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history/militaria/scotland forever elizabeth southerden thompson
Scotland forever, by Elizabeth Southerden Thompson, oil on canvas, 1881
history/militaria/cavalry officers training published paul kittel
Cavalry Officers Training, Published by Paul Kittel, Berlin
history/militaria/soldier army general justo jose urquiza leon
Soldier of army of General Justo Jose' Urquiza by Leon Palliere (1823-1887), Painting
history/militaria/cavalry austrians charge savoy genoa first war
Detail from cavalry against Austrians, charge of Savoy and Genoa, from First War of Independence
history/militaria/various uniforms quinto cenni color plate circa
Various uniforms, by Quinto Cenni, color plate, circa 1815
history/militaria/plan battle magenta june 4 1859 second war
Plan of battle of Magenta, June 4, 1859, from Second War of Independence
history/militaria/various uniforms kingdom etruria quinto cenni
Various uniforms of Kingdom of Etruria, by Quinto Cenni, color plate, 1801
history/militaria/meeting military vehicles bmw r75 1942
Meeting of military vehicles, BMW R75, 1942
history/militaria/meeting military vehicles autocarretta 1935
Meeting of military vehicles, Autocarretta, 1935
history/militaria/meeting military vehicles bmw r75
Meeting of military vehicles, BMW R75
history/militaria/meeting military vehicles autocarretta om 35
Meeting of military vehicles, Autocarretta OM 35
history/militaria/meeting military vehicles lancia aprilla car
Meeting of military vehicles, Lancia Aprilla Car, 1939
history/militaria/meeting armored military vehicles m8 greyhound
Meeting of armored military vehicles, M8 Greyhound, 1942
history/militaria/meeting military vehicles tractor fiat spa 35
Meeting of military vehicles, Tractor Fiat SPA 35, 1935
history/militaria/meeting military vehicles tractor fiat spa tm 40
Meeting of military vehicles, Tractor Fiat SPA TM 40, 1940
history/militaria/meeting military vehicles fiat spa tm40 1940
Meeting of military vehicles, Fiat SPA TM40, 1940
history/militaria/meeting military vehicles armored car ab43 1944
Meeting of military vehicles, Armored car AB43, 1944
history/militaria/meeting military vehicles willys mb 8 jeep 1941
Meeting of military vehicles, Willys MB 8 Jeep, 1941
history/militaria/meeting military vehicles moto guzzi sidecars
Meeting of military vehicles, Moto Guzzi sidecars, 1941
history/militaria/meeting military vehicles fiat spa 35 1935
Meeting of military vehicles, Fiat SPA 35, 1935
history/militaria/fiat 508 1941
Fiat 508, 1941
history/militaria/meeting military vehicles willys mb jeep 1942
Meeting of military vehicles, Willys MB Jeep, 1942
history/militaria/medium tank m4 sherman 1943
Medium Tank M4 Sherman, 1943
history/militaria/gmc truck 1942
GMC Truck, 1942
history/militaria/moto guzzi 1942
Moto Guzzi, 1942
history/militaria/colonial auto launch 1939
Colonial Auto Launch, 1939
history/militaria/harley davidson wla 1941
Harley-Davidson WLA, 1941
history/militaria/autocarretta fiat spa 1940
Autocarretta Fiat Spa, 1940
history/militaria/skoda gun 100 mm
Skoda Gun 100 mm
history/militaria/m8 greyhound 1942
M8 Greyhound, 1942
history/militaria/ford gpa seep amphibious vehicle 1942
Ford GPA Seep amphibious vehicle, 1942
history/militaria/armored car ab43 1944
Armored car AB43, 1944
history/militaria/steering wheel italian spa tm40 tractor 1940
Steering wheel of Italian SPA TM40 tractor, 1940
history/militaria/spa tm40 artillery tractor 1940
SPA TM40 Artillery Tractor, 1940
history/militaria/italian moto guzzi moose motorcycle 1941
Italian Moto Guzzi Moose motorcycle, 1941
history/militaria/moto guzzi alce pai motorcycle 1942
Moto Guzzi Alce PAI motorcycle, 1942
history/militaria/skoda 100 mm howitzer
Skoda 100 MM howitzer
history/militaria/wla harley davidsno military motorcycle 1941
US WLA Harley Davidsno military motorcycle, 1941
history/militaria/italian spa tm40 tractor 1940
Italian SPA TM40 tractor, 1940
history/militaria/military police willys mb jeep 1942
US Military Police Willys MB Jeep, 1942
history/militaria/willys mb jeep 1942
US Willys MB Jeep, 1942
history/militaria/italian military lancia aprilia coloniale 1939
Italian military Lancia Aprilia Coloniale, 1939
history/militaria/german bmw r75 motorbike sidecar 1942
German BMW R75 motorbike with sidecar, 1942
history/militaria/italian moto guzzi moose motorcycle sidecar 1941
Italian Moto Guzzi Moose motorcycle with sidecar, 1941
history/militaria/uk universal military vehicle 1941
UK universal military vehicle, 1941
history/militaria/italian fiat 508 military vehicle 1941
Italian Fiat 508 military vehicle, 1941
history/militaria/m4 sherman medium tank 1943
US M4 Sherman medium tank, 1943
history/militaria/italian spa 35 truck 1935
Italian SPA 35 truck, 1935
history/militaria/gmc military truck 1942
US GMC military truck, 1942
history/militaria/greyhound armored vehicle 1942
US Greyhound armored vehicle, 1942
history/militaria/italian spa autocarretta vehicle 1940
Italian SPA Autocarretta vehicle, 1940
history/militaria/ford gpa amphibious vehicle 1942
US Ford GPA amphibious vehicle, 1942
history/militaria/japanese samurai toy soldier horse
Japanese Samurai toy soldier on horse
history/militaria/italian ab 43 armored car 1944
Italian AB 43 armored car, 1944
history/militaria/military banner kingdom sardinia 1774 1795
Military Banner, Kingdom of Sardinia, 1774-1795
history/militaria/libya italian financiers command assignment
Libya, Italian Financiers command assignment, 1925
history/militaria/libya italian guardia di finanza patrol mules
Libya, Italian Guardia di Finanza patrol with mules, leaving for survey, 1927
history/militaria/italian military financie police barracks 1925
Italian Military Financie Police barracks, 1925
history/militaria/caravan stopped control italian financiers 1935
Caravan stopped for control by Italian Financiers 1935
history/militaria/libya homs horseback patrol italian financiers
Libya, Homs, Horseback patrol of Italian Financiers, 1935
history/militaria/italian financiers patrolling border libya tunisia
Italian Financiers patrolling border between Libya and Tunisia, 1935
history/militaria/libya horseback patrol italian financiers oasis
Libya, Horseback patrol of Italian Financiers in oasis, 1935
history/militaria/italian financiers uniforms 1885
Italian Financiers in full uniforms, 1885
history/militaria/italian financiers regular army soldiers uniforms
Italian Financiers and regular army soldiers in full uniforms, 1925
history/militaria/italian military finance police stopping austrian
Italian Military Finance Police stopping Austrian seaplane, 20th Century
history/militaria/libyan military police officers 1942
Libyan military police officers, 1942
history/militaria/military police finance branch combat sea 20th
Military Police Finance Branch in combat at sea, 20th Century
history/militaria/italian customs guards headdress 1862
Italian Customs Guards headdress, 1862
history/militaria/miltary headdress kingdom sardinia 1819
Miltary headdress of Kingdom of Sardinia, 1819
history/militaria/miltary headdress kingdom sardinia 1862 1892
Miltary headdress of Kingdom of Sardinia, 1862-1892
history/militaria/miltary headdress kingdom sardinia 1774
Miltary headdress of Kingdom of Sardinia, 1774
history/militaria/cap italian military police officer 1934 1938
Cap of Italian military police officer, 1934-1938
history/militaria/italian alpine hat finance police sergeant 1938
Italian alpine hat of Finance Police sergeant, 1938
history/militaria/patrol italian financiers meeting libyan oasis a
Two patrol Italian financiers meeting in Libyan oasis, by A. Biffignandi, 1935
history/militaria/italian financiers ski 1940 50
Italian Financiers on ski, 1940-50
history/militaria/battle scene abyssinian artist 1937
Battle scene, by Abyssinian artist, 1937
history/militaria/bowler hat italian finance director 1914
Bowler hat of Italian Finance Director, 1914
history/militaria/quadrupeds dellla guardia di finanza illustrated a
Quadrupeds dellla Guardia di Finanza, illustrated by A. Biffignandi, 20th Century
history/militaria/legion light troops kingdom sardinia combat french a
The Legion of Light Troops Kingdom of Sardinia in Combat Against the French, by A
history/militaria/16th century german flute players drummers wearing
16th Century German flute players and drummers wearing colors of Bavaria accompanying
history/militaria/papal financiers horseback escorting garibaldi
Papal financiers on horseback escorting Garibaldi out of Rome in 1849, following the
history/militaria/20th century italian colonial military police uniform
20th Century Italian colonial military police uniform, 1935
history/militaria/16th century german trumpet players wearing colors
16th Century German trumpet players wearing colors of Bavaria accompanying knights at tournament
history/militaria/16th century german drummer wearing colors bavaria
16th Century German drummer wearing colors of bavaria, print, 1842
history/militaria/saddles horse equestrian equipment print 1842
Saddles and horse and equestrian equipment, print, 1842
history/militaria/construction siege tower franz rottenkamp etching
Construction of a Siege Tower, by Franz Rottenkamp, etching, 1842
history/militaria/16th century german knight amour scoring print
16th Century German Knight in full amour scoring, print, 1842
history/militaria/english archers 1712
English Archers, 1712
history/militaria/portrait french knight oil canvas 18th century
Portrait of French Knight, oil on canvas, 18th Century
history/militaria/illustration turnier buch depicting wilhelm von
Illustration from Turnier Buch depicting Wilhelm von Bayern clashing with Wolf Graf
history/militaria/soldiers amour 1712
Soldiers in full amour, 1712
history/militaria/samurai nitta yoshisada praying buddha vairocana
Samurai Nitta Yoshisada praying to Buddha Vairocana in shape of sea dragon before
history/militaria/moorish soldier horseback print watercolor 1712
Moorish soldier on horseback. print and watercolor, 1712
history/militaria/ottoman soldiers horseback foot watercolor painting
Ottoman soldiers on horseback and on foot, Watercolor painting, 17th Century
history/militaria/turkish soldiers foot horseback holding weapons
Turkish soldiers on foot and horseback holding weapons, print painted in watercolors
history/militaria/ottoman riders print 1712
Ottoman Riders, print, 1712
history/militaria/battle scene covered cardboard 17th century
Battle scene, covered cardboard, 17th Century
history/militaria/archer sultan personal escort 18th century
Archer of Sultan personal escort, 18th Century
history/militaria/italian world war ii cavalry bandolier uniform
Italian World War II Cavalry Bandolier uniform, 20th Century


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