poor Pu(s)sey': Edward Pusey (1800-82) English theologian
history/religion/christ mocked crown thorns placed head st john
Christ mocked and the Crown of Thorns placed on his head
history/religion/great cattle show roman bull didnt prize
'Great Cattle Show'. The Roman Bull that didn't get the prize. Mr Punch
history/religion/magnificat virgin mary accepting role god chosen her
The Magnificat: Virgin Mary accepting the role that God has chosen for her, and saying
history/religion/jesus christ appearing disciples resurrection
Jesus Christ appearing to his disciples after his resurrection. Bible John 20:19-20
history/religion/christ enthroned left leo vi philosopher 865 911
Christ enthroned: on left, Leo VI the Philosopher, 865-911, Emperor of the East from 886
history/religion/ezekiels vision chariot sky hand clouds holding
Ezekiel's vision of chariot in sky and a hand in the clouds holding out a book to him
history/religion/resurrection dead weighing souls judgement
Resurrection of the dead and weighing of souls at the Last Judgement. Chromolithograph
history/religion/daniel great hebrew prophets interpreting writing
Daniel, one of the four great Hebrew prophets, interpreting the writing on the wall
history/religion/daniels great hebrew prophets vision beasts
Daniel's, one of the four great Hebrew prophets, vision of the beasts: 'Four
history/religion/joseph interpreting pharaohs dream meaning seven
Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream as meaning there would be seven fat years
history/religion/christ riding jerusalem ass bible new testament
Christ riding into Jerusalem on an ass. Bible New Testament: Mark VI. Chromolithograph
history/religion/daniel great hebrew prophets cast lions den
Daniel, one of four great Hebrew prophets, cast into the Lions' den by Nebuchadnezzar
history/religion/emanuel swedenborg 1688 1772 swedish philosopher
Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) Swedish philosopher, mystic, and cosmologist
history/religion/balaams ass balaam old testament prophet diviner
Balaam's Ass: Balaam, Old Testament prophet and diviner, ordered by Balak, King
history/religion/christ riding jerusalem ass hosanna blessed
Christ riding into Jerusalem on an ass. 'Hosanna: blessed is the King of Israel
history/religion/constancy jews captivity by rivers babylon sat
Constancy of the Jews in captivity. 'By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
history/religion/elijah old testament prophet denouncing ahab
Elijah, Old Testament prophet, denouncing Ahab, idolatrous king of Israel, in Naboth's
history/religion/elijah old testament prophet rebuking ahab forsaking
Elijah, Old Testament prophet, rebuking Ahab for forsaking the Lord for the god Baal
history/religion/st thomas aquinas c1225 1274 italian philosopher
St Thomas Aquinas (c1225-1274) Italian philosopher and theologian. Joined Dominican order
history/religion/reign antichrist woodcut michel volgemuth hartmann
The Reign of Antichrist: woodcut by Michel Volgemuth for Hartmann Schedel Liber chronicarum
history/religion/fra girolamo commanding romola leave florence
Fra Girolamo commanding Romola not to leave Florence
history/religion/henry ward beecher 1813 1887 american congregational
Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887) American Congregational minister: brother of Harriet
history/religion/venerable bede c673 735 anglo saxon theologian
Venerable Bede (c.673-735) Anglo-Saxon theologian, scholar and historian: monk at Jarrow
universal images group/universal history archive/james atlay 1817 1894 english cleric bishop
James Atlay (1817-1894) English cleric. Bishop of Hereford 1868-1894
history/religion/wedding cana christ turning water wine bible john 2
The wedding at Cana. Christ turning water into wine
history/religion/second miraculous draught fishes st john 21
The second miraculous draught of fishes. St John 21. From JJ Tissot The Life of Our
history/religion/christ healing lepers capernaum mark i jj tissot
Christ healing the lepers at Capernaum. Mark I. From JJ Tissot The Life of Our Saviour
history/religion/jesus casting devils kneeling man putting gaderine
Jesus casting devils out of kneeling man, and putting them into Gaderine Swine who
history/religion/josephs dream behold angel lord appeared unto
Joseph's dream. Behold, the Angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream Bible
history/religion/tom jerry logic press yard newgate prison london
Tom, Jerry and Logic in the Press Yard, Newgate prison, London, watching shackles
history/religion/page gutenbergs bible c1455
Page from Gutenberg's Bible (c1455)
history/religion/emperor visited death hans holbein younger les
The Emperor visited by Death. From Hans Holbein the Younger Les Simulachres de la Mort


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