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history/art/bayeux tapestry 1067 battle hastings 14 october 1066
Bayeux Tapestry 1067: Battle of Hastings, 14 October 1066. The death of Harold II
history/art/eighth pylon karnak thebes c1911 watercolour
The Eighth Pylon, Karnak, Thebes', c1911
history/art/death world imperialist monster 1919 soviet
Death to the World Imperialist Monster', 1919. Soviet propaganda poster by Dmitry Moor
history/art/greek warrior fighting amazons female warriors
Greek warrior fighting Amazons, the female warriors. 8th-5th century BC. Limestone
history/art/meeting demonstration 1919 linocut vladimir
Meeting/Demonstration', 1919. Linocut. Vladimir Kozlinsky
history/art/mosaic tiger gladiators 2nd centuryad national
Mosaic with Tiger and Gladiators. 2nd centuryAD. National Museum, Rome
history/art/hand constantine sculpture fragment giant statue
Hand of Constantine, sculpture. Fragment of giant statue of Constantine the Great
history/art/la manivelle starting up female engineering worker
A la manivelle (Starting Up). Female engineering worker. Artist A Samokhvalov, 1934
history/art/alexander sarcophagus 4th century bc showing
Alexander Sarcophagus' 4th century BC showing battle scenes of time of Alexander
history/art/head viking warrior national historical museum
Head of a Viking warrior. National Historical Museum, Stockholm
history/art/venus resting shell house venus pompei italy
Venus resting in the shell. House of Venus, Pompei, Italy. Fresco
history/art/bacchus ancient roman god wine dionysius greek
Bacchus, Ancient Roman god of Wine (Dionysius in Greek pantheon) riding on a tiger
history/art/baptistry building florence italy showing panels
Baptistry building, Florence, Italy, showing two panels of the famous doors by Lorenzo
history/art/benin bronze plaque warrior chief bini tribe
Benin bronze: plaque of warrior chief of the Bini tribe, Benin, Nigeria. British Museum
history/art/ezekiel prophesying elders israel babylon
Ezekiel prophesying to the elders of Israel in Babylon
history/art/album ragamala young woman portrait absent lover
Album of Ragamala. Young woman with a portrait of her absent lover. Servant holds
history/art/antonius pius emperor rome 86 161 15th roman
Antonius Pius, Emperor of Rome (86-161) 15th Roman Emperor 138-161, fourth of the
history/art/souvenir shell depicting scenes life jesus
Souvenir made of shell depicting scenes from the life of Jesus. Made 1700-1900 for
history/art/kalmyk men wrestling russian lithograph 1813
Kalmyk men wrestling. Russian lithograph of 1813. Mongolic nomadic pasturists originating
history/art/diana ancient roman goddess hunting moon artemis
Diana, Ancient Roman goddess of hunting and the Moon, Artemis in the Greek pantheon
history/art/trajans column rome completed 113 column celebrating
Trajan's Column, Rome, completed in 113. Column celebrating Emperor Trajan's
history/art/henry purcell 1659 1695 english composer
Henry Purcell (1659-1695) English composer. 'Portrait of 1695 by John Closterman
history/art/album ragamala golden rain women pool crescent
Album of Ragamala. Golden Rain. Women by pool. Crescent moon and stars in sky. 19th
history/art/athena varvakion roman copy gold ivory ceremonial
Athena of Varvakion. Roman copy of gold and ivory ceremonial statue of the goddess
history/art/album ragamala prince sits terrace pavilion listening
Album of Ragamala. A prince sits on the terrace of a pavilion listening to music played
history/art/ivan iv vasilyevich ivan terrible 1530 1584
Ivan IV Vasilyevich (Ivan the Terrible 1530-1584) Tsar of Russia from 1533, leading
history/art/ancient roman sea god marble statue seated god
Ancient Roman Sea God. Marble statue of a seated god
history/art/temple vesta ancient roman 2nd century ad vesta
Temple of Vesta, Ancient Roman, 2nd century AD. Vesta, virgin goddess of the hearth
history/art/world war i eastern front battle carpathian passes
World War I, Eastern Front: Battle of the Carpathian Passes, March-April 1915. Serbian
history/art/world war i 1914 1918 misunderstanding cartoon
World War I 1914-1918. 'Misunderstanding', cartoon of Wilhelm II, German Emperor
history/art/ara pacis altar augustan peace rome consecrated
Ara Pacis (Altar of Augustan Peace), Rome, consecrated in 9 BC
history/art/peoples russia samoyeds coloured lithograph 1813
The Peoples of Russia: Samoyeds'. Coloured lithograph 1813. Nomadic reindeer
history/art/album ragamala servant brings refreshment lovers
