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history/paris/hermann ludwig ferdinand von helmholtz 1821 1894
Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz (1821-1894). German physicist and physiologist
history/paris/director cambridge observatory massachusetts
Director of Cambridge Observatory, Massachusetts, using the reflecting telescope
history/paris/astronomical observatory cambridge massachusetts
Astronomical observatory at Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Director of the observatory
history/paris/interior space capsule jules verne la terre la lune
Interior of the space capsule. From Jules Verne De la Terre a la Lune, Paris, 1865
history/paris/way moon lighting gas lamp space capsule
On the way to the Moon: lighting a gas lamp in the space capsule. From Jules Verne
history/paris/astronauts surveying moon jules verne autour la lune
The astronauts surveying the Moon. From Jules Verne Autour de la Lune, Paris, 1865
history/paris/francisque crotte treating patient tuberculosis
Francisque Crotte treating a patient with tuberculosis using electricity
history/paris/belgian suffragettes upsetting ballot boxes
Belgian Suffragettes upsetting ballot boxes. From Le Petit Journal, Paris, 17 May 1908
history/paris/nils otto gustaf nordenskjold 1869 1928 swedish
(Nils) Otto (Gustaf) Nordenskjold 1869-1928) Swedish explorer and geologist, rescued
history/paris/ferdinand magellan c1480 1521 portugese navigator
Ferdinand Magellan (c1480-1521) Portugese navigator
history/paris/daussins steam motor heated kitchen stove used
Daussin's steam motor, heated on the kitchen stove, being used to power a sewing
history/paris/russo japanese war 1904 1905 workroom winter palace
Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905: Workroom in the Winter Palace, St Petersburg, supervised
history/paris/paul sandford methuen 3rd baron methuen 1845 1932
Paul Sandford Methuen, 3rd Baron Methuen (1845-1932) British Lieutenant-General
history/paris/boer families british prison camp 2nd boer war
Boer families in British prison camp. 2nd Boer War 1899-1902
history/paris/spread lhumanite paris 7 march 1953 reporting
Spread of l'Humanite', Paris, 7 March 1953 reporting on the death of Joseph
history/paris/title page lhumanite paris 7 march 1953 reporting
Title page of l'Humanite', Paris, 7 March 1953 reporting on the death of Joseph
history/paris/st dionysius denis praying virgin child help
St Dionysius (Denis) praying to the Virgin and Child for help to overcome the curse
history/paris/paris nursemaid giving charges fresh air champs elysee
Paris nursemaid giving her charges fresh air in the Champs Elysee: c1890. Coloured
history/paris/michel ney 1769 1815 french soldier marshal france
Michel Ney (1769-1815) French soldier: marshal of France: after success at Borodino
history/paris/alfred dreyfus c1859 1935 french army officer
Alfred Dreyfus (c1859-1935) French army officer of Jewish extraction, wrongly accused
history/paris/salvation army march led drummer barracked onlookers
Salvation Army march led by drummer being barracked by onlookers in Paris
history/paris/alfred dreyfus c1859 1935 prison french army
Alfred Dreyfus (c1859-1935) in prison. French army officer of Jewish extraction wrongly
history/paris/brigham young 1801 77 american mormon leader
Brigham Young (1801-77) American Mormon leader
history/paris/demonstration earths rotation using jean bernard
Demonstration of the Earth's rotation using (Jean Bernard) Leon Foucault's
history/paris/louis pasteur 1822 1895 french chemist biologist
'Louis Pasteur' (1822-1895) French chemist and biologist at work in his laboratory
history/paris/the hermitage vancouleurs joan arc c1412 31
'The Hermitage of Vancouleurs'. Joan of Arc (c1412-31) St Joan, Maid of Orleans
history/paris/jumbo large african elephant sold london zoo 1882
Jumbo the large African elephant sold by London Zoo in 1882 to the American showman
history/paris/st denis denys dionysius patron saint france dc150
St Denis also Denys or Dionysius, Patron Saint of France (dc150). First bishop of Paris
history/paris/troop horsemen banners trumpets drums religious
Troop of horsemen with banners, trumpets and drums, at religious ceremony
history/paris/world war 2german occupation paris june 1940
World War 2:German occupation of Paris, June 1940. The German flag flying from the
history/paris/ascent ja charles 1745 1822 hydrogen balloon
Ascent made by J.A. Charles (1745-1822) in a hydrogen balloon in the plain of Nesle
history/paris/ascent captive hot air balloon francois pilatre
Ascent in captive hot air balloon made by Francois Pilatre de Rozier (1754-85) in Paris
history/paris/blessed russia cover french satirical magazine
