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history/religion/virgin child detail hand open illuminated devotional
Virgin and Child' Detail: Hand with open illuminated devotional book with clasps
history/religion/virgin child detail thatched buildings edge
'Virgin and Child' Detail: Thatched buildings on edge of woods and fields
history/religion/russian popular coloured woodcut parables including
Russian popular coloured woodcut of parables, including the Raising of Lazarus
history/religion/trinity father son holy ghost dove left wing
The Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost as a dove)
history/religion/powerful hand popular 19th century coloured woodcut
The Powerful Hand. Popular 19th century coloured woodcut showing hand with nail wound
history/religion/christ cross 14th century crucifix
Christ on the cross. 14th century Crucifix
history/religion/new jerusalem christ who redeemed world crucifixion
The New Jerusalem. Christ who has redeemed the world through his Crucifixion waits
history/religion/christ cross master nuremberg c1480 pen sepia ink
Christ on the Cross. Master of Nuremberg, c1480. Pen and sepia ink. Drawing
history/religion/golgotha calvary central panel triptych
Golgotha (Calvary). Central panel of a triptych. Christ on cross, soldier putting
history/religion/crucifixion gaudenzio ferrari 1470 1546
Crucifixion. Gaudenzio Ferrari (1470-1546). Church of St Mary of the Graces, Milan
history/religion/crucifixion dionissii active 1440 1502
Crucifixion. Dionissii (active 1440-1502)
history/religion/virgin child st francis st john evangelist 1320 25
Virgin and Child with St Francis and St John the Evangelist: 1320-25. Pietro Lorenzetti
history/religion/marys the dead christ mourned 1604 annibale
The Three Marys (The Dead Christ Mourned) 1604
history/religion/christ angels crucified christ supported
'Christ between Two Angels' : the crucified Christ supported by two angels
history/religion/noli tangere oil wood private collection
Noli me tangere Oil on wood. Private collection. Mary Magdalene, the first to see
history/religion/calvary christ thieves pieter pietersz 1450 1603
Calvary. Christ between the two thieves. Pieter Pietersz (1450-1603). Oil on wood
history/religion/altar piece moreel chantry 1484 central panel
Altar-piece of the Moreel chantry (1484). Central panel of triptych. Hans Memling
history/religion/jesus road calvary jesus wearing crown thorns
Jesus on the road to Calvary. Jesus, wearing crown of thorns carrying his cross
history/religion/adoration magi hugo van der goes c1435 1482
The Adoration of the Magi'. Hugo Van Der Goes (c1435-1482). Oil on canvas
history/religion/assumption virgin attributed francesco botticini
The Assumption of the Virgin'. Attributed to Francesco Botticini (1446-1497) Italian
history/religion/adoration magi sandro botticelli 1445 1510
The Adoration of the Magi'. Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) Italian artist
history/religion/adoration trinity 1510 albrecht durer 1471 1528
Adoration of the Trinity (1510). Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) German artist
history/religion/death god judge 1418 1425 left st michael
Death before God the Judge' (1418-1425). At top left, St Michael the Archangel
history/religion/presentation christ temple 13th century armenian
Presentation of Christ in the Temple. After 13th century Armenian manuscript of the
history/religion/baptism jesus st john baptist armenian evangelistery
Baptism of Jesus by St John the Baptist. After Armenian Evangelistery (1319-20)
history/religion/the raising lazarus jesus raised lazarus brother
'The Raising of Lazarus' Jesus raised Lazarus, brother of Martha and Mary (left)
history/religion/death buddha pari nirvana episode 18th century
Death of Buddha, Pari Nirvana. Episode from 18th century Japanese manuscript scroll
history/religion/god warning adam eve eat fruit tree knowledge
God warning Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge'
history/religion/temptation adam 16th century master lucretia
The Temptation of Adam' : 16th century. The Master of Lucretia. Oil on wood
history/religion/pieta ludovico mazzolino c1480 1528 italian
Pieta': Ludovico Mazzolino (c1480-1528 ) Italian artist
history/religion/construction tower babel hendrick van cleve
Construction of the Tower of Babel'. Hendrick van Cleve (1525-1589) Flemish artist
history/religion/angel summoning shepherds nativity 16th century
Angel summoning the shepherds of the Nativity. From 16th century Book of Hours. Angel
history/religion/the crucifixion giovanni bellini 1430 1516
'The Crucifixion'. Giovanni Bellini (1430-1516) Italian artist
history/religion/st paul prison detail raphael 1483 1520
St Paul in Prison' (detail). Raphael (1483-1520) Italian artist