Album of Ragamala. Servant brings refreshment to lovers on terrace by pavilion. Bow
history/art/frozen food market 1821 russian manners customs
Frozen Food Market', 1821. 'Russian Manners and Customs'. Coloured lithograph
history/art/peoples russia prince little kabarda coloured
The Peoples of Russia: Prince of Little Kabarda', coloured lithograph 1813. Kabardans
history/art/russian manners customs 1821 coloured lithograph
Russian Manners and Customs, 1821. Coloured lithograph. Man and veiled woman in
history/art/view great theatre square st petersburg 1817
View of the Great Theatre Square St Petersburg, 1817. Coloured lithograph. Winter
history/art/john ruskin 1819 1900 british author art critic
John Ruskin (1819-1900) British author and art critic. Tinted lithograph published
history/art/marble portrait bust valentinian ii half brother
Marble portrait bust of Valentinian II or his half-brother Gratian: c. 375. Byzantine
history/art/monument louis xiv 1670 terracotta gianlorezo
Monument to Louis XIV, 1670. Terracotta. Gianlorezo Bernini (1598-1680) Italian artist
history/art/album ragamala dipaka light raga terrace lit
Album of Ragamala. Dipaka (light) Raga: On a terrace lit by torches, a lover listens
history/art/album ragamala prince leads young woman divan
Album of Ragamala. A prince leads a young woman towards a divan
history/art/decor design giuseppe galli da bibiena 1696 1757
Decor design. Giuseppe Galli da Bibiena (1696-1757) Italian designer. Pen, brown ink
history/art/ritual frescoes initiation chamber villa mysteries
Ritual frescoes in the Initiation Chamber, Villa of the Mysteries, Pompei, Italy
history/art/st petersburg winter c1817 view arsenal foundry
St Petersburg in winter, c1817... View of the Arsenal and Foundry. Coloured lithograph
history/art/album ragamala prince kneels feet mistress khandita
Album of Ragamala. A prince kneels at the feet of his mistress Khandita Nayiki (The
history/art/hay market sennaya ploschad st petersburg 1822 1826
Hay Market (Sennaya Ploschad) St Petersburg 1822-1826. Coloured lithograph after
history/art/album ragamala young woman charming deer gazelles
Album of Ragamala. Young woman charming the deer and gazelles with her playing
history/art/album ragamala young woman prays shrine shiva
Album of Ragamala. Young woman prays at the shrine of Shiva. As chief Hindu god
history/art/album ragamala vasanta spring krishna dances
Album of Ragamala. Vasanta (Spring): Krishna dances to playing of Gopis, cow-herding
history/art/isabella romola demedici 1542 1576 daughter
Isabella Romola de'Medici (1542-1576) daughter of Cosimo I de'Medici. Head
history/art/angel crown thorns 1667 1669 marble gianlorezo
Angel with Crown of Thorns, 1667-1669: Marble
history/art/marriage mars aphrodite1st century ad house
Marriage of Mars and Aphrodite.1st century AD. House of Lucretius Fronton, Pompei. Fresco
history/art/roman mosaic showing daniel great hebrew prophets
Roman mosaic showing Daniel, one of four great Hebrew prophets, cast into the Lions'
history/art/hecate giants roman relief school pergamum hecate
Hecate and Giants. Roman relief, after school of Pergamum. Hecate, triple goddess
history/art/roman mosaic lion
Roman mosaic of a lion
history/art/may day 1920 ruins capitalism fraternity peasants
May Day 1920. On the ruins of capitalism the fraternity of peasants and workers marches
history/art/seleucus i c358 280 bc nicator macedonian
Seleucus I (c358-280 BC), Nicator, Macedonian general under Alexander the Great
history/art/drawing landscape using portable camera obscura
Drawing a landscape using a portable camera obscura in the form of a tent. From Dionysius
history/art/horus ancient egyptian falcon god saite epoch
Horus, Ancient Egyptian falcon god. Saite Epoch. Bronze statuette
history/art/ploughing lesson barefoot peasant ploughman
The Ploughing Lesson'. Barefoot peasant ploughman teaching the art of ploughing
history/art/artemidorus 2nd century encaustic coffin portrait
Artemidorus. 2nd century encaustic coffin portrait. Roman. British Museum, London
history/art/relief carving stairway royal audience hall darius i
Relief carving on the stairway to the Royal Audience Hall of Darius I (548-486 BC)
history/art/lets it 1944 poster soviet social realism style
Let's Do It' 1944 poster in Soviet Social Realism style by I Serebriany
history/art/celtic art bronze boar sanctuary newy loiret
Celtic Art: Bronze boar from Sanctuary of Newy (Loiret). Musee d'Orleans
history/art/ra sun boat carried procession painted relief