Blessed Russia Cover from French satirical magazine L'Assiette au Beurre, Paris
history/paris/lothair i lothar i 795 855 emperor east 843
Lothair I or Lothar I (795-855) Emperor of the East from 843. Lothair sitting
history/paris/ceremony blessing river neva st petersburg russian
Ceremony of blessing the river Neva, St Petersburg, by Russian Orthodox priests, 1895
history/paris/water ordeals tamino undergo die
Fire and Water, two of the ordeals which Tamino has to undergo. 'Die Zauberflote'
history/paris/temple isis osiris sarastro high priest die
Temple of Isis and Osiris where Sarastro High Priest. 'Die Zauberflote'
history/paris/anonymous flemish school st genevieve brabant
Anonymous, Flemish school. St Genevieve of Brabant, 8th century
history/paris/pope urban ii presiding council clermont france
Pope Urban II presiding over the Council of Clermont, France, 1095 (c1490). Urban II
history/paris/st louis louis ix france 1217 1270 marguerite
St Louis (Louis IX of France 1217-1270)) and Marguerite of Provence leave for the
history/paris/deer hunt le livre la chasse book hunt gaston
The Deer Hunt from Le Livre de la Chasse (Book of the Hunt) of Gaston III Phoebus
history/paris/st augustine 354 430 great fathers early christian
St Augustine (354-430), one of the great fathers of the early Christian church
history/paris/st genevieve 423 512 patron saint paris
St Genevieve (423-512), Patron saint of Paris. 19th century French coloured woodcut
history/paris/st louis brought prisoner sultan top left
St Louis brought as prisoner before the Sultan (top)
history/paris/sir agravain knight round table who joined sir
Sir Agravain, knight of the Round Table who joined with Sir Mordred to tell King Arthur
history/paris/arthurian legend gautier romance lancelot lake 1344
Arthurian legend. Gautier Romance of Lancelot of the Lake 1344. Count des Broches
history/paris/hernandez cortes cortez 1485 1547 spanish
Hernandez Cortes (Cortez - 1485-1547) Spanish conquistador (Mexico). Cortes arriving
history/paris/flavius josephus c37 c100 jewish antiquities
Flavius Josephus (c37-c100) Jewish Antiquities Construction of the Temple at Jerusalem
history/paris/life st denis denys dionysius written monk abbey
The Life of St Denis (Denys or Dionysius) written by a monk of the Abbey of St Denis
history/paris/battle first crusade the peoples crusade 1096 1099
Battle during the First Crusade (The People's Crusade) 1096-1099
history/paris/louis xiv 1638 1715 king france 1643 louis
Louis XIV (1638-1715) King of France from 1643. Louis as a young man. Pastel by French
history/paris/armand jean duplessis duc richelieu 1585 1642
Armand Jean Duplessis, Duc de Richelieu (1585-1642), Cardinal Richelieu. French prelate
history/paris/desiderus erasmus 1467 1536 dutch humanist scholar
Desiderus Erasmus (1467-1536) Dutch humanist and scholar (1523). Portrait by Hans
history/paris/french revolution 1789 suppression religious orders
French Revolution 1789. Suppression of religious orders: a Capuchin Friar disposing
history/paris/london street arab shoeless rags looking longingly
London Street Arab, shoeless and in rags, looking longingly at the sweets in a
history/paris/ancient near east neo sumerian ur iii dynasty
Ancient Near East: Neo-Sumerian, Ur III dynasty (2150-200 BC). Gudea (c2144-c2124
history/paris/ancient persia achaemenid period 530 330 bc
Ancient Persia, Achaemenid Period (530-330 BC) Griffin-Lion relief in glazed brickwork
history/paris/french revolution 13th vendemiaire 1765 5 october
French Revolution 13th Vendemiaire 1765 (5 October)
history/paris/hippocrates cos c460 377 359 bc ancient greek
Hippocrates of Cos (c460-377 or 359 BC) Ancient Greek physician called the father
history/paris/female telephonists central telephone exchange paris
Female telephonists at the Central Telephone Exchange, Paris. Wood engraving 1890
history/paris/king arthur protection virgin mary fights giant
King Arthur, under the protection of the Virgin Mary, fights a giant. Woodcut
history/paris/first year students lecole centrale des arts
First year students at L'Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures, Paris, working
history/paris/otto von bismarck 1815 1904 prussian german
Otto von Bismarck (1815-1904) Prussian (German) statesman. Chancellor of new German
history/paris/sectional view newcomen steam engine bernard
Sectional view of Newcomen steam engine. From Bernard Forest de Belidor Architecture
history/paris/newcomen steam engine bernard forest belidor
Newcomen steam engine. From Bernard Forest de Belidor Architecture Hydraulique Paris 1737
history/paris/les halles paris famous french food market moved
Les Halles, Paris. This famous French food market was moved to the suburbs in 1960s
