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history/french/torres vedras north lisbon portugal wellington
Torres Vedras, north of Lisbon, Portugal, where Wellington constructed three lines
history/french/napoleon i bonaparte 1769 1821 emperor france 1804
Napoleon I (Bonaparte) 1769-1821. Emperor of France from 1804. French lithograph c1830
history/french/nativitys birth charts louis xvi marie ant
Nativity's of birth charts of Louis XVI and Marie Ant
history/french/pierre belon 1517 1564 french naturalist
Pierre Belon (1517-1564) French naturalist
history/french/antoine cesar becquerel 1788 1878 french physicist
Antoine Cesar Becquerel (1788-1878) French physicist: electrolysis for separating
history/french/alexandre edmond becquerel 1820 91 french
(Alexandre) Edmond Becquerel (1820-91) French physicist: son of Antoine Cesar Becquerel
history/french/antoine henri becquerel 1852 1908 french physicist
(Antoine) Henri Becquerel (1852-1908) French physicist: Fluorescence: Radioactivity
history/french/alexandre vicomte beauharnais 1760 1794 french
Alexandre, Vicomte de Beauharnais (1760-1794) French soldier: in the French Revolution
history/french/charles pierre baudelaire 1821 1867 french symbolist
Charles Pierre Baudelaire (1821-1867) French Symbolist poet and art critic
history/french/paul jean francois nicolas comte barras 1755 1829
Paul Jean Francois Nicolas, Comte de Barras (1755-1829) French revolutionary. Lithograph
history/french/fortress faith besieged unbelievers heretics
Fortress of Faith, besieged by unbelievers and heretics, defended by the Pope, bishops
history/french/pierre joseph proudhon 1809 1868 french socialist
Pierre Joseph Proudhon (1809-1868) French socialist and journalist 'Property is
history/french/joseph bonaparte 1768 1844 king naples sicily
Joseph Bonaparte (1768-1844) King of Naples and Sicily (1806-1808) King of Spain
history/french/french noblewoman dining members household waited
French noblewoman dining with members of her household, waited on by servants
history/french/artists impression urbain jean joseph leverrier
Artist's impression of Urbain Jean Joseph Leverrier (1811-1877) French astronomer
history/french/urbain jean joseph leverrier 1811 1877 french
Urbain Jean Joseph Leverrier (1811-1877) French astronomer who calculated the position
history/french/french ambassador pierre paul cambon signing peace
French Ambassador Pierre Paul Cambon signing the Peace Protocol, as President William
history/french/battle pavia february 24 1525 decisive engagement
The Battle of Pavia, February 24, 1525, was the decisive engagement of the Italian
history/french/alphonse marie mucha 1860 1939 french graphic artist
Alphonse Marie Mucha, 1860-1939. French graphic artist. Art nouveau poster showing
history/french/alphonse marie mucha 1860 1939 photograph french
Alphonse Marie Mucha, 1860-1939. Photograph of the French graphic artist 1906
history/french/luncheon boating party 1881 french impressionist
Luncheon of the Boating Party, 1881 by French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir
history/french/achille claude debussy 1862 1919 french
(Achille) Claude Debussy (1862-1919) French composer
history/french/claude monet 1840 1926 french impressionist artist
Claude Monet (1840 - 1926) French impressionist artist, Water-Lilies
history/french/charles louis auguste fouquet duke belle isle
Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet, Duke of Belle-Isle
history/french/benjamin constant 1845 1902 french artist
Benjamin Constant 1845-1902, French artist
history/french/william marlow french artist 1740 1813 vesuvius
William Marlow, French artist 1740 - 1813 ' Vesuvius erupting at Night', 1768
history/french/ballet rehearsal set 1874 edgar degas 19 july
Ballet Rehearsal on the Set (1874) by Edgar Degas (19 July 1834 - 27 September 1917)
history/french/ta matete we shall market today 1892 oil canvas
Ta Matete' (We Shall Not Go to Market Today), 1892
history/french/bar folies bergere 1882 artists major work
Bar at the Folies Bergere', 1882, the artist's last major work. Oil on canvas
history/french/tahitian women bathing 1892 oil eugene henri
Tahitian Women Bathing', 1892. Oil (Eugene Henri) Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) French
history/french/les grandes baigneuses the bathers 898 1905
Les Grandes Baigneuses' (The Bathers), 898-1905, first exhibited 1906. Oil on canvas
history/french/life basket fruit the kitchen table 1888 1890
Still Life with Basket of Fruit' (The Kitchen Table) 1888-1890. Paul Cezanne
history/french/journee serbe 25 june 1916 anniversary battle
Journee Serbe, 25 June 1916, anniversary of Battle of Kossovo. Serbs crossing River
history/french/french soldiers marching river bridge shelled