history/religion/christ tomb 1460 giovanni bellini 1427 1516
Christ in the Tomb' 1460: Giovanni Bellini (1427-1516) Italian artist
history/religion/adoration virgin mary hands position prayer
The Adoration'. Virgin Mary, hands in position of prayer, kneels over the infant
history/religion/virgin child michelangelo 1475 1564 marble tondo
Virgin and Child. Michelangelo (1475-1564): Marble tondo. Sculpture
history/religion/pieta 1498 1500 michelangelo 1475 1564
Pieta' (1498-1500). Michelangelo (1475-1564): Marble Sculpture. St Peter's, Rome
history/religion/destruction sodom gomorrah earthquake c1900 bc
Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by earthquake c.1900 BC: Lot's wife turned
history/religion/hindu concpet universe showing encircled serpent
Hindu concpet of the universe, showing it encircled by a serpent, the symbol of eternity
history/religion/john stevens henslow 17906 1861 english botanist
John Stevens Henslow (17906-1861) English botanist, geologist and clergyman. Professor
history/religion/sorcerer or medicine man wall engraving trois
The Sorcerer (or Medicine Man): Wall engraving in the Trois Freres cave near St Girons
history/religion/samoyed travelling sleigh pulled reindeer
Samoyed travelling on sleigh pulled by reindeer
history/religion/page biblia pauperum poor peoples bibles showing
Page of a Biblia Pauperum (Poor People's Bibles) showing, left, David slaying Goliath
history/religion/geocentric universe hierarchies cherubims seraphims
Geocentric universe and the hierarchies of cherubims and seraphims, etc., leading to God
history/religion/hierarchy church god head pope flanked angels
Hierarchy of the Church, with God at the head, the Pope below flanked by angels, kings
history/religion/edwin ray lankester 1847 1929 british zoologist
Edwin Ray Lankester (1847-1929), British zoologist who established clear morphological
history/religion/james cook 1728 1779 english navigator witnessing
James Cook (1728-1779) English navigator, witnessing human sacrifice in Taihiti
history/religion/elizabeth fry born gurney 1780 1845 english quaker
Elizabeth Fry, born Gurney (1780-1845) English Quaker (Society of Friends) prison
history/religion/matthew parker 1504 1575 english prelate second
Matthew Parker (1504-1575), English prelate and second Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury
history/religion/joshua urges army outside walls jericho trumpeters
Joshua urges on his army outside the walls of Jericho. Trumpeters process around
history/religion/samson pulling temple dagon god philistines bible
Samson pulling down the Temple of Dagon, god of the Philistines. Bible: Judges XVI
history/religion/amon ra egyptian god left rameses iii 1198 1167
Amon-Ra, Egyptian god, (left) and Rameses III (1198-1167 BC) second king of 20th dynasty
history/religion/ancient egyptian ibis headed god thoth secretary
Ancient Egyptian Ibis-headed god Thoth, secretary to the gods and patron of scribes
history/religion/pectoral jewel treasure tutankhamun showing falcon
Pectoral jewel from treasure of Tutankhamun showing falcon headed god with sun disk
history/religion/giant statue ancient egyptian falcon headed god horus
Giant statue of the Ancient Egyptian falcon-headed god Horus, Edfu
history/religion/tomb horemheb king 18th dynasty reigned c1348 c1320
Tomb of Horemheb, last king of 18th dynasty, reigned c1348-c1320 BC
history/religion/jewish family observing passover miniature 15th
Jewish family observing Passover. After miniature from 15th century missal
history/religion/attempt exorcise evil spirits possessing patient
Attempt to exorcise evil spirits possessing patient in San Spirito Hospital, Rome
history/religion/facsimile illustration travels legendary sir john
Facsimile of illustration from travels of legendary Sir John Mandeville, c1372
history/religion/jesus mary martha bible luke x 42 wood engraving
Jesus with Mary and Martha. Bible: Luke X. 42. Wood engraving c1870
history/religion/elijah goes wilderness asks die angel comes bids
Elijah goes into wilderness and asks to die, but angel comes and bids him 'Arise
history/religion/jesus disciples supper mark 1422 gustave dore bible
Jesus and his disciples at the Last Supper. Mark 14:22. From Gustave Dore Bible, 1866
history/religion/i saw angel fly bible book revelation xxiv 6 7
And I saw another angel fly...' Bible: Book of Revelation XXIV 6, 7
history/religion/noahs ark animals going two god saving chosen
Noah's Ark - the animals going in two by two. God saving the chosen from the
history/religion/annunciation archangel gabriel appearing virgin mary
The Annunciation. The archangel Gabriel appearing to the Virgin Mary, telling her
history/religion/elijah raising widows son bible 1 kings 1719 20
