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history/paris/artists impression claude chappe 1763 1805
Artist's impression of Claude Chappe (1763-1805) demonstrating his optical telegraph
history/paris/henry iv france entering paris 22 march 1594
Henry IV of France entering Paris, 22 March 1594
history/paris/sectional view telegraph tower using chappes
Sectional view of a telegraph tower using Chappe's (1763-1805) semaphore system
history/paris/weighing heart deceased balance baboon form thoth
Weighing the heart of the deceased in a balance
history/paris/jean baptiste colbert 1619 83 french statesman
Jean-Baptiste Colbert (1619-83) French statesman. Louis XIV's Chief Minister
history/paris/pierre paul francois camille savorgnan brazza
Pierre-Paul-Francois-Camille Savorgnan de Brazza (1852-1905) on his last journey in
history/paris/mohondas karamchand gandhi 1869 1948 known mahatma
Mohondas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948), known as Mahatma (Great Soul) Indian Nationalist
history/paris/space capsule dwarfed disc moon jules verne autour
Space capsule dwarfed by the disc of the Moon. From Jules Verne Autour de la Lune
history/paris/herodotus c485 425 bc greek historian called
Herodotus (c485-425 BC) Greek historian, often called the Father of History. Statue
history/paris/chicago policeman telephoning police box bring
Chicago policeman telephoning from a police box to bring help to an injured pedestrian
history/paris/luigi galvani 1737 1798 italian physiologist c1762
Luigi Galvani (1737-1798) Italian physiologist, c1762
history/paris/etienne jules mareys 1830 1903 chambre chrono photographique
Etienne Jules Marey's (1830-1903) chambre chrono-photographique, the first cine-camera
history/paris/jean baptiste biot 1774 1864 joseph louis gay lussac
Jean Baptiste Biot (1774-1864) and Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac (1778-1850), left, making
history/paris/apparatus reducing dislocations vidus vidius
Apparatus for reducing dislocations. From Vidus Vidius Chirugia e Graeco in Latinum
history/paris/cell library prison fresnes le petit journal
Cell and Library at the prison at Fresnes. From Le Petit Journal, Paris, 9 November 1907
history/paris/automobile reliability race paris rouen sponsored
Automobile reliability race between Paris and Rouen, sponsored by Le Petit Journal
history/paris/leyden leiden jar pieter von musschenbroecks
Leyden (Leiden) jar and Pieter von Musschenbroeck's experiment of 1746: attempted
history/paris/physics research laboratory sorbonne paris engraving
Physics research laboratory at the Sorbonne, Paris. Engraving, 1895
history/paris/marie curie 1867 1934 polish born french physicist
Marie Curie (1867-1934) Polish-born French physicist, with her daughter Irene Joliot-Curie
history/paris/1822 french appointed commission finding speed
In 1822 the French appointed commission to finding the speed of sound in air. Two
history/paris/lavoisiers apparatus weighing gases traite elementaire
Lavoisier's apparatus for weighing gases. From his Traite Elementaire de Chimie
history/paris/casellis pantelegraph sending station dispatch
Caselli's pantelegraph: At the sending station the dispatch was written or drawn
history/paris/guillaume francois ruelle 1703 70 french chemist
Guillaume Francois Ruelle (1703-70) French chemist, Lavoisier's teacher. Professor
history/paris/leonhard euler 1707 1783 swiss mathematician
Leonhard Euler (1707-1783). Swiss mathematician.Wood engraving published Paris c.1870
history/paris/1865 elizabeth garrett anderson 1836 1917 licensed
In 1865 Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (1836-1917) was licensed to practice by the Society
history/paris/space capsule calculations making narrators
In the space capsule: calculations making the narrator's head spin. From Jules
history/paris/nicholas lemery 1645 1715 french chemist
Nicholas Lemery (1645-1715) French chemist. From Alexandre Saverien Histoire des
history/paris/members french air corps bomb practice chalons
Members of the French air corps on bomb practice at Chalons. From Le Petit Journal
history/paris/pierre fermat 1595ja 1665 french mathematician
Pierre de Fermat (1595ja-1665) French mathematician. From Alexandre Saverien Histoire
history/paris/alessandro volta 1745 1827 italian physicist
Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) Italian physicist, demonstrating his electric pile (battery)
history/paris/barthlemy thimonnier 1793 1857 french inventor
Barthlemy Thimonnier (1793-1857) French inventor. Patented first sewing machine to
history/paris/giant cannon used launch space craft columbiad
The giant cannon used to launch the space craft Columbiad
history/paris/electroscope fitted microscope used curies laboratory
