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history/paris/green bean seller arts metiers et cris paris paris
Green bean seller. From Arts, Metiers et Cris de Paris Paris, 1826. Coloured engraving
history/paris/jean dominique cassini c1670 1756 italian born
Jean-Dominique Cassini (c1670-1756) Italian-born French astronomer. First director
history/paris/newtons experiment shows beam white light refracted
Newton's experiment shows how beam of white light is refracted by prism & broken
history/paris/melting house paris mint pouring gold moulds
Melting House at the Paris Mint. Pouring gold into moulds to form standard ingots
history/paris/paris mint testing weight gold pieces wood engraving
Paris Mint: Testing weight of gold pieces. Wood engraving 1892
history/paris/making bicycle handlebars man works handlebars
Making bicycle handlebars: Man works on handlebars clamped in a vice or vise. Behind
history/paris/paul masson 1874 1945 french cyclist congratulated
Paul Masson (1874-1945) French cyclist, being congratulated by a compatriot on winning
history/paris/wedding party bicycles led bride bridegroom nice
Wedding party on bicycles led by Bride and Bridegroom, Nice, France. Party rode to
history/paris/birds eye view paris expositon 1900 eiffel tower
Bird's-eye view of the Paris Expositon of 1900, Eiffel Tower in the background
history/paris/birds eye view eiffel tower time opening paris
Bird's-eye view of the Eiffel Tower at the time of the opening of the Paris Exposition
history/paris/surfacing road granite setts paris liebig trade
Surfacing a road with granite setts: Paris. Liebig trade card c1900. Chromolithograph
history/paris/surfacing paris street wooden blocks liebig trade
Surfacing a Paris street with wooden blocks. Liebig trade card c1900. Chromolithograph
history/paris/laying paving slabs paris street background cathedral
Laying paving slabs in a Paris street. In the background is the cathedral of Notre Dame
history/paris/paris c1900 boulevard des italiens cars motor buses
Paris c1900. Boulevard des Italiens with cars and motor buses. Tinted lithograph
history/paris/laying bitumen road surface paris street
Laying bitumen road surface in a Paris street. In background man is drawing buckets
history/paris/paris c1900 rue royale madeleine cars motorbus
Paris c1900. Rue Royale and the Madeleine, with cars and motorbus Tinted lithograph
history/paris/laying asphalt based surface paris street
Laying asphalt-based surface in a Paris street. Sand is being spread to stop surface
history/paris/laying macadam road surface compacting steam road
Laying a Macadam road surface and compacting with a steam road roller, Paris street
history/paris/earliest production lines armour companys pig
One of the earliest production lines: Armour Company's pig slaughterhouse, Chicago
history/paris/earliest production lines armour companys slaughterhouse
One of earliest production lines: Armour Company's slaughterhouse, Chicago. Pigs
history/paris/sandblasting joints bicycle frame operator wears
Sandblasting the joints of a bicycle frame: operator wears helmet with breathing tube
history/paris/bicycle manufacture france shaping wheel rims
Bicycle Manufacture, France: Shaping the wheel rims. Machinery all driven from central
history/paris/welding bicycle frame france frame suspended
Welding a bicycle frame: France. Frame suspended over forge and operator applies welding
history/paris/women making pneumatic tyres bicycles france
Women making pneumatic tyres for bicycles: France. Wood engraving Paris 1896
history/paris/steam hammer used ironworks hand coloured woodcut
Steam hammer being used in an ironworks. Hand-coloured woodcut Paris, 1867
history/paris/telephone exchange paris le petit journal paris
Telephone Exchange, Paris. From Le Petit Journal Paris 17 April 1904. Women telephonists
history/paris/courting telephone paris robidas idea results
Courting by telephone across Paris. Robida's idea of one of the results of the
history/paris/coal mining accident anxious friends relatives
Coal mining accident: Anxious friends and relatives wait at the pit-head while bodies
history/paris/steam turbines designed anglo irish engineer sir
Steam turbines designed by the Anglo-Irish engineer Sir Charles Parsons (1854-1931)
history/paris/coal miners trapped 24 days underground roof fall
Coal miners trapped 24 days underground after roof fall. Survived by eating carrots
history/paris/depot rue cardinet electrically driven paris cabs
Depot at Rue Cardinet where electrically driven Paris cabs were fitted with freshly
history/paris/factory aubervilliers france making recharging
Factory at Aubervilliers, France, for making, recharging and servicing batteries
history/paris/main station exchange telegraph company london
Main station of Exchange Telegraph Company, London, England, showing operator receiving