history/paris/harvest time men women reaping sickles corn
Harvest time. Men and women reaping with sickles, corn being tied up in sheaves
history/paris/needles securing needles polishing roll 1
Needles: Securing needles in polishing roll (1), polishing under lead weight (5.6)
history/paris/halle au bles et farine market corn flour paris
Halle au Bles et Farine (Market for Corn and Flour), Paris
history/paris/needles equipment needle making shears cut wire
Needles: Equipment for needle making from shears to cut wire (14) to polishing roll (13)
history/paris/young lady paying calls personal airship maze
Young lady paying calls by personal airship among a maze of telegraph and telephone wires
history/paris/constellation leo jj fortin atlas coelestis flamsteed
Constellation of Leo from JJ Fortin Atlas Coelestis de Flamsteed Paris 1775. Copperplate
history/paris/constellation hercules heracles herakles milky
Constellation of Hercules (Heracles/Herakles): part of the Milky Way is shown on right
history/paris/jean dominique cassini 1625 1712 italian born
Jean Dominique Cassini (1625-1712) Italian-born French astronomer. In the background
history/paris/merchants transporting goods coast waiting vessel
Merchants transporting goods to the coast and waiting vessel by camel. From Andre
history/paris/assembly provostship merchants paris ordonnances
Assembly of the Provostship of the Merchants of Paris. From Ordonnances Royaux del
history/paris/eternal flame memorial dead arche la triomphe
eternal flame at the Memorial to the dead at the Arche de La triomphe (Arc de Triomphe)
history/paris/facade sculptures arc triomphe paris france
Facade sculptures on the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France
history/paris/la paix 1815 bas relief antoine etex facing lavenue
La Paix de 1815 bas relief by Antoine Etex, facing the l'Avenue de la Grande-Armee
history/paris/louver museum exterior louvre pyramid louvre
Louver Museum exterior of with part of the 'Louvre Pyramid' at the Louvre museum
history/paris/exterior facade cathedral notre dame paris
Exterior facade of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris, France
history/paris/interior louvre pyramid louvre museum paris france
Interior of the 'Louvre Pyramid' at the Louvre museum, Paris France
history/paris/porte plume ideal waterman larme la paix
Porte plume 'Ideal' Waterman l'arme de la paix
history/paris/muhammad al idrisi paris transcript v 4 map displays
Muhammad al-Idrisi. Paris transcript of V-4. The map displays: the northern shoreline
history/paris/rue montorgueil paris celebration june 30 1878
The Rue Montorgueil in Paris. Celebration of June 30, 1878', 1878. Oil on canvas
history/paris/louis xiv painted 1701 hyacinthe rigaud 1659 1743
Louis XIV painted in 1701 by Hyacinthe Rigaud (1659 - 1743, Paris)French baroque painter
history/paris/president john kennedy president charles gaulle
US President John Kennedy, President Charles de Gaulle and Jackie Kennedy in Paris
history/paris/young greeks cockfight painted 1846 jean leon gerome
Young Greeks at a Cockfight painted in 1846 by Jean Leon Gerome (1824-1904) French artist
history/paris/alexandre cabanel 1823 1889 french painter
Alexandre Cabanel (1823 - 1889) French painter. The Birth of Venus (1863), oil on canvas
history/paris/la yole the skiff 1875 oil canvas pierre auguste
La Yole' (The Skiff), 1875. Oil on canvas
history/paris/bal du moulin la galette dance moulin la galette
Bal du moulin de la Galette' (Dance at the Moulin de la Galette), 1876. Oil on canvas
history/paris/la place leurope temps pluie paris street
La Place de l'Europe, temps de pluie' (Paris Street, Rainy Day), 1877
history/paris/world war ii 1939 1945 crowds lining champs elysees
World War II 1939-1945: Crowds lining the Champs Elysees to view Allied tanks
history/paris/world war i 1914 1918 paris half mourning
World War I 1914-1918: 'Paris in Half-Mourning'
history/paris/napoleon bonaparte 1769 1821 coronation robes
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) in coronation robes as Emperor Napoleon I of France
history/paris/paris exposition 1889 lesplanade des invalides
Paris Exposition of 1889: L'Esplanade des Invalides with the Annam and Tonkin
history/paris/first manned flight hydrogen filled balloon jacques
First manned flight in a hydrogen-filled balloon made by Jacques Charles and Nicolas-Louis
history/paris/launch first hydrogen filled unmanned balloon
Launch of first hydrogen-filled (unmanned) balloon from Champ de Mars, Paris, France
history/paris/first manned free balloon flight pilatre rozier
First manned free balloon flight, Pilatre de Rozier and the Marquis d'Arlandes


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