Electroscope fitted with microscope, used in the Curies' laboratory, Paris, to
history/paris/human sacrifice voodoo ceremony la fayette louisiana
Human sacrifice during Voodoo ceremony, La Fayette, Louisiana, U.S.A.. Woman accused
history/paris/minerva roman goddess wisdom athena greek pantheon
Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom (Athena in Greek pantheon)
history/paris/diana huntress dogs roman goddess moon hunting
'Diana the Huntress with her Two Dogs'. Roman goddess of the Moon and of hunting
history/paris/alexander greats head alexander porus chalrews
Alexander the Great's head. Detail from Alexander and Porus by Chalrews le Brun
history/paris/napoleon bonaparte 1769 1821 egypt 1798 1799
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) in Egypt, 1798-1799
history/paris/astronomical diagram showing earth centre surrounded
Astronomical diagram showing the Earth, centre, surrounded by Water, Air, Fire
history/paris/triumph pan 1634 1636 nicholas poussin 1594 1665
The Triumph of Pan. 1634-1636. Nicholas Poussin (1594-1665). Louvre, Paris
history/paris/napoleon field battle eylau 9 february 1807
Napoleon on the field of the battle of Eylau, 9 February 1807'. (Antoine) Jean Gros
history/paris/world war ii paris july 1940 belgian refugee
World War II: Paris, July 1940: Belgian refugee families waiting at the Gare du Nord
history/paris/roger bacon c1214 92 english experimental scientist
Roger Bacon (c1214-92) English experimental scientist, philosopher and Franciscan
history/paris/venus milo parian marble statue discovered 1820
Venus de Milo, Parian marble statue discovered in 1820 on the island of Melos in the
history/paris/ploughing rolling harrowing using horses sowing
Ploughing, rolling and harrowing using horses, sowing seed broadcast and with Abbe
history/paris/exterior louvre pyramid louvre museum paris france
exterior of the 'Louvre Pyramid' at the Louvre museum, Paris France
history/paris/menelik ii 1844 1913 king negus ethiopia 1889
Menelik II (1844-1913) King (Negus) of Ethiopia from 1889. 'Le Petit Journal'
history/paris/barber sevillejpg illustration beaumarchais
Barber of Seville.jpg Illustration of Beaumarchais' The Barber of Seville Source
history/paris/venus milo ancient greek statue famous works
Venus de Milo, is an ancient Greek statue and one of the most famous works of ancient
history/paris/secret gathering rabbis home contained pelegrine
Secret gathering at a Rabbi's home contained in Pelegrine de la Vie Humaine
history/paris/pythagoras 6th century bc ancient greek philosopher
Pythagoras (6th century BC) Ancient Greek Philosopher and mathematician, with the
history/paris/euclid 3rd century bc ancient greek mathematician
Euclid (3rd century BC) Ancient Greek mathematician who taught at the Alexandrian school
history/paris/oil wells oil creek 150 miles allegheny river
Oil wells at Oil Creek, 150 miles up the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
history/paris/paris firemen rooftops trying capture balloon
Paris firemen on the rooftops trying to capture a balloon with its ropes entangled
history/paris/ernest archdeacon 1863 1950 french lawyer aviation
Ernest Archdeacon (1863-1950) French lawyer and aviation pioneer in the take-off
history/paris/alberto santos dumonts airship no 14 sands trouville
Alberto Santos-Dumont's airship No. 14 on the sands at Trouville, France. From
history/paris/miolan janinet sold tickets balloon flight paris
Miolan and Janinet sold tickets for balloon flight Paris, 11 July 1784
history/paris/robert brothers collin hullin 186km flight 19
Robert Brothers and Collin-Hullin 186km flight, 19 September 1784 in elongated hydrogen
history/paris/lhomme dans la lune the man moon frontispiece
L'homme dans la Lune' (The Man on the Moon) from the frontispiece of novel
history/paris/french cartoon inability early balloonists control
French cartoon on the inability of early balloonists to control the direction of their
history/paris/ballooning mania caricature fashionable dress
Ballooning mania: Caricature of fashionable dress for men and women influenced by
history/paris/fauste veranziio making successful jump tower
Fauste Veranziio making a successful jump from a tower in Venice using the parachute
history/paris/ballooning fantasy idea balloon carrying mounted
Ballooning fantasy: Idea for balloon carrying a mounted horseman. From 'Histoire
history/paris/gold minting gold coins stamping press paris mint
Gold: Minting gold coins in a stamping press at the Paris Mint. On the right, coins
history/paris/x ray taken boys shoulder title page les dernieres
X-ray being taken of a boy's shoulder. Title page of 'Les dernieres merveilles
