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history/paris/franco prussian war 1870 1871 prussian artillery
history/paris/montgolfier brothers hot air hot air balloon paris
history/paris/visit opera year 2000 c1902 albert robida french
history/paris/exit liberte al francois buonaparte closing farce
history/paris/jose la cruz porfirio diaz mori 1830 1915 mexican
history/paris/page montpellier codex collection 13th 14th century
history/paris/paris peace conference led treaty versailles
history/paris/artists impression tycho way home night 11 november
history/paris/john watkins brett 1805 1863 english telegraph
history/paris/antoine alexandre brutus bussy 1794 1882 french
history/paris/louis francois clement breguet 1804 1883 french
history/paris/charles christofle 1805 1863 french silversmith
history/paris/andre marie ampere 1775 1836 french mathematician
history/paris/alexander graham bell 1847 1922 scottish born
history/paris/paul bert 1833 1886 french physiologist politician
history/paris/claude bernard 1813 1878 french physiologist
history/paris/george wilhelm richmann 1711 1753 professor
history/paris/william henry fox talbot 1800 1877 lacock abbey
history/paris/johann strauss elder 1804 1849 austrian violinist
history/paris/pierre simons 19th century involved early belgian
history/paris/maid pouring jug water fire attempt prevent setting
history/paris/claude louis comte berthollet 1748 1822 french
history/paris/joseph black 1728 99 scottish chemist lecturing
history/paris/great attraction birds nations flying la tour eiffel
history/paris/french postal service sorting letters paris marseilles
history/paris/construction eiffel tower paris france
history/paris/french postal service sacks letters emptied sorting
history/paris/french postal service new main post office rue
history/paris/french postal service men working main letter
history/paris/french postal service mail train approaching
history/paris/french postal service catching post day main
history/paris/french postal service paris postmen transported
history/paris/french postal service tilbury light 2 wheeled
history/paris/french postal service women returned letter office
history/paris/hydraulic jack used adjust mountings eiffel tower
history/paris/american mail train device picking sacks mail
history/paris/mother children familys pet st bernard dog relaxing
history/paris/taking refreshment terrace parisian cafe paris
history/paris/mothers taking children dairy health giving drink
history/paris/baby incubators use port royal maternity hospital
history/paris/young goatherd french pyrenees accompanied dog
history/paris/epidemic typhus gaol fever caused organism rickettsia
history/paris/spanish gipsy muleteer pyrenees wearing wide brimmed
history/paris/women firewood sellers bareges french pyrenees
history/paris/woman child traditional dress riding cart sacks
history/paris/man woman luz valley french pyrenees riding
history/paris/family bareges french pryenees traditional dress
history/paris/gypsy family spanish pyrenees small child carried
history/paris/man woman vallee dossau french pyrenees traditional
history/paris/man woman child vallee dossau french pyrenees
history/paris/men meeting road near tarbes french pyrenees stopping
history/paris/paris exhibition francis philip cunliffe owen
history/paris/general auguste dubail 1851 1934 french army officer
history/paris/sir john franklin 1786 1847 british naval officer
history/paris/giacomo meyerbeer 1791 1864 jakob liebmann
history/paris/charles louis ambroise thomas 1811 1896 french
history/paris/henry morton stanley 1840 1904 born john rowlands
history/paris/african attendants david livingstone 1813 1873
history/paris/benoit maillet 1656 1738 french diplomat traveller
history/paris/carrier homing pigeon released engraving le journal
history/paris/scene emile ou traite leducation jean jacques
history/paris/equatorial coude refracting telescope paris
history/paris/lord rosses great 72 inch 1828m diameter reflecting
history/paris/verney lovett cameron 1844 1894 english explorer
history/paris/cossacks displaying horsemanship steppes eastern
history/paris/french aviation pioneer gaston tissandiers 1835 1899
history/paris/carlotta grisi 1819 1899 italian ballet dancer
history/paris/harriet constance smithson 1800 1854 irish actress
history/paris/kicking down well spring pawl method sinking
history/paris/edwin laurentine drake 1810 1880 american oil
history/paris/imaginative reconstruction earth time dinosaurs
history/paris/cadets ecole navale french naval academy hammocks
history/paris/valentin hauy 1745 1822 french educationalist
history/paris/claude louis comte berthollet 1748 1822 french
history/paris/alexandre brongniart 1770 1847 french geologist
history/paris/alexandre pierre francois boely 1785 1858
history/paris/raymond gaston plante 1834 1889 french physicist
history/paris/johann friedrich bottger 1682 1719 german ceramacist
history/paris/louis favre d1879 swiss railway engineer awarded
history/paris/carrier pigeon used carry dispatches paris franco prussian
history/paris/experiment ascertain effects electricity plants
history/paris/experiment ascertain effects electricity water
history/paris/static electric effects chain receiving charge
history/paris/explosion fire damp methane mine le journal
history/paris/coal miners killed entombed roof fall le journal
history/paris/roller bridge inclined plane raising lowering
history/paris/method deepening canal number holes drilled close
history/paris/plough used deepen navigable rivers canals
history/paris/jean sylvain bailly 1736 1793 french astronomer
history/paris/charles francois dumouriez 1739 1823 french soldier
history/paris/charles pichegru 1761 1804 french soldier bourbon
history/paris/john justus scaliger 1540 1609 french religious
history/paris/lardner vanuxem 1792 1848 amnerican geologist
history/paris/russian icebreaker yermak work frozen sea
history/paris/new york harbour brought standstill ice le petit
history/paris/diver diving suit inspecting wreck le havre france
history/paris/drama wreck transatlantic liner la russie
history/paris/civil war chile 16 january 18 september 1891
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