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history/london/senses smell hearing sight touch taste
The Five Senses: smell, hearing, sight, touch and taste. From children's book
history/london/susan lawrence 1871 1947 british labour socialist
Susan Lawrence (1871-1947), British Labour (socialist) politician. One of the early
history/london/carbon microphone invented 1878 david edward hughes
Carbon microphone, invented in 1878 by David Edward Hughes (1831-1900), English inventor
history/london/london rail gustave dore blanchard jerrold london
Over London by Rail' From Gustave Dore and Blanchard Jerrold London: A Pilgrimage
history/london/samuel john gurney hoare viscount templewood
Samuel John Gurney Hoare, Viscount Templewood (1880-1959) British Conservative politician
history/london/mrs bancroft born marie wilton 1840 1921 english
Mrs Bancroft (born Marie Wilton - 1840-1921) English actress. Famous for partnership
history/london/wood iron steam ship hms warrior first ironclad
Wood and Iron. The steam ship HMS 'Warrior' the first ironclad warship in
history/london/isambard kingdom brunel 1806 1859 english engineer
Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-1859), English engineer and inventor, 1890. From The
history/london/speaking tube idealised cross section ship showing
Speaking tube: Idealised cross-section of a ship, showing how communication between
history/london/californian balloon railway novel way travelling
The Californian Balloon Railway, a novel way of travelling to the Californian Gold Rush
history/london/leonhard euler1707 1783 swiss mathematician
Leonhard Euler(1707-1783). Swiss mathematician. Engraving published London 1835
history/london/operator mesmerising patient engraving published
Operator mesmerising a patient. Engraving published London c1795
history/london/button maker stamping metal buttons blank held
Button Maker: Stamping out metal buttons. Blank held in place and weight holding
history/london/ghent police dog kitted mackintosh coat wet weather
Ghent police dog, kitted out in its own mackintosh coat for wet weather, with its handler
history/london/nevil maskelyne 1732 1811 english astronomer
Nevil Maskelyne (1732-1811) English astronomer. Astronomer Royal 1765-1811. (1804)
history/london/society ladies cycling hyde park london
Society ladies cycling in Hyde Park, London. From Vanity Fair London June 1896
history/london/chapel board prison hulk warrior woolwich
Chapel on board the prison hulk 'Warrior' at Woolwich. This hulk held 600
history/london/cook kitchen maid parlour maid scullery maids
Cook and Kitchen maid, Parlour Maid and Scullery maids. Headpiece from Isabella Beeton
history/london/vinolia soap companys london laboratory raw materials
Vinolia Soap Company's London laboratory where raw materials and essential oils
history/london/roderick impey murchison 1792 1871 scottish geologist
Roderick Impey Murchison 1792-1871) Scottish geologist, c1860. Defined Silurian system
history/london/william archibald spooner 1844 1930 british
William Archibald Spooner (1844-1930) British clergyman and educationalist. Albino
history/london/james dewar 1842 1923 laboratory holding vacuum
James Dewar (1842-1923) in his laboratory holding one of his vacuum flasks
history/london/bricklayer working wooden scaffold top brickyard
Bricklayer working on wooden scaffold. Top: Brickyard
history/london/james watts 1736 1819 prototype steam engine
James Watt's (1736-1819) prototype steam engine 'Old Bess' c1778
history/london/matthew wood 1768 1843 english political municipal
Matthew Wood (1768-1843) English political and municipal reformer. Serge manufacturer
history/london/leonhard 1707 1783 euler swiss mathematician
Leonhard (1707-1783) Euler. Swiss mathematician. Hand-coloured engraving, London, 1816
history/london/seal walrus used for food tents clothing canoes
Seal and Walrus used for: food and tents: clothing: canoes: fur: oil: glue: false teeth
history/london/nursemaid footman coachman butler parlour maids
Nursemaid, Footman, Coachman, Butler and Parlour maids. Headpiece from Isabella Beeton
history/london/patagonian william parker king narrative surveying
A Patagonian. From William Parker King Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of His
history/london/william mckinley 1843 1901 25th president usa 1896
William McKinley (1843-1901) 25th president of USA from 1896. Shot by anarchist Leon
history/london/andrew carnegie 1835 1918 scottish born american
Andrew Carnegie (1835-1918) Scottish-born American philanthropist and industrialist
history/london/cochineal lac insects scale insects lacquer
Cochineal and Lac Insects (Scale insects)
history/london/ad pears soap using endorsements famous people
Advertisment for Pears' soap using endorsements from famous people including
history/london/rebellion stairs servants snug answer house
Rebellion below stairs - the servants too snug to answer the house bells at the first
history/london/fish anchovies mackerel cod isinglass from
Fish: Anchovies, Mackerel, Cod, Isinglass (from Sturgeon), Preserving, Herring, Marketing
history/london/mrs emmeline pankhurst 1857 1928 english suffragette
Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst (1857-1928), English suffragette, being arrested outside Buckingham
history/london/prison hulks warder watching prisoners entering
Prison Hulks: Warder watching prisoners entering their ward on board convict hulk
history/london/christopher wren 1632 1723 1833 wren english
Christopher Wren (1632-1723), 1833. Wren, English architect, mathematician and physicist
history/london/mr punch thanking marconi wireless telegraphy
Mr Punch thanking Marconi for wireless telegraphy which was saving lives at sea
history/london/hiram stevens maxim 1840 1916 american born
Hiram Stevens Maxim (1840-1916) American-born British inventor and engineer
history/london/prison hulks ward board convict hulk warrior woolwich
Prison Hulks: Ward on board the convict hulk Warrior at Woolwich. This hulk held 600
history/london/duke fifes game larder 1881 prince princess wales
Duke of Fife's game larder, 1881. The Prince and Princess of Wales (Edward VII
history/london/voltaic battery pile disc zinc disc copper
Voltaic battery (pile): this was made up of a disc of zinc, a disc of copper, a disc
history/london/linnaeus carl von linne 1707 78 swedish naturalist
Linnaeus (Carl von Linne 1707-78) Swedish naturalist and physician. Sprig of Linnea
history/london/jemmy button fuegian adopted expedition appeared
Jemmy Button, the Fuegian 'adopted' by the expedition, as he appeared in 1833
history/london/patagonians gregory bay robert fitzroy narrative
Patagonians at Gregory Bay. From Robert Fitzroy Narrative of the Surveying Voyages
history/london/whale light perfume oil manure whalebone
The Whale: Light, perfume, oil, manure, whalebone, food, candles
history/london/rhubarb rheum officinalis used laxative tonic
Rhubarb (Rheum officinalis) used as a laxative, a tonic and an astringent. Hand coloured
history/london/method measuring angles cross staff edmund gunter
Method of measuring angles with a cross-staff. From Edmund Gunter The Description
history/london/london dock labourers strike 1889 scenes strikers
London Dock Labourers' Strike 1889: Scenes along the strikers' procession
history/london/dianthus carnations pinks john parkinson paradisi
Dianthus (Carnations and Pinks) From John Parkinson Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris
history/london/thomas wright 1711 1786 english astronomer
Thomas Wright (1711-1786) English astronomer. From The Gentleman's Magazine, London
history/london/august wilhelm hofmann 1818 1892 german organic
August Wilhelm Hofmann (1818-1892), German organic chemist. Through his work on coal-tar
history/london/ad ediswan incandescent light bulbs 1898
Advertisement for Ediswan incandescent light bulbs, 1898. The Ediswan brand was the
history/london/miners californian gold fields inspecting result
Miners in the Californian gold fields inspecting the result of their digging by the
history/london/thomas henry huxley 1825 1895 time inspector
Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895) at the time he was Inspector of Fisheries (1881-85)
history/london/joseph barnby 1838 1896 english composer conductor
Joseph Barnby (1838-1896) English composer and conductor, particularly of choral music
history/london/prison hulks convict hulk warrior woolwich
Prison Hulks: Convict hulk 'Warrior' at Woolwich. This hulk held 600
history/london/cartoon harry furniss meeting royal zoological
Cartoon by Harry Furniss of a meeting of the (Royal) Zoological Society, London
history/london/great exhibition crystal palace london
Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace, London. Queen Victoria opening exhibition 1 May 1851
history/london/henry bessemer 1813 98 british engineer inventor
Henry Bessemer (1813-98) British engineer, inventor (Bessemer steel process)
history/london/cartoon punch london 1873 telling british public
Cartoon from Punch London 1873, telling the British public that they must learn to
history/london/thomas wright 1789 1875 english prison philanthropist
Thomas Wright (1789-1875) English prison philanthropist. Wright worked on the reclamation
history/london/panning gold californian gold rush 1849 illustrated
Panning for gold during the Californian Gold Rush of 1849. From The Illustrated London
history/london/prison discipline prisoners hard labour treadwheel
Prison discipline: Prisoners at hard labour on the treadwheel in an English 'local'
history/london/john byrom 1692 1763 english writer poet born
John Byrom (1692-1763) English writer and poet born in Manchester, 1821. Byrom invented
history/london/john frederick william herschel 1792 1871 english
John Frederick William Herschel (1792-1871), English scientist and astronomer, c1870
history/london/cyclist busy london traffic riding machine rover
Cyclist in busy London traffic riding a machine of the Rover safety type. Horse bus
history/london/rear view charles wheatstones electric railway
Rear view of Charles Wheatstone's electric (railway) telegraph, showing its connection
history/london/colt revolver fig 2 shows breech disc fig 3
Colt revolver. Fig. 2 shows the breech disc, Fig. 3, the cartridge in section. From
history/london/shoe maker master craftsman tailored coat yellow
Shoe Maker Master craftsman in tailored coat and yellow waistcoat (vest) cuts leather
history/london/mobile radio station used marconi illustration
Mobile radio station used by Marconi. Illustration published London 1903
history/london/apiary wooden hives lismore ireland woman protective
Apiary of wooden hives, Lismore, Ireland. Woman in protective veil using bellows
history/london/garnet joseph wolseley viscount wolseley 1833 1913
Garnet Joseph Wolseley, Viscount Wolseley (1833-1913) Irish-born English soldier, c1890
history/london/henry cole 1808 1882 british designer civil
Henry Cole (1808-1882) British designer, civil servant and writer
history/london/john tyndall 1829 1893 irish born british physicist
John Tyndall (1829-1893) Irish-born British physicist. Professor at Royal Institution
history/london/cow milking butter cheese milk cutlery leather
The Cow: milking, butter, cheese, milk, cutlery, leather, candles, meat, bookbinding
history/london/benefits university education women george du
Benefits of university education for women. George du Maurier cartoon from Punch
history/london/michael faraday 1791 1867 british chemist physicist
Michael Faraday (1791-1867) British chemist and physicist, lecturing at Royal Institution
history/london/universal joint invented robert hooke 1635 1703
Universal joint invented by Robert Hooke (1635-1703). Devised to allow directional
history/london/fig 1 samuel cleggs 1781 1861 gas apparatus
Fig. 1: Samuel Clegg's (1781-1861) gas apparatus (1808)
history/london/london dockers strike september 1889 aims establishment
London Dockers' Strike, September 1889
history/london/making recording emile berliners gramophone 1887
Making recording on Emile Berliner's Gramophone (1887). Speaking into tube produced
history/london/alfred russell wallace 1823 1913 welsh born
Alfred Russell Wallace (1823-1913) Welsh-born British naturalist. From Edward Clodd
history/london/title page edmund gunter 1581 1626 description
Title page of Edmund Gunter (1581-1626) The Description and Use of the Sector, London
history/london/interior swan theatre bankside london 1596
Interior of the Swan Theatre, Bankside, London, 1596, showing a performance in progress
history/london/coal mining sending baskets corves coal surface
Coal mining: sending baskets (corves) of coal to the surface of a mine
history/london/dropping pilot 1890 otto von biskarck 1815 1898
Dropping the Pilot', 1890. Otto von Biskarck (1815-1898) Prussian/German statesman
history/london/cycling lady rational cycling dress cover
Cycling: Lady in 'Rational' cycling dress. Cover of The Sketch Cycling Supplement
history/london/viaduct baltimore washington railroad c1838
Viaduct on the Baltimore & Washington Railroad (c1838) Engraving after picture by
history/london/michael william balfe 1808 70 irish born english
Michael William Balfe (1808-70) Irish-born English composer and singer
history/london/nobel explosives company limited ardeer ayrshire
Nobel Explosives Company Limited, Ardeer, Ayrshire
history/london/benjamin disraeli offering crown india queen victoria
Benjamin Disraeli offering the crown of India to Queen Victoria. She was proclaimed
history/london/gilberts experiment demonstrate pieces iron wire
Gilbert's experiment to demonstrate that two pieces of iron wire, A, B, placed
history/london/gatling machine gun graphic london 1870
Gatling machine gun. From The Graphic, London, 1870
history/london/william thomson lord klevin 1824 1907 scottish
William Thomson, Lord Klevin (1824-1907), Scottish mathematician and physicist
history/london/cycling lady wearing rational cycling dress
Cycling: Lady wearing 'Rational' cycling dress, riding a 'safety'
history/london/mr punch bows agneta frances ramsay who sat passed
Mr Punch bows to Agneta Frances Ramsay who sat, and passed with First Class Honours
history/london/edisons kinetographic theatre c1891 combined
Edison's Kinetographic Theatre (c.1891). In this he combined the recording of sound


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