French soldiers marching beside a river and over a bridge into a shelled Verdun
history/french/world war i 1914 1918 poster magazine french
World War I 1914-1918: Poster for magazine for the French African Army and Colonial
history/french/maximilien robespierre 1758 1794 french revolutionary
Maximilien de Robespierre (1758-1794) French Revolutionary in 1789 when elected to
history/french/french revolution father time flying past altar
French Revolution: Father Time flying past altar on which the privileges of the nobility
history/french/hand writing wall james gillray 1803 napoleon
The Hand-Writing upon the Wall', James Gillray, 1803. Napoleon and Josephine
history/french/help women franceja save wheat 1918 edward
Will you help the Women of Franceja Save Wheat', 1918. Edward Penfield (1866-1925)
history/french/general joffre 1852 1931 french military commander
General Joffre (1852-1931), French military commander
history/french/french bugabo frightening royal commanders isaac
The French Bugabo Frightening the Royal Commanders' Isaac Cruikshank, April 1797
history/french/subscribe shall victory world war i french poster
Subscribe And we shall have Victory. World War I French poster for 1918 Victory Bonds
history/french/children locally baskets posed palm tree saigon
Children with locally made baskets posed under a palm tree, Saigon South Vietnam, c1900
history/french/street saigon french cochin china c1915 saigon
Street in Saigon, French Cochin-China, c1915. Saigon, South Vietnam was the capital
history/french/french british troops engaged military training
French and British troops engaged in military training manoeuvres, Yokohama, Japan
history/french/french circus grounds shokonsha shrine yasukuni
French circus in the grounds of Shokonsha shrine (Yasukuni) Tokyo, with acrobats
history/french/le feu 1916 novel henri barbusse published
Le Feu', 1916, novel by Henri Barbusse, published by 'L'Oeuvre'
history/french/la baionnette thursday periodical mainly french
La Baionnette' Every Thursday. Periodical mainly for French frontline soldiers
history/french/cartoon thomas jeffersons prairie dog secret
Cartoon against Thomas Jefferson's (Prairie Dog) secret negotiations for US purchase
history/french/dutch cartoon 1794 predicting advance ballooning 1804
Dutch cartoon, 1794 predicting advance of ballooning by 1804
history/french/man ball cartoon otto von bismarck 1815 1898
The Man on the Ball': Cartoon of Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) Prussian statesman
history/french/guiton morveau 1737 1816 french chemist making
Guiton de Morveau (1737-1816) French chemist, making the first flight in a dirigible
history/french/first balloon crossing english channel 7 january
First balloon crossing of English Channel, 7 January 1785 by Jean-Pierre Blanchard
history/french/first fatal ballooning accident 15 june 1785
First fatal ballooning accident, 15 June 1785
history/french/jean marie coutelle appointed commander les aerostiers
Jean-Marie Coutelle, Appointed Commander of Les Aerostiers, 1794. Below right, varnishing
history/french/set french collecting cards ballooning mark centenary
Set of French collecting cards on ballooning to mark the centenary of the Montgolfier
history/french/joseph michel jacques etienne montgolfier french
Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier, French brothers, inventors of hot air
history/french/french satirical collecting cards chinese governor
French satirical collecting cards. Chinese Governor of Bac-Ninh, Vietnam, with his
history/french/franco prussian war 1870 1871 napoleon iii france
Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871: Napoleon III of France surrendering his sword to Wilhelm
history/french/liberty enlightening world statue liberty new
Liberty Enlightening the World: Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour, USA, dedicated
history/french/president jefferson defending embargo non intercourse
President Jefferson defending the Embargo and Non-Intercourse Acts aimed at damaging
history/french/georges clemenceau french prime minister encouraged
Georges Clemenceau, French Prime Minister, encouraged by Chanticleer, a symbol of France
history/french/tomas meja 1820 1867 mexican soldier french
Tomas Meja (1820-1867) Mexican soldier. During the French intervention of 1862 he
history/french/french intervention mexico battle puebla 5 may 1862
French intervention in Mexico: Battle of Puebla, 5 May 1862 (Battle of Cinco de Mayo)
history/french/ball valois court couple centre right dancing volta
Ball at the Valois Court'. Couple on centre right are dancing the Volta, a favourite
history/french/orchestra singers quartet singers stand lectern
Orchestra and Singers. A quartet of singers stand behind a lectern. Around them musicians
history/french/orchestra women le livre champion des dames martin
The Orchestra of Women: from Le livre de Champion des Dames by Martin le Franc. 15th
history/french/jongleur playing vielle engraving fifteenth century
A Jongleur playing a Vielle. Engraving after a fifteenth century French manuscript
history/french/francois i 1494 1547 king france 1515 battle pavia
Francois I (1494-1547) King of France from 1515. At the Battle of Pavia, 24 February 1525
history/french/gaston foix duke nemours 1489 1512 french military
Gaston de Foix, Duke of Nemours (1489-1512) French military commander
history/french/black granite sarcophagus hapmen hieroglyphic
Black granite sarcophagus of Hapmen with Hieroglyphic inscriptions, 600-300 BC
history/french/propaganda poster north vietnam c1960 showing
Propaganda poster from North Vietnam c1960 showing a series of liberation excersises
history/french/french army occupies ruhr germany 1923
French army occupies the Ruhr in Germany 1923
history/french/french armoured column ruhr c1922
French Armoured column in the Ruhr c1922
history/french/wilhelm i 1859 1888 king prussia 1861 proclaimed
Wilhelm I (1859-1888) King of Prussia from 1861, being proclaimed first Emperor of Germany
history/french/gebhardt lebrecht von blucher 1742 1819 prussian
Gebhardt Lebrecht von Blucher (1742-1819) Prussian soldier. Created field marshal
history/french/sarah bernhardt 1844 1923 french actress courtesan
Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923) French actress and courtesan, widely held to be the greatest
history/french/george louis leclerc buffon 1707 1778 french
George-Louis Leclerc Buffon (1707-1778) French naturalist, author of 44 volume Histoire
history/french/paul broca 1824 1880 french physician anatomist
Paul Broca (1824-1880) French physician, anatomist and anthropologist. Discovered
history/french/house coton hill near shrewsbury shropshire england
The house at Coton Hill near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, in which Admiral Benbow
history/french/hector berliioz 1803 1859 french romantic composer
Hector Berliioz (1803-1859) French Romantic composer
history/french/sarahs tiger sarah bernhardt born henriette
Sarah's Tiger: Sarah Bernhardt (born Henriette Rosine Bernard - 1844-1923) the
history/french/print published france 1803 showing methods invading
Print published in France in 1803 showing methods of invading England by air, sea
history/french/experiment static electricity jean antoine nollet
Experiment with static electricity by Jean-Antoine Nollet (1700-1770) French physicist
history/french/sarah bernhardt 1844 1923 french actress widely
Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923) French actress, widely held to be the greatest actress
history/french/empress eugenie 1826 1920 widow napoleon iii france
The Empress Eugenie (1826-1920) widow of Napoleon III of France
history/french/charles wentworth dilke second baronet 1843 1911
Charles Wentworth Dilke, second Baronet (1843-1911) English politician and author
history/french/annie french hector 1825 1902 who wrote mrs
Annie French Hector (1825-1902) who wrote under the name of 'Mrs Alexander'
history/french/lucien bonaparte 1775 1840 younger brother napoleon
Lucien Bonaparte (1775-1840) younger brother of Napoleon. Engraving after David
history/french/camille saint saens 1835 1921 french composer
Camille Saint-Saens (1835-1921) French composer, organist and music critic. Halftone
history/french/ralph abercromby 1734 1801 scottish soldier
Ralph Abercromby (1734-1801) Scottish soldier
history/french/stendahl pseudonym henri marie beyle 1783 1842
Stendahl, pseudonym of Henri Marie Beyle (1783-1842) French novelist. His masterpieces
history/french/prince imperial prince louis napoleon 1856 1879
The Prince Imperial. Prince Louis Napoleon (1856-1879), son of Napoleon III of France
history/french/rene descartes 1596 1650 french philosopher
Rene Descartes (1596-1650) French philosopher and mathematician, showing some of
history/french/dion boucicault also bourcicault dionysius lardner
Dion Boucicault (also Bourcicault, and Dionysius Lardner Boursiquot) (1820-1890)
history/french/general francois paul anthoine 1860 1944
General Francois Paul Anthoine (1860-1944). During the First World War he commanded
history/french/general noel castelnau 1851 1944 french army officer
General Noel de Castelnau (1851-1944) French Army officer. One of the leading French
history/french/general fernand langle cary 1849 1931 french
General Fernand de Langle de Cary (1849-1931) French soldier who entered the Army in 1869
history/french/general louis felix marie francois fouchet desperey
General Louis Felix Marie Francois Fouchet d'Esperey (1856-1942) French army officer


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