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history/french/general marie fayolle 1852 1928 french artillery
General Marie Fayolle (1852-1928) French artillery officer who retired in 1914
history/french/general joseph gallieni 1849 1916 french army
General Joseph Gallieni (1849-1916) French army officer, trained at the St-Cyr military
history/french/brigadier general henri gouraud 1867 1946 french
Brigadier General Henri Gouraud (1867-1946) French Army infantry officer. Graduated
history/french/ferdinand foch 1851 1929 french soldier who
Ferdinand Foch (1851-1929) French soldier who entered the army in 1871. Director
history/french/general adolph guillaumat 1863 1940 french
General Adolph Guillaumat (1863-1940). French military commander in the First World War
history/french/general charles mangin 1866 1925 french army
General Charles Mangin (1866-1925) French army officer who had command in the First
history/french/general michel joseph maunoury 1847 1923 french
General Michel-Joseph Maunoury (1847-1923) French artillery officer. Recalled
history/french/general louis ernest maudhuy 1857 1921 french
General Louis Ernest Maud'huy (1857-1921) French military commander during the
history/french/john denton pinkstone french earl ypres 1852 1925
John Denton Pinkstone French, Earl of Ypres (1852-1925) British Army officer born
history/french/general maurice sarrail 1856 1929 french army
General Maurice Sarrail (1856-1929) French Army officer. In October 1915 he took
history/french/general hirschauer chief french military aeronautics
General Hirschauer, Chief of French Military Aeronautics during the First World War
history/french/andre lenotre 1613 1700 french landscape architect
Andre Lenotre (1613-1700) French landscape architect
history/french/charles alexandre leseur 1778 1846 french naturalist
Charles Alexandre Leseur (1778-1846) French naturalist, explorer and artist who lived
history/french/gabriel urbain faure 1845 1924 french composer
Gabriel (Urbain) Faure (1845-1924). French composer. After a photograph
history/french/achille claude debussy 1862 1919 french composer
(Achille) Claude Debussy (1862-1919) French composer. From a photograph by Nadar
history/french/andre charles prosper messager 1853 1919 1890
Andre (Charles Prosper) Messager (1853-1919) in about 1890. French composer and conductor
history/french/paul marie theodore vincent dindy 1851 1931
(Paul Marie Theodore) Vincent D'Indy (1851-1931) French composer. From a photograph
history/french/jules emile frederic massenet 1842 1912
Jules (Emile Frederic) Massenet (1842-1912). French composer. From a photograph by Nadar
history/french/camille saint saens 1835 1921 french composer
Camille Saint-Saens (1835-1921) French composer and organist. From a photograph by Nadar
history/french/georges alexandre cesar leopold bizet 1838 1875
Georges (Alexandre Cesar Leopold) Bizet (1838-1875) French composer. After a photograph
history/french/alexis emmanuel chabrier 1841 1894 french
(Alexis) Emmanuel Chabrier (1841-1894). French composer
history/french/louis hector berlioz 1803 1865 french romantic
(Louis) Hector Berlioz (1803-1865) French Romantic composer. From a photograph by Nadar
history/french/jacques offenbach 1819 1880 born jakob levy
Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880) born Jakob Levy Eberst Offenbach at Cologne. German-born
history/french/etienne nicolas mehul 1763 1817 french composer
Etienne Nicolas Mehul (1763-1817) French composer. Music Musician
history/french/jean philippe rameau 1683 1764 french composer
Jean Philippe Rameau (1683-1764) French composer and musicologist
history/french/jean marie leclair 1697 1764 french composer
Jean Marie Leclair (1697-1764) French composer and violinist
history/french/josquin desprez des pres c1440 1521 french composer
Josquin Desprez or des Pres (c1440-1521) French composer and singer
history/french/battle fleurus 26 june 1794 french revolutionary wars
Battle of Fleurus 26 June 1794. French Revolutionary Wars. French defeat of the Austrians
history/french/carolus clusius charles lescluse 1526 1609
Carolus Clusius (Charles l'Escluse) (1526-1609). French botanist, professor of
history/french/emile zola 1840 1902 french journalist novelist
Emile Zola (1840-1902) French journalist and novelist of the Naturalistic school
history/french/lillie langtry born emilie charlotte le breton
Lillie Langtry (born Emilie Charlotte le Breton - 1853-1929) only daughter of the
history/french/dynamometer instrument measuring mechanical force
Dynamometer, an instrument for measuring mechanical force or power, designed by the
history/french/casabianca the boy stood burning deck whence
Casabianca' (The boy stood on the burning deck/Whence all but he had fled). At