Elijah raising the widow's son. Bible 1 Kings 17.19, 20. Copperplate engraving c1808
history/religion/languages moses receiving god tablets law hebrew
Languages. Moses receiving from God the tablets of the Law in Hebrew. Bible Exodus 34
history/religion/john baptist baptising jesus bible mark 1 9
John the Baptist baptising Jesus. Bible Mark 1. 9. Copperplate engraving c1808
history/religion/jacobs dream angels ascending descending ladder
Jacob's dream of angels ascending and descending ladder to heaven. Bible: Genesis 28
history/religion/ruth embracing mother in law bible 2 ruth 114
Ruth embracing her mother-in-law. Bible 2 Ruth 1.14. Wood engraving 1873
history/religion/wedding canaan jesus turning water wine
The Wedding at Canaan. Jesus turning water into wine
history/religion/israelites wilderness collecting manna fell heaven
Israelites in the wilderness collecting the manna that fell from heaven
history/religion/christ blessing little children wood engraving
Christ blessing the little children. Wood engraving c1880
history/religion/jesus healing multitudes wood engraving c1880
Jesus healing the multitudes. Wood engraving c1880. Bible New Testament
history/religion/mary magdalene annointing feet jesus wood engraving
Mary Magdalene annointing the feet of Jesus. Wood engraving c1880
history/religion/wise virgins going meet bridegroom lamps shining
The Wise Virgins going to meet the bridegroom, their lamps shining brightly
history/religion/jesus speaking woman canaan promising cure daughter
Jesus speaking with the woman of Canaan and promising cure for daughter vexed with
history/religion/moses striking rock wilderness producing water
Moses striking the rock in the wilderness and producing water. Woodcut from Conrad
history/religion/mary magdalene seeing apparition risen jesus christ
Mary Magdalene seeing the apparition of the risen Jesus Christ: in left background
history/religion/minerva ancient roman goddess wisdom patroness arts
Minerva: Ancient Roman goddess of wisdom, patroness of arts, wearing helmet and holding
history/religion/jade statue quetzocoatl feathered snake god
Jade statue of Quetzocoatl, the Feathered Snake, god of fertility and creator of mankind
history/religion/william penn 1644 1718 english member society
William Penn (1644-1718) English member of the Society of Friends, popularly known
history/religion/david livingstone 1813 1873 saved lion mebalwe
David Livingstone (1813-1873) saved from a lion by Mebalwe, a native school master
history/religion/john wesley 1703 1791 george whitefield 1714 1770
John Wesley (1703-1791) and George Whitefield (1714-1770) English evangelists
history/religion/arthur conan doyle 1859 1920 scottish writer
Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1920) Scottish writer
history/religion/james cook 1728 79 english navigator witnessing
James Cook (1728-79) English navigator, witnessing human sacrifice in Taihiti (Otaheite)
history/religion/early map massachusetts bay america massachusetts
Early map of Massachusetts Bay, America. Massachusetts was first settled by the Pilgrim
history/religion/dervishes members muslim religious order founded
Dervishes, members of Muslim religious order founded in the 12th century, dancing
history/religion/gundestrup cauldron bowl celtic ritual vessel
Gundestrup Cauldron (bowl), Celtic ritual vessel of 2nd century BC
history/religion/hindu god shiva siva 16th century chloa bronze
Hindu god Shiva (Siva). 16th century Chloa bronze representation of Shiva in the dance
history/religion/death buddha c563 c483 prince gautama siddhartha
Death of Buddha (c563-c483). Prince Gautama Siddhartha, founder of Buddhism. Painting
history/religion/mary baker eddy nee morse 1821 1910 1879 founded
Mary Baker Eddy nee Morse (1821-1910). In 1879 she founded the Church of Christ
history/religion/al buraq winged horse carried mohammed night
Al-Buraq, the winged horse that carried Mohammed on his night flight to Jerusalem to meet
history/religion/john foxe 1516 1587 english martyrologist author
John Foxe (1516-1587) English martyrologist, author of History of the Acts and Monuments
history/religion/charles wesley 1707 88 english preacher hymn writer
Charles Wesley (1707-88) English preacher and hymn writer. Brother of John Wesley
history/religion/john 1703 1791 charles 1707 1788 wesley preaching
John (1703-1791) and Charles (1707-1788) Wesley preaching in the open air at Bristol
history/religion/john wycliffe c13291384 english religious reformer
John Wycliffe (c13291384) English religious reformer. Leader of the Lollards (Mumblers)
history/religion/hypnotic trance induced voodoo dance rites louisiana
Hypnotic trance induced during Voodoo dance rites: Louisiana


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