history/paris/opening london paris telegraph link instrument
Opening of the London to Paris telegraph link
history/paris/plate measuring microscope woman measuring star
Plate measuring microscope. Woman measuring star positions on a photographic plate
history/paris/paris observatory time louis xiv 1669 louis xiv
Paris Observatory in the time of Louis XIV. 1669 Louis XIV engaged the Italian astronomer
history/paris/jean baptiste von helmont 1579 1644 belgian
Jean Baptiste von Helmont (1579-1644). Belgian physician and chemist. Helmont recognised
history/paris/luigi palmieri 1807 1896 italian geophysicist
Luigi Palmieri (1807-1896), Italian geophysicist. Palimieri was director of the
history/paris/gottlieb daimler 1834 1900 german industrial
Gottlieb Daimler (1834-1900), German industrial pioneer. With his partner Wilhelm Maybach
history/paris/lazzaro spallanzani 1729 1799 italian biologist
Lazzaro Spallanzani (1729-1799) Italian biologist. He worked on bacteria (disproved
history/paris/nadar pseudonym gaspard felix tournachon french
Nadar, pseudonym of Gaspard-Felix Tournachon, French journalist, artist and photographer
history/paris/guillaume francois rouelle 1703 1770 french chemist
Guillaume Francois Rouelle (1703-1770) French chemist. Lavoisier's teacher: Professor
history/paris/rene antoine ferchault reamur 1683 1757 french
Rene-Antoine Ferchault de Reamur (1683-1757) French physicist. He is shown constructing
history/paris/death pliny elder gaius plinius secundus 23 79
Death of Pliny the Elder (Gaius Plinius Secundus 23-79) in the eruption of Vesuvius
history/paris/henri becquerel 1852 1908 french physicist
Henri Becquerel (1852-1908) French physicist. In 1896 Becquerel discovered that uranium
history/paris/pierre alexander darracq 1855 1931 french automobile
Pierre-Alexander Darracq (1855-1931), French automobile manufacturer. One of the
history/paris/theophrastus c372 c287 bc ancient greek philosopher
Theophrastus (c372-c287 BC) Ancient Greek philosopher and scientist. Pupil of Plato
history/paris/william harvey 1578 1657 english physician
William Harvey (1578-1657) English physician, in Windsor Park. (1870). Harvey explaining
history/paris/pierre eugene marcellin berthelot 1827 1907
Pierre Eugene Marcellin Berthelot (1827-1907) French organic chemist and politician
history/paris/gustave eiffel 1832 1923 french engineer1880
Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923), French engineer.(1880). His most historic and best-known
history/paris/samuel clegg jnr 1814 1856 joseph samudas
Samuel Clegg Jnr (1814-1856) and Joseph Samuda's (1813-1885) atmospheric railway
history/paris/sectional view gay lussacs lead chambers absorption
Sectional view of Gay-Lussac's lead chambers and absorption towers, 1870. These
history/paris/sectional view lead chamber process large scale
Sectional view of lead chamber process for large-scale production of sulphuric acid 1870
history/paris/joseph marie jacquard 1752 1834 french inventor
Joseph-Marie Jacquard (1752-1834) French inventor
history/paris/newcomen type steam engine attributed jean rodolphe
Newcomen-type steam engine attributed to Jean Rodolphe Perronet, French civil engineer
history/paris/cross section newcomen type steam engine attributed
Cross section of Newcomen-type steam engine attributed to Jean Rodolphe Perronet
history/paris/dionysius lardner 1793 1859 irish born scientific
Dionysius Lardner (1793-1859) Irish-born scientific writer
history/paris/dorothea klumpke roberts 1861 1942 american
Dorothea Klumpke Roberts (1861-1942), American mathematician and astronomer. Roberts
history/paris/antoine jussieu 1686 1758 french botanist
Antoine de Jussieu (1686-1758), French botanist
history/paris/paul jablochkoff 1847 1914 russian telegraph
Paul Jablochkoff (1847-1914) Russian telegraph engineer c1883. Jablochkoff invented
history/paris/jules pierre cesar janssen 1824 1907 french
Jules Pierre Cesar Janssen (1824-1907) French astronomer at the eyepiece of his reflecting
history/paris/henri etienne st claire deville 19th century
Henri Etienne St Claire Deville, 19th century French chemist, (c1855). In 1854 Deville
history/paris/joseph jerome lefrancais lalande french astronomer
Joseph Jerome Lefrancais de Lalande, French astronomer, 19th century. Lalande (1732-1807)
history/paris/typical enlarged spleen malaria patient malaria
Typical enlarged spleen of a Malaria patient. Malaria is caused by a parasitic protozoa
history/paris/using laryngoscope aid surgeon removal polyp throat
Using a laryngoscope to aid a surgeon in the removal of a polyp from the throat, c1890
history/paris/painting wound antiseptic solution c1890
Painting a wound with an antiseptic solution, c1890
history/paris/villa tournesol 1899 revolving clinic designed