history/french/madame celeste c1814 1882 french danseuse actress
Madame Celeste (c1814-1882) French danseuse and actress, who lived in London from 1837
history/french/great lisbon earthquake l november 1755 destroyed
The Great Lisbon Earthquake of l November 1755 which destroyed much of the city
history/french/french baker baker using long handled wooden
French baker. The baker is using a long handled wooden paddle to put an item in the oven
history/french/franco prussian war 1870 1871 battle hericourt
Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871. Battle of Hericourt near Belfort, 16, 17 and 18 January
history/french/richard chenevix french 1807 1886 anglican
Richard Chenevix French (1807-1886). Anglican clergyman born in Dublin. Dean of
history/french/georges louis leclerc comte buffon 1707 88
Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon (1707-88) French naturalist: author of 44
history/french/drilling machine diamond bit powered compressed air
Drilling machine with diamond bit powered by compressed air, invented by the French
history/french/henry v 1387 1422 king england 1413 1415 reopened
Henry V (1387-1422) king of England from 1413
history/french/robert ii pious 971 1031 member capetian dynasty
Robert II the Pious (971-1031) A member of the Capetian dynasty. King of France from 996
history/french/philip vi 1293 1350 king france 1328 first
Philip VI (1293-1350) king of France from 1328. First French king of house of Valois
history/french/hugh capet c938 996 elected king france 987
Hugh Capet (c938-996) elected king of France in 987 after the death of Louis V. Founder
history/french/philip v tall 1293 1322 member capetian dynasty
Philip V, the Tall (1293-1322) a member of the Capetian dynasty, king of France from 1316
history/french/philip i 1052 1108 member capetian dynasty
Philip I (1052-1108) a member of the Capetian dynasty
history/french/philip ii 1165 1223 member capetian dynasty
Philip II (1165 -1223) a member of the Capetian dynasty, known as Philip Augustus
history/french/philip iii bold 1245 1285 member capetian dynasty
Philip III, the Bold (1245-1285) a member of the Capetian dynasty, king of France
history/french/philip iv fair 1268 1314 member capetian dynasty
Philip IV, the Fair (1268-1314) a member of the Capetian dynasty, king of France
history/french/louis x quarrelsome 1289 1316 member capetian
Louis X, the Quarrelsome (1289-1316) a member of the Capetian dynasty
history/french/louis xi 1423 83 member valois dynasty king
Louis XI (1423-83) a member of the Valois dynasty, king of France from 1461
history/french/louis vi fat 1081 1137 king france 1108
Louis VI, the Fat (1081-1137) king of France from 1108. A member of the Capetian dynasty
history/french/louis viii lion 1187 1226 member capetian dynasty
Louis VIII, the Lion (1187-1226) a member of the Capetian dynasty, king of France
history/french/louis ix known st louis 1215 70 member capetian
Louis IX known as St Louis (1215-70) a member of the Capetian dynasty, king of France
history/french/charles vii victorious 1403 1461 king france 1422
Charles VII the Victorious (1403-1461) king of France from 1422. Crowned in 1429
history/french/louis vii 1120 1180 king france 1137 member
Louis VII (1120-1180) king of France from 1137, member of the Capetian dynasty
history/french/henry i c1005 1060 king france 1031 son robert
Henry I (c1005-1060) king of France from 1031
history/french/clovis chlodwig 465 511 merovingian ruler franks 481
Clovis or Chlodwig (465-511) Merovingian ruler of the Franks from 481
history/french/charles v wise 1338 80 king france 1364
Charles V, the Wise (1338-80) king of France from 1364. Regent during father's
history/french/charles vi 1368 1422 king france 1380 known foolish
Charles VI (1368-1422) King of France from 1380, known as The Foolish, he became deranged
history/french/charles iv fair 1294 1328 king france 1322
Charles IV the Fair (1294-1328) king of France from 1322, and Charles I of Navarre
history/french/israel putnam 1718 1790 american patriot born salem
Israel Putnam (1718-1790) American patriot, born at Salem, Massachusetts. Captured
history/french/captain robert faulknor 1763 1795 english naval
Captain Robert Faulknor (1763-1795), English naval officer, killed while endeavouring
history/french/ferdinand alphonse hamelin 1796 1864 french admiral
Ferdinand Alphonse Hamelin (1796-1864) French admiral
history/french/jacques le roy saint arnaud 1796 1854 french
Jacques Le Roy de Saint Arnaud (1796-1854) French military commander. War minister
history/french/john jervis earl st vincent 1735 1823 born meaford
John Jervis, Earl St Vincent (1735-1823), born at Meaford, Staffordshire. English
history/french/john benbow 1653 1702 english naval commander
John Benbow (1653-1702) English naval commander born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire
history/french/ferdinand philippe duc dorleans 1810 1842
Ferdinand Philippe, Duc d'Orleans (1810-1842) eldest son of French king Louis-Philippe
history/french/lord william cavendish bentinck 1774 1839 english
Lord William Cavendish Bentinck (1774-1839) English soldier and statesman. He served
history/french/marie chamand comtesse lavalette 1781 1855
Marie Chamand, Comtesse de Lavalette (1781-1855), wife of Comte de Lavalette, French
history/french/thomas picton 1758 1815 english soldier
Thomas Picton (1758-1815) English soldier. In the Peninsular campaign he commanded
history/french/francis ii 1768 1835 holy roman empire i austria
Francis II (1768-1835) of Holy Roman Empire and I of Austria from 1792. Son of Empress
history/french/louis xviii stanislaw xavier 1755 1824 younger
Louis XVIII (Stanislaw Xavier 1755-1824) younger brother of Louis XVI, proclaimed
history/french/general alexandre darblay 1748 1818 french
General Alexandre D'Arblay (1748-1818) French soldier who was a refugee in England
history/french/charles maurice talleyrand perigord prince benevento
Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord, prince of Benevento (1754-1838) French diplomat
history/french/jean baptiste biot 1774 1862 french physicist
Jean Baptiste Biot (1774-1862) French physicist and astronomer. In 1804, with Gay-Lussac
history/french/felicia dorothea hemans 1793 1835 english poet
Felicia Dorothea Hemans (1793-1835), English poet. Remembered today mainly for her
history/french/louis adolphe thiers 1797 1877 french historian
Louis Adolphe Thiers (1797-1877), French historian and statesman. President of Third Republic
history/french/lazare hoche 1768 97 french revolutionary soldier
Lazare Hoche (1768-97) French Revolutionary soldier who rose from the rank of corporal
history/french/marie jeanne philipon roland french revolutionary
Marie Jeanne Philipon Roland, French Revolutionary, wife of Jean Mari Roland de la
history/french/maximilien marie isidore robespierre 1758 1794
Maximilien Marie Isidore de Robespierre (1758-1794) French Revolutionary leader who
history/french/jean francois la harpe 1739 1803 french poet critic
Jean Francois de La Harpe (1739-1803) French poet and critic. Supported French Revolution
history/french/emmanuel joseph comte sieyes 1748 1836 abbe sieyes
Emmanuel Joseph, Comte de Sieyes (1748-1836), Abbe Sieyes, French Revolutionary leader
history/french/marie letizia bonaparte c1749 1836 mother french
Marie Letizia Bonaparte (c1749-1836) Mother of the French emperor Napoleon I. In
history/french/jacques etienne joseph alexandre macdonald duc
Jacques Etienne Joseph Alexandre Macdonald, Duc de Tarente (1765-1840) French soldier
history/french/caroline ferdinande louise duchesse berry 1798 1870
Caroline Ferdinande Louise, Duchesse de Berry (1798-1870), daughter of Francis, King
history/french/joachim murat 1767 1815 french soldier
Joachim Murat (1767-1815) French soldier. Created king of Naples in 1808. He married
history/french/alexandre berthier 1753 1815 prince neuchatel
Alexandre Berthier (1753-1815). Prince of Neuchatel and Wagram
history/french/louis bonaparte 1778 1846 french soldier
Louis Bonaparte (1778-1846) French soldier. King of Holland under the name of Lodewijk I
history/french/jean victor moreau 1761 1813 french soldier
Jean Victor Moreau (1761-1813) French soldier and revolutionary. Assisted Napoleon
history/french/lucien bonaparte 1775 1840 prince canino younger
Lucien Bonaparte (1775-1840) prince of Canino, younger brother of Napoleon Bonaparte
history/french/jean lannes duc montebello 1769 1809 napoleons
Jean Lannes, Duc de Montebello (1769-1809) one of Napoleon's generals. Won the
history/french/andoche junot 1771 1813 duc dabrantes
Andoche Junot (1771-1813) Duc d'Abrantes. French soldier who joined the Revolutionary
history/french/louis verger marquis larochejacquelin 1777 1815
Louis de Verger, Marquis de Larochejacquelin (1777-1815), French Royalist soldier
history/french/henri duc bordeaux 1820 1883 posthumous son
Henri, Duc de Bordeaux (1820-1883) Posthumous son of Charles Ferdinand, Duc de Berry
history/french/louis xvi 1754 1793 king france 1774 brought
Louis XVI (1754-1793) king of France from 1774, brought to trial by the revolutionary
history/french/francois le vaillant 1753 1824 french explorer
Francois Le Vaillant (1753-1824) French explorer, collector and ornithologist. He
history/french/germaine stael 1766 1817 french woman letters
Germaine de Stael (1766-1817) French woman of letters, novelist, intellectual
history/french/jean baptiste dumas 1814 1884 french chemist
Jean Baptiste Dumas (1814-1884) French chemist. From James Sheridan Muspratt Chemistry


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