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history/philip i castile philip i known philip handsome
Philip I of Castile Philip I, also known as Philip the Handsome (1478 - 1506), son
history/grand sphinx tanis egypt granite
Grand sphinx, found at Tanis, Egypt. Granite
history/august ferdinand bebel february 22 1840 august 13
August Ferdinand Bebel (February 22, 1840 - August 13, 1913) German social democrat
history/vatican collection throne priest bacchus marble
Vatican Collection. Throne of a priest of Bacchus, Marble
history/great sphinx tanis egypt granite
Great Sphinx, found at Tanis, Egypt. Granite
history/1950 bc 12 th dynastic cemetery asyut painted
around 1950 BC (12 th Dynastic) Cemetery of Asyut Painted wood
history/robert mcnamara 1916 2009american secretary
Robert McNamara (1916 - 2009)American Secretary of Defense, under Presidents John F
history/soldiers board chinook helicopter invasion afghanistan
Soldiers board a Chinook helicopter in the invasion of Afghanistan 2001 US 10th Mountain
history/vladimir lenin joseph stalin 1919
Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin together in 1919
history/death warrant king charles i england 6 january
Death warrant of King Charles I of England. On 6 January 1649 the House of Commons
history/title page self help samuel smiles 23 december
Title page of Self Help by Samuel Smiles (23 December 1812 - 16 April 1904), a Scottish
history/nato council meeting 1970
NATO Council meeting in 1970
history/king ramses ii king deified amenophis
A king, Ramses II or the former king deified Amenophis
history/ivan iv russia shows treasures ambassador queen
Ivan IV of Russia shows his treasures to the ambassador of Queen Elizabeth I of England
history/giacomo puccini 1858 1924 italian opratic composer
Giacomo Puccini, 1858-1924 Italian opratic composer c1908
history/meeting german reichstag c1909 germany
Meeting of the German Reichstag, c1909. Germany Government
history/statue god amon dedicated king tutankhamen
Statue of the God Amon dedicated by the King Tutankhamen
history/king ptolemy mauretania 23 ad 40 ad cherchel
King Ptolemy of Mauretania, 23 AD 40 AD, Cherchel, Algeria (ancient Caesarea) Marble
history/alphabet agencies depicted cartoon parody president
Alphabet agencies depicted in a cartoon parody of President Roosevelt's New Deal
history/piay palace servant employ royal houshold pharonic
Piay, Palace servant, in the employ of the Royal houshold in Pharonic Egypt
history/edict nantes issued april 13 1598 henry iv france
The Edict of Nantes, issued on April 13, 1598, by Henry IV of France, granted the
history/map new world sebastian munster 1540 showing
Map of the New World by Sebastian Munster, 1540, showing the name "Atlantis
history/head hatshepsut thutmose 111 granite
Head of Hatshepsut or Thutmose 111, granite
history/painting tuxen coronation tsar nicholas ii empress
painting by Tuxen of the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II and the Empress Alexandra
history/alfred jewel enamel set gold carries inscription
The Alfred Jewel. Enamel set in gold. It carries an inscription which says '
history/aircraft prepared morning sortie imperial japanese
Aircraft are prepared for a morning sortie on the Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft
history/ralph david abernathy pastor civil rights leader
Ralph David Abernathy pastor and civil rights leader March 11, 1926 - April 17, 1990
history/reliquary lotus ornament set amid flames gilt
Reliquary with lotus ornament set amid flames in gilt, copper and turquoises. Tibet
history/sphinxes lined leading iallee serapeum saqqara
Six sphinxes that lined the leading I'allee Serapeum Saqqara
history/angulated rule maya used ministry finance tutankhamen
Angulated (rule) of Maya, used in the Ministry of Finance of Tutankhamen 1336-1327 BC
history/gods statuette king osorkon ii depicts family
three gods statuette for King Osorkon II (depicts the family of the god Osiris) Osiris
history/outer case enveloped mummy lady tacheretpaankh
Outer case that enveloped the mