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history/french/rock temples abu simbel nestor lhote 1804 1842
Rock temples, Abu Simbel. Nestor l'Hote (1804-1842) French Egyptologist. Nearest
history/french/temple amada nubia watercolour nestor lhote
Temple of Amada, Nubia. Watercolour, Nestor l'Hote (1804-1842) French Egyptologist
history/french/ruins karnak temple complex thebes luxor
Ruins in the Karnak temple complex at Thebes (Luxor). Nestor l'Hote (1804-1842)
history/french/watercolour ancient egyptian temple nestor lhote
Watercolour of part of an Ancient Egyptian temple. Nestor l'Hote (1804-1842)
history/french/copy fresco small temple memnon amenhotep el kab
Copy of a fresco in the small Temple of Memnon (Amenhotep) at El Kab (Hillal - Nekheb)
history/french/dendera interior hector horeau 1801 1782 french
Dendera Interior'. Hector Horeau (1801-1782) French architect. Great Hall of
history/french/dendera hector horeau 1801 1782 french architect
Dendera'. Hector Horeau (1801-1782) French architect. Temple of Hathor, Dendera
history/french/isle philae hector horeau 1801 1782 french
The Isle of Philae'. Hector Horeau (1801-1782) French architect
history/french/world war i 1914 1918 christmas trenches french
World War I 1914-1918. Christmas in the trenches: French soldiers celebrating round
history/french/picture man 1853 watercolour henri monnier
Picture of a man, 1853. Watercolour by Henri Monnier (1805-1877) French cartoonist
history/french/portrait joseph prudhomme watercolour henri monnier
Portrait of Joseph Prudhomme'. Watercolour by Henri Monnier (1805-1877) French
history/french/don basilio pen ink sketch character beaumarchias
Don Basilio'. Pen and ink sketch of the character from Beaumarchias' play
history/french/couple bouquet watercolour henri monnier 1805 1877
Couple with a Bouquet'. Watercolour by Henri Monnier (1805-1877) French cartoonist
history/french/study men holding hat wash henri monnier 1805 1877
Study of two men, one holding a top hat. Wash
history/french/couple watercolour henri monnier 1805 1877
The Couple'. Watercolour by Henri Monnier (1805-1877) French cartoonist
history/french/supplication watercolour historical painting
The Supplication'. Watercolour. Historical painting by Prosper Merimee (1803-1870)
history/french/mediterranean landscape watercolour gouache highlights
Mediterranean landscape. Watercolour with gouache highlights. Painting by Prosper Merimee
history/french/cuirassier various heads pen ink sketch prosper
A Cuirassier and various heads. Pen and ink sketch by Prosper Merimee (1803-1870)
history/french/russians pen ink sketch prosper merimee 1803 1870
Russians. Pen and ink sketch by Prosper Merimee (1803-1870) French dramatist, historian
history/french/figure 16th century costume pen ink sketch prosper
Figure in 16th century costume. Pen and ink sketch by Prosper Merimee (1803-1870)
history/french/battle camperdown 11 october 1797 1799
The Battle of Camperdown', 11 October 1797 (1799)
history/french/captain william rogers capturing jeune richard
Captain William Rogers capturing the 'Jeune Richard', 1 October 1807. Rogers
history/french/choirboys paul charles chocarne moreau 1855 1931
Choirboys' by Paul-Charles Chocarne-Moreau (1855-1931) French artist. Oil on canvas
history/french/woman viewed back georges pierre seurat 1859 1891
Woman Viewed from the Back' : Georges Pierre Seurat (1859-1891) French artist
history/french/vagabond georges pierre seurat 1859 1891 french
Vagabond': Georges Pierre Seurat (1859-1891) French artist. Conte crayon
history/french/claude renee 1904 pierre august renoir 1841 1919
Claude and Renee' 1904: Pierre August Renoir 1841-1919) French artist. Oil on canvas
history/french/parade the show 1887 1889 georges pierre seurat
The Parade' (The Side Show) 1887-1889: Georges Pierre Seurat (1859-1891) French
history/french/beaumarchais the marriage figaro 1784 c1900
Beaumarchais and 'The Marriage of Figaro, 1784 (c1900)
history/french/french revolution 1789 coup detat 9 november 1799
French Revolution of 1789: Coup d'etat of 9 November 1799, the day Napoleon Bonaparte
history/french/people greeting napoleon i entry grenoble 7 march
People greeting Napoleon I on his entry into Grenoble on 7 March 1815 after his return
history/french/napoleons grande armee retreating russia beresina
Napoleon's Grande Armee retreating from Russia across the Beresina, 26-28 November
history/french/napoleon egypt 1798 visiting pyramids 19th
Napoleon in Egypt, 1798, visiting the Pyramids. 19th French popular hand-coloured woodcut
history/french/napoleon i receiving capitulation ulm battle ulm
Napoleon I receiving the Capitulation of Ulm. Battle of Ulm, 16-19 October 1805
history/french/napoleon bonaparte 1769 1821 first consul
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) as First Consul. Aquatint
history/french/general bonaparte 1769 1821 aquatint published
General Bonaparte (1769-1821). Aquatint published 1796
history/french/distribution cross legion honour boulogne 16
Distribution of the Cross of the Legion of Honour at Boulogne, 16 August 1804. Engraving
history/french/napoleon i taking leave fontainbleau old guard
Napoleon I taking his leave at Fontainbleau of the Old Guard before going into exile
history/french/napoleon i 1769 1821 conqueror world engraving
Napoleon I (1769-1821) as conqueror of the world. Engraving
history/french/consuls cambaceres le brun presenting first consul
Consuls Cambaceres and Le Brun presenting the First Consul Napoleon his nomination
history/french/allegorical print generals bonaparte berthier
Allegorical print on generals Bonaparte, Berthier Massena and Augereau after the Battle
history/french/napoleon i 1769 1821 1805 engraving
Napoleon I (1769-1821) in 1805. Engraving
history/french/certificate first communion 19th century french
Certificate of a First Communion. 19th century French
history/french/hours marshal duroc 23 may 1813 fatally wounded
The Last Hours of Marshal Duroc (23 May 1813). Fatally wounded at the Batle of Bautzen
history/french/prussian lancers cossacks fighting french troops
Prussian Lancers and Cossacks fighting French troops
history/french/departure return conscript 19th century popular
Departure and Return of a Conscript. 19th century popular French hand-coloured woodcut
history/french/napoleon i pesthouse jaffa touching plague victims
Napoleon I in the Pesthouse at Jaffa touching plague victims, 11 March 1799.. Propaganda
history/french/life napoleon i 1769 1821 19th popular spanish
The Life of Napoleon I (1769-1821). 19th popular Spanish coloured woodcut
history/french/napoleon i 1769 1821 19th century popular hand coloured
Napoleon I (1769-1821). 19th century popular hand-coloured woodcut
history/french/illustration incident peninsular campaign demonstrating
Illustration of an incident during the Peninsular Campaign demonstrating the humanity
history/french/napoleon i 1769 1821 hand coloured engraving
Napoleon I (1769-1821). Hand-coloured engraving
history/french/napoleon i 1769 1821 visiting tomb frederick
Napoleon I (1769-1821) visiting the tomb of Frederick the Great of Prussia
history/french/napoleon i battle ulm 16 19 october 1805
Napoleon I at the Battle of Ulm, 16-19 October 1805. The outcome was a resounding
history/french/allegorical print apotheosis napoleon i 1769 1821
Allegorical print of the apotheosis of Napoleon I (1769-1821). Hand-coloured woodcut
history/french/saint napoleon popular french print glorifying
Saint Napoleon: Popular French print glorifying Napoleon I's (1769-1821) military
history/french/cornation napoleon i empress josephine 2 december
Cornation of Napoleon I and Empress Josephine, 2 December 1804. Hand-coloured engraving
history/french/france directoire 1799 1804 travels exploits
France, Directoire (1799-1804). The Travels and Exploits of General Bonaparte in Various
history/french/napoleon i 1769 1821 coffin tomb lithograph
Napoleon I (1769-1821): Coffin and tomb. Lithograph
history/french/episodes life napoleon i 1769 1821 19th century
Episodes in the life of Napoleon I (1769-1821). 19th century popular coloured woodcut
history/french/allegorical print showing union france austria
Allegorical print showing the union of France and Austria after the marriage of Napoleon
history/french/death apotheosis napoleon ii 1811 1832
Death and apotheosis of Napoleon II (1811-1832). Francois Charles Joseph Bonaparte
history/french/battle austerlitz 2 december 1805 french victory
The Battle of Austerlitz, 2 December 1805. The French victory over Austria and Russia
history/french/napoleon bonaparte 1769 1821 first consul
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821): First Consul. Engraving
history/french/napoleon corsican caricature napoleon bonaparte
Napoleon the Corsican. Caricature of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821). Engraving
history/french/napoleon bonaparte 1769 1821 general in chief
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) when General-in-Chief of the French Army in Italy
history/french/napoleon bonparte 1769 1821 first consul
Napoleon Bonparte (1769-1821) as First Consul. Engraving
history/french/grand parade french troops first consul bonaparte
Grand parade of French troops in front of First Consul Bonaparte in the courtyard
history/french/french revolution 1789 revolutionary lighting
French Revolution of 1789. Revolutionary lighting the fuse of a bomb. Engraving
history/french/cartoon napoleon i 1769 1821 engraving
Cartoon on Napoleon I (1769-1821). Engraving
history/french/napoleon i 1769 1821 negotiating loan gabriel julien
Napoleon I (1769-1821) negotiating a loan with Gabriel-Julien Ouvard (1770-1846) French
history/french/napoleon bonparte 1769 1821 young general
Napoleon Bonparte (1769-1821) as a young general. Engraving
history/french/allegorical print commemorating french imperial
Allegorical print commemorating the French Imperial Guard and all those who fell in 1815
history/french/french revolution coup detat 18 brumaire 9
French Revolution: The Coup d'etat of 18 Brumaire (9 November 1799)
history/french/ceremonial robes worn josephine coronation napoleon
Ceremonial robes worn by Josephine at the coronation of Napoleon, 2 December 1804
history/french/skirmishers french imperial army lithograph 1828
Skirmishers of the French Imperial Army. Lithograph 1828
history/french/french campaign egypt 1798 1801 napoleon bonparte
French campaign in Egypt (1798-1801) Napoleon Bonparte (1769-1821) addressing his troops
history/french/demonstration 17 october 1905 crowd reaction
The Demonstration of 17 October 1905': Crowd reaction to Nicholas II's Manifesto
history/french/gladiolus watercolour george sand 1804 1876
Gladiolus: Watercolour by George Sand (1804-1876) pseudonym of Amandine Aurora Lucie
history/french/judge plaintiffs 1866 watercolour henri monnier
The Judge and the Plaintiffs', 1866. Watercolour
history/french/little red riding hood grandmother french trade
Little Red Riding Hood with her grandmother. French trade card c1900 illustrating
history/french/little red riding hood woods way grandmother
Little Red Riding Hood in the woods on her way to see her grandmother. French trade
history/french/little red riding hood safe grandmother woodsman
Little Red Riding Hood safe with her grandmother and the woodsman who has killed the wolf
history/french/little red riding hood way grandmother meeting
Little Red Riding Hood, on her way to see her grandmother, meeting the Wolf in the woods
history/french/french military uniforms world war i 1914 1918
French military uniforms in World War I, 1914-1918. Top: Cavalry. Bottom: African forces
history/french/henri la tour dauvergne turenne1611 1675 french
Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne Turenne(1611-1675) French soldier: Marshal-General
history/french/vercingetorix gaulish leader who raised revolt
Vercingetorix, Gaulish leader who raised a revolt against Julius Caesar in 52 BC
history/french/ambroise pare 1509 1590 french military surgeon
Ambroise Pare (1509-1590) French military surgeon, operating on a patient
history/french/jeanne laisne born 1456 french heroine called
Jeanne Laisne (born 1456) French heroine called Jeann Hachette. On 27 June 1472 she
history/french/battle nile battle aboukir bay 1 august 1798
Battle of the Nile (Battle of Aboukir Bay) 1 August 1798: French Revolutionary Wars
history/french/joan arc saint joan c1412 1431 french national
Joan of Arc (Saint Joan c1412-1431) French national heroine during the Hundred Years'
history/french/marchand mission french expedition jean baptiste
Marchand Mission, French expedition under Jean Baptiste Marchand to prevent British
history/french/pierre terrail seigneur bayard 1475 1524 french
Pierre Terrail, Seigneur de Bayard (1475-1524) French hero, the 'knight without fear
history/french/bertrand du guesclin gueselin c1320 1380 eagle
Bertrand du Guesclin or Gueselin (c1320-1380) 'Eagle of Brittany', Constable
history/french/great days french revolution 1789 1 top tennis
Great Days of the French Revolution, 1789: No 1. Top: Tennis Court Oath. Mirabeau
history/french/mounted musketeers french army 17th eighteenth
Mounted Musketeers of the French Army in the 17th and eighteenth centuries. Mid-19th
history/french/general louis eugene cavaignac 1802 1857 26th
General Louis-Eugene Cavaignac (1802-1857), 26th Prime Minister of France May-December
history/french/great days french revolution 3 top carnot battle
Great Days of the French Revolution: No 3. Top: Carnot at Battle of Wattignies, 1793
history/french/great days french revolution 2 top federation
Great Days of the French Revolution: No 2. Top: The Federation: Preparing the Champs de Mars
history/french/french conquest algeria french troops fighting
French conquest of Algeria. French troops fighting their way through the Teniah Pass
history/french/fateful days first french empire top napoleons
Fateful Days of the First (French) Empire. Top: Napoleon's coup, 9 November 1799


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