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history/religion/childhood jesus jesus carrying plank wood street
Childhood of Jesus. Jesus carrying a plank of wood down the street while Mary
history/religion/angels ministering jesus devil left him matthew 4
Angels ministering to Jesus after the Devil has left him. Matthew 4. Illustration
history/religion/english converts rome including newman skating
English converts to Rome including Newman, skating on thin ice while, on left, Pusey
history/religion/christ driving money changers temple matthew21
Christ driving the money changers out of the Temple
history/religion/st simeon simon stylites 387 459 hermit pillar
St Simeon (Simon) Stylites (387-459) Hermit of the Pillar. Syrian pillar-saint. 7
history/religion/st peter holding symbol key woodcut hans baldung
St Peter holding his symbol of a key. Woodcut by Hans Baldung (1470-1550)
history/religion/master view sainte gudule 15th century
Master of view of Sainte Gudule (15th century). St Elizabeth of Hungary (1207-31)
history/religion/flagellant 16th century woodcut jost amman sect
Flagellant: 16th century woodcut by Jost Amman. Sect, founded 1260, whipped themselves
history/religion/map showing supposed location paradise garden
Map showing supposed location of Paradise. Garden of Eden shown as blue-tinted quadrant
history/religion/arab manuscript depicting angel weighing soul
Arab manuscript depicting angel weighing a soul
history/religion/jesus raising lazarus tomb john 243 gustave
Jesus raising Lazarus from his tomb. John 2:43 From Gustave Dore illustrated Bible
history/religion/st joseph carpenter st joseph workshop boy jesus
St Joseph the Carpenter'. St Joseph in his workshop with the boy Jesus who is
history/religion/st george dragon high rhenish school c1500
St George and the Dragon. High Rhenish School c1500. Private collection
history/religion/jesus raising lazarus tomb illustration jj tissot
Jesus raising Lazarus from the tomb. Illustration by JJ Tissot for his Life of Our
history/religion/heliodorus attempting treasure temple jerusalem
Heliodorus, attempting to take treasure from Temple at Jerusalem, is attacked by terrible
history/religion/st mark evangelist table st marks symbol lion
St Mark the Evangelist. From under the table St Mark's symbol, the lion, looks out
history/religion/adoration shepherds triptych attributed flemish
Adoration of the Shepherds' triptych attributed to Flemish artist Cornelis
history/religion/baptism jesus john baptist armenian evangelistery
Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. From Armenian Evangelistery, 1587. Manuscript
history/religion/st basil great c329 379 great greek fathers church
St Basil the Great (c.329-379) on of great Greek fathers of the church, and St Maximus
history/religion/jerome desert st jerome c340 420 father western
'Jerome in the Desert'. St Jerome (c340-420) a father of Western Church
history/religion/schone madonna virgin mary holding baby jesus
Schone Madonna Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus. Painted statue, Pfarrkirche, Bad Aussee
history/religion/eadwine scribe psalter written christ church
Eadwine the Scribe. From Psalter written at Christ Church, Canterbury about middle
history/religion/st alphege alphage english prelate archbishop
St Alphege (Alphage) English prelate, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1006, captured
history/religion/adam eve expelled garden eden armenian evangelistery
Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden. From Armenian Evangelistery, 1587
history/religion/interior synagogue prayer 17th century italian school
Interior of Synagogue during prayer. 17th century Italian School
history/religion/david livingstone 1813 183 scottish missionary
David Livingstone (1813-183) Scottish missionary and explorer. During African travels
history/religion/mary mother god icon russian school 17th century
Mary the Mother of God. Icon, Russian School, 17th century. Oil on wood. Private
history/religion/surgery roger salerno 12th century images
On Surgery' by Roger of Salerno (12th century). The top images show scenes of
history/religion/entombment woodcut albrecht durer series seven
The Entombment. Woodcut by Albrecht Durer from his series of seven woodcuts for The
history/religion/master altarpiece st bartholemew c1499 st thomas
Master of the altarpiece of St Bartholemew c.1499. St Thomas, DoubtingThomas, placing
history/religion/philistines offering sauls armour canaanite phoenician
Philistines offering Saul's armour to the Canaanite and Phoenician goddess of
history/religion/revelation s john apocalypse adoration lamb
The Revelation of S. John (Apocalypse) The Adoration of the Lamb and the Hymn of
history/religion/noahs ark form viking ship dragon prow watched
Noah's Ark in form of a Viking ship with dragon prow. Watched over by two angels