Ra sun boat carried in procession. Painted relief in Temple relief. Luxor
history/art/philip ii 382 336bc king macedon 359 bc
Philip II (382-336BC) King of Macedon from 359 BC. Father of Alexander the Great
history/art/fragment relief showing gladiators fighting
Fragment of relief showing gladiators fighting. National Museum, Rome
history/art/benin bronze horse rider british museum
Benin bronze of horse and rider. British Museum
history/art/pompei hunt dwarfs fresco naples national
Pompei. The Hunt of the Dwarfs. Fresco. Naples National Museum
history/art/dante alighieri inferno first divina commedia
Dante Alighieri Inferno, first part of his Divina Commedia (Divine Comedy) 1863
history/art/gladiators arena roman mosaic saarbruck
Gladiators in the arena. Roman mosaic. Saarbruck
history/art/statues rameses ii ruler egypt c1304 c1273 bc
Statues of Rameses II, ruler of Egypt c1304-c1273 BC, at Abu Simbel
history/art/steelworks scene rolling millartist v rozhedstvensky
Steelworks. Scene in rolling mill.Artist V Rozhedstvensky, 1930
history/art/ussr poster may day 1950 showing male female worker
USSR: Poster for May Day, 1950, showing a male and a female worker
history/art/juno hera wife sister jupiter queen heaven
Juno (Hera) wife and sister of Jupiter, Queen of Heaven. Protected women and marriage
history/art/alexander iii macedon great c356 323 bc
Alexander (III of Macedon) the Great (c356-323 BC). Portrait bust. Pella Museum
history/art/sphinx giza egypt photographed night
The Sphinx at Giza, Egypt, photographed at night
history/art/artemis diana ephesus marble body enclosed
Artemis (Diana) of Ephesus, marble body enclosed in decorative sheath of many breasts
history/art/trajans column rome erected emperor trajan
Trajan's column, Rome. Erected by emperor Trajan 106-113 and carved in low relief
history/art/augustus caesar gaius julius caesar octavianus
Augustus Caesar: Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (63 BC-14 AD), first Roman Emperor
history/art/seated figure king servant beneath winged symbol
Seated figure of King with servant, beneath the winged symbol of Ahura Mazda, worshipped
history/art/sphinx great pyramid night giza egypt
The Sphinx and Great Pyramid at night, at Giza, Egypt
history/art/socrates 469 399 bc greek philosopher roman
Socrates (469-399 BC) Greek philosopher. Roman copy of lost Greek original of c370 BC
history/art/fight her come irish canadian rangers overseas
Fight for her. Come with the Irish Canadian Rangers Overseas Battalion, Montreal'
history/art/frederick i barbarossa 1121 1190 king germany 1152
Frederick I Barbarossa (1121-1190) King of Germany from 1152, Holy Roman Emperor
history/art/diana artemis goddess hunting marble statue
Diana/Artemis goddess of hunting. Marble statue
history/art/marcus tullius cicero 106 43 bc roman orator
Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC) Roman orator and statesman. Portrait bust
history/art/constantine great c 273 337 roman emperor 306
Constantine the Great (c 273-337) Roman Emperor from 306. Head from gigantic statue
history/art/roman troops carrying away menorah temple jerusalem
Roman troops carrying away the Menorah from the Temple at Jerusalem. Forum. Rome
history/art/chap book thanksgiving no 1895 h bradley
The Chap Book: Thanksgiving no.', 1895. Will H Bradley (1868-1962) American artist
history/art/jesuit missionary matteo ricci from vincent cronins
Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci (from Vincent Cronin's The Wise Man from the West
history/art/pilgrim badge lead alloy 1300 1400 depicts
Pilgrim badge, of lead alloy. 1300-1400. Depicts the shrine of St. Thomas Becket
history/art/great battle kawanakajima shinshu probably 4th
The great battle at Kawanakajima in Shinshu, probably from the 4th battle in 1561
history/art/bronze cross image saint barbara prayer ad 900 1000
Bronze cross with an image of Saint Barbara in prayer. AD 900-1000. Saint Barbara
history/art/war gardens victorious war garden peace plant
War Gardens Victorious: Every War Garden a Peace Plant'. World War I poster for
history/art/history automobile idea carriage powered wind 1460
History of the Automobile: Idea for a carriage powered by wind, 1460
history/art/language flowers nasturtium tropaeolum majus
The Language of Flowers. Nasturtium - Tropaeolum majus. Indifference. Trade Card
history/art/cover catalogue manufrance manufacture francaise
Cover of catalogue of Manufrance (Manufacture Francaise d'Armes et Cycles) Saint Etienne


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