Villa Tournesol, 1899. A revolving clinic designed to take full advantage of the heat
history/paris/potato peeler 1900 machine washing peeling
Potato peeler, 1900. Machine for washing, peeling and removing eyes and sprouts
history/paris/killing birds paradise new guinea 1908
Killing Birds of Paradise, New Guinea, 1908. The European hunter has a gun, while
history/paris/cameramen filming engagement reporting first balkan
Cameramen under fire while filming an engagement while reporting on the First Balkan War
history/paris/firing cannon clouds stop hail storm 1901
Firing a cannon into clouds to stop a hail storm, 1901. It was claimed that rain
history/paris/cretin aged 15 cretinism infants children caused
Cretin aged 15. Cretinism in infants and children is caused by defective thyroid gland
history/paris/ironing room laundry washroom door background
Ironing room in a laundry. Washroom through door in the background. On the left is
history/paris/glass cutter decorating table ware carborumdum wheel
Glass cutter decorating table ware on a carborumdum wheel. He turns the wheel by
history/paris/public weighbridge used weigh cattle market
Public weighbridge used to weigh cattle in a market. Animals are placed weighing platform
history/paris/leonid meteor shower leonids visible night sky
Leonid meteor shower. The Leonids are visible in the night sky during November
history/paris/hippolyte fizeau 1819 1896 french physicist
Hippolyte Fizeau (1819-1896) French physicist. Measured the velocity of light
history/paris/georges louis leclerc comte buffon 1707 1788
Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon (1707-1788) French naturalist. Author of 44
history/paris/pierre belon 1517 1564 french naturalist aged 36
Pierre Belon (1517-1564) French naturalist, aged 36, 1553. From Histoire des Philosphes
history/paris/alexander graham bell 1847 1922 scottish born
Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), Scottish born American inventor. Bell took out
history/paris/jacques jean bernoulli working geometrical problems
Jacques and Jean Bernoulli working on geometrical problems. Jacques (Jakob) Bernoulli
history/paris/jacques alexander cesar charles 1746 83 french
Jacques Alexander Cesar Charles (1746-83) French physicist. Print celebrating the
history/paris/joseph black visiting james watt glasgow workshop
Joseph Black visiting James Watt in his Glasgow workshop, c1760. Artist's impression
history/paris/pierre louis moreau maupertuis 1698 1759 finland
Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis (1698-1759) in Finland, 1736. In 1736 Maupertuis
history/paris/denis papin 1647 1712 french physicist
Denis Papin (1647-1712) French physicist. Among items at the bottom of the picture
history/paris/galileo observing swaying chandelier pisa cathedral
Galileo observing the swaying of the chandelier in Pisa Cathedral, c1584. Galileo Galilei
history/paris/french physicist denis papins 1647 1712 steamboat
The French physicist Denis Papin's (1647-1712) steamboat being wrecked, 1707
history/paris/galileo galilei 1564 1642 demonstrating telescope
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) demonstrating his telescope, Venice, 1609
history/paris/glazier paper hanger working house alphabet des
Glazier and paper hanger working in a house. From Alphabet des Arts et Metiers (Paris
history/paris/cutlers workshop encylopedie paris 1751 1780
Cutler's workshop from Encylopedie Paris, 1751-1780, edited by Diderot and Dalembert
history/paris/la salle des illusions paris september 1900
La Salle des Illusions', Paris, September 1900. Illustration showing the electrical
history/paris/milking parlour equipped thistle suction pulsation
Milking parlour equipped with Thistle suction and pulsation milking machine, 1895
history/paris/french soldiers using film cavalry charge rifle
French soldiers using film of a cavalry charge for rifle practice
history/paris/geocentric earth centred universe centre world
Geocentric or earth-centred system of the universe. At the centre is the world showing
history/paris/george lesage 1724 1803 swiss scientist experimenting
George Lesage (1724-1803), Swiss scientist, experimenting with the first electric
history/paris/george louis lesage 1724 1803 swiss scientist
George Louis Lesage (1724-1803), Swiss scientist, experimenting with the first electric
history/paris/electric chair kemmler first man executed electric
Electric Chair. Kemmler, first man executed in an electric chair, Auburn Prison, USA
history/paris/french military airship la republique maiden flight
French military airship La Republique which made her maiden flight from Paris to Compiegne
history/paris/french military airship la republique maiden flight
French military airship La Republique on her maiden flight from Paris to Compiegne


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