history/religion/st etienne st stephen st agatha sicilian saint c250
St Etienne (St Stephen) and St Agatha, Sicilian saint c250, holding silver cup containing
history/religion/rev mrs crawley young family which impoverished
The Rev. and Mrs Crawley and their young family which, as an impoverished parson
history/religion/st george dc303 killing dragon roman centurion
St George (dc303) killing the Dragon. Perhaps Roman centurion beheaded near modern
history/religion/flemish school 16th century triptych central
Flemish School, 16th century. Triptych. Central panel shows Holy Spirit at Pentecost
history/religion/david livingstone 1813 73 scottish missionary
David Livingstone (1813-73) Scottish missionary and explorer of Africa. Chromolithograph
history/religion/st francis assisi franciscan monk desert
St Francis of Assisi and another Franciscan monk in the desert. Joachim D Patinir
history/religion/resurrection christ 1495 perugino pietro di
Resurrection of Christ. 1495. Perugino (Pietro di Cristoforo Vannucci - c1450-1523)
history/religion/nicholas ridley c1500 55 bishop london 1550
Nicholas Ridley (c1500-55), Bishop of London 1550: English Protestant reformer
history/religion/triptych crucifixion central panel master bologna
Triptych with Crucifixion as central panel. Master of Bologna, 15th century
history/religion/saxon god hermensul irmensul armour carrying scales
Saxon god Hermensul (Irmensul) in armour and carrying scales, presiding over executive
history/religion/anti catholic gordon riots london mob setting
Anti-Catholic Gordon Riots, London. Mob setting fire to Kings Bench Prison 7 June 1780
history/religion/king david playing lyre 10th 11th century manuscript
King David playing a 'lyre'. 10th-11th century manuscript of St Martial de
history/religion/expulsion jews spain 1492 ferdinand isabella
Expulsion of Jews from Spain, 1492. Ferdinand and Isabella being petitioned for mercy
history/religion/christ making deaf hear kronheim chromolithograph
Christ making the deaf to hear. Kronheim chromolithograph from illustrated Bible c1860
history/religion/image celtic deity wild boar wearing torque stone
Image of Celtic deity with wild boar and wearing torque. Stone. Musee de St Germain
history/religion/scrolls torah torah cover and background commandments
Scrolls of the Torah, Torah cover and, background, Ten Commandments. Vienna 1797
history/religion/vishnu gods hindu trinity trimurti avatar
Vishnu, one of the gods of the Hindu trinity (trimurti) in his third avatar. Coloured
history/religion/good confession top presided christ heaven
The Good Confession (top) presided over by Christ in heaven. Man chained to devil
history/religion/lao tzu 6th century bc chinese philosopher inspiration
Lao-Tzu (6th century BC) Chinese philosopher and inspiration of Taoism
history/religion/doubting thomas putting hand christs wounds centre
Doubting Thomas putting hand into Christ's wounds (centre). On left are scenes
history/religion/franz joseph gall 1758 1828 german physician
Franz Joseph Gall (1758-1828), German physician and founder of Phrenology, c1790
history/religion/christ healing man sick palsy matthew 9
Christ healing the man sick of the palsy
history/religion/miraculous draught fishes luke 56 gustave
The miraculous draught of fishes. Luke: 5:6. From Gustave Dore's illustrated
history/religion/st jerome c342 420 eusebius sophronius hieronymus
St Jerome (c342-420) Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus: Leading father of the Christian
history/religion/philip melancthon schwarzerd 1497 1560 german
Philip Melancthon (Schwarzerd) 1497-1560: German Protestant reformer. Engraving c1850
history/religion/christ appearing st peter luke 4 jj tissot life
Christ appearing to St Peter. Luke 4. From JJ Tissot The Life of Our Saviour Jesus
history/religion/shakers society believers christs second appearance
Shakers: Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearance
history/religion/deborah hebrew prophetess who delivered people jabin
Deborah, Hebrew prophetess who delivered her people from Jabin, King of Canaan
history/religion/ruth embracing mother in law naomi promising stay
Ruth embracing her mother-in-law Naomi and promising to stay with her now they are
history/religion/st felicitas roman matron martyred 164 christian
St Felicitas. Roman matron, martyred 164 for Christian beliefs, having first witnessed
history/religion/victoria 1819 1901 queen england 1837 empress
Victoria (1819-1901) queen of England from 1837 and Empress of India from 1876
history/religion/pope innocent iv 1243 1254 born sinibaldo fieschi
Pope Innocent IV (1243-1254) born Sinibaldo Fieschi. His belief in universal dominion
history/religion/pilgrim fathers members english separatist church
Pilgrim Fathers, members of English Separatist Church sect of Puritans, leaving