history/paris/series frames cat falling cinematography enabled
Series of frames of a cat falling. Cinematography enabled Muybridge and Marey to
history/paris/early 20th century trade card imagining fashionable
Early 20th century trade card imagining fashionable travel in 2012. Returning to
history/paris/electric shock small boy shown giving native
An Electric Shock: Small boy shown giving a native american child a shock with a
history/paris/gare saint lazare paris france french railway
Gare Saint-Lazare, Paris, France, French Railway of the West and of Brighton, destination
history/paris/bayaderes temple dancers performing accompanied
Bayaderes, Temple dancers, performing, accompanied by male musicians. Hand-coloured
history/paris/mendicant musician carrying stringed instrument
Mendicant musician carrying a stringed instrument similar to a lute. Hand-coloured
history/paris/indian barbers foreground sepoy shaved uniform
Indian barbers: In the foreground a Sepoy is being shaved. His uniform lies on the ground
history/paris/travellers leaving city tree shaded road
Travellers leaving a city via a tree-shaded road. Engraving from 'Le Caire et
history/paris/whirling dervishes engraving le caire et la
The Whirling Dervishes'. Engraving from 'Le Caire et la haute egypte'
history/paris/world war i 1914 1918 food troops french butchery
World War I 1914-1918. Food for the troops: A French butchery near the front. Front
history/paris/view window salle dapollon louvre looking east
View from the window of the Salle d'Apollon, Louvre, looking East'. Watercolour
history/paris/view paris salle dapollon louvre looking west
View of Paris, Salle d'Apollon, Louvre, looking West'
history/paris/la rue marbeuf sous lavenue lalma watercolour
La rue Marbeuf sous l'avenue de l'Alma'. Watercolour. Charles Claude Pyne
history/paris/paris pont saint michel watercolour charles
Paris by the Pont Saint-Michel', Watercolour
history/paris/sainte chapelle palais justice quay pont saint michel
Sainte-Chapelle and the Palais de Justice by the Quay Pont Saint-Michel'. Watercolour
history/paris/louvre snow camille pissarro 1830 1872 fench
The Louvre Under Snow': Camille Pissarro (1830-1872) Fench artist. Oil on Canvas
history/paris/paris boulevard monmartre night camille pissarro
Paris: Boulevard Monmartre at Night': Camille Pissarro (1830-1872) Fench artist
history/paris/seine louvre 1903 camille pissarro 1830 1872
The Seine and the Louvre' 1903: Camille Pissarro (1830-1872) Fench artist
history/paris/costume design youths genii 1913 the magic
Costume design for one of the Three Youths or Genii, 1913. 'The Magic Flute'
history/paris/costume design queen night 1913 the magic flute
Costume design for the Queen of the Night, 1913. 'The Magic Flute' ('Die
history/paris/costume design papegena 1913 papegena little
Costume design for Papegena, 1913. Papegena, the little wife that Papegeno, the bird
history/paris/costume design sarastro 1913 sarastro high
Costume design for Sarastro, 1913. Sarastro, the High Priest of Isis and Osiris
history/paris/costume design monostatos 1913 monostatos moor
Costume design for Monostatos, 1913. Monostatos, a Moor in the service of Sarastro
history/paris/wolfgang amadeus mozart 1756 1791 age seven
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) at the age of seven playing his violin in front
history/paris/mozart working overture don giovanni 1787 1906
Mozart working on the Overture for 'Don Giovanni', 1787 (1906)
history/paris/mozart listening allegris miserere 1771 1906
Mozart listening to Allegri's 'Miserere', 1771 (1906). On a visit to
history/paris/mozarts opera the magic flute die zauberflote
Mozart's opera 'The Magic Flute' ('Die Zauberflote'), 1791 (1906)
history/paris/mozart die zauberflote magic flute temple
Mozart (Die Zauberflote - The Magic Flute) Temple of Isis and Osiris where Sarastro
history/paris/drummer drum major kings footguards 1822 1830
Drummer and Drum Major of the King's Footguards, 1822-1830. Histoire de la maison
history/paris/standard bearer 1814 1815 histoire la maison
Standard Bearer, 1814-1815. Histoire de la maison militaire du Roi de 1814 a 1830
history/paris/guard campaign colours 1815 histoire la maison
Guard with campaign colours, 1815. Histoire de la maison militaire du Roi de 1814
history/paris/footguard royal guard 1814 1815 histoire la
Footguard of the Royal guard, 1814-1815. Histoire de la maison militaire du Roi de
history/paris/footguards kings guard 1817 1830 histoire la
Footguards of the King's guard, 1817-1830. Histoire de la maison militaire du
history/paris/light infantryman swiss regiment kings guard 1815
Light Infantryman of the Swiss Regiment of the King's guard, 1815. Histoire de


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