history/religion/susanna rejecting advances elders accused fornication
Susanna rejecting advances of the Elders
history/religion/game chess crusader saracen spanish manuscript
Game of Chess between a Crusader and a Saracen. From Spanish manuscript of a treatise
history/religion/adam eve tempted serpent eat tree knowledge
Adam and Eve, tempted by the Serpent, eat from the Tree of Knowledge and are expelled
history/religion/esther c450 bc husband king ahasuerus xerxes
Esther (c450 BC) before her husband King Ahasuerus (Xerxes Ija) of Persia denouncing
history/religion/minerva ancient roman goddess pallas athena
Minerva, Ancient Roman goddess, Pallas Athena in the Greek pantheon. Minerva holding
history/religion/st augustine hippo 350 430 great fathers early
St Augustine of Hippo (350-430) one of great Fathers of early Christian church
history/religion/jesus defending woman taken adultery scribes
Jesus defending the woman taken in adultery against the Scribes and the Pharisees
history/religion/peter john beautiful gate silver gold i none
Peter and John at the Beautiful Gate. 'Silver and gold have I none, but such
history/religion/osiris ancient egyptian god son nut brother set
Osiris, Ancient Egyptian god. Son of Nut, brother of Set, husband of Isis, father
history/religion/st john baptist lamb simple wooden cross
St John the Baptist with his the lamb and a simple wooden cross. Artist Guido Reni
history/religion/st augustine hippo 354 430 great fathers early
St Augustine of Hippo (354-430) one of the great fathers of the early Christian Church
history/religion/st isidore labourer active 1130 patron saint madrid
St Isidore the Labourer (active 1130) Patron Saint of Madrid. Anonymous 18th century
history/religion/flight egypt bible matthew 2 predella panel
Flight into Egypt: Bible Matthew 2. Predella panel from Gentile da Fabriano (c1385-1427)
history/religion/st catherine alexandria d307 feet broken wheel
St Catherine of Alexandria (d307). At her feet is a broken wheel representing the
history/religion/gervase babington 1550ja 1610 english churchman
Gervase Babington (1550ja-1610) English churchman: Bishop of Llandaff 1591, Exeter 1595
history/religion/mary tudor 1516 1558 daughter henry viii catherine
Mary Tudor (1516-1558) daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, half-sister
history/religion/pallas athena minerva goddess wisdom daughter zeus
Pallas Athena (Minerva) goddess of wisdom, daughter of Zeus (Jupiter) Marble statue
history/religion/sarah abrahams wife barren offers hagar maid
Sarah, Abraham's wife, being barren, offers Hagar her maid to her husband. Result
history/religion/vishnu lotus petal throne early 1900s india
Vishnu on a lotus petal throne. Early 1900's, India. Gold leaf and gouache on paper
history/religion/fragment royal group amarna periodthe half
Fragment of a royal group of The Amarna Period:The latter half of the Eighteenth
history/religion/akhenaten painted limestone amarna period half
Akhenaten Painted limestone The Amarna Period: latter half of the Eighteenth Dynasty
history/religion/cardinal reginald pole 1500 1558 english prelate
Cardinal Reginald Pole (1500-1558) English prelate. Archbishop of Canterbury. Persecuted
history/religion/john maitland 1st baron maitland thirlestane
John Maitland, 1st Baron Maitland of Thirlestane (c1545-1595) Scottish statesman
history/religion/mary i 1516 1558 queen england ireland 1553
Mary I (1516-1558): Queen of England and Ireland from 1553. Known as Bloody Mary
history/religion/mary queen scots 1542 1587 daughter james v
Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-1587) daughter of James V of Scotland, mother of James VI
history/religion/allegorical print napoleon bonaparte first celebration
Allegorical print of Napoleon Bonaparte after the first celebration of Mass after
history/religion/the carmelites arriving brussels nuns exhausted
'The Carmelites Arriving in Brussels', Nuns, exhausted from a long journey
history/religion/st francis receiving stigmata francesco raibolini
St Francis receiving the stigmata. Francesco Raibolini (Il Francia) c1450-1517
history/religion/entombment 15th century russian icon
The Entombment: 15th century Russian icon
history/religion/virgin child st paul swiss master c1450 pen
Virgin and Child with St Paul'. Swiss Master c1450. Pen, black ink and grey wash
history/religion/ortenberg altarpiece c1410 1420ja centre panel
The Ortenberg Altarpiece c1410-1420ja Centre panel: Virgin and Child surrounded by Saints
history/religion/virgin child detail houses landscape background
'Virgin and Child' Detail: Houses with landscape in background with postmill
history/religion/christs passion triptych known altarpiece st
Christ's Passion (Triptych known as Altarpiece of St Antony) Detail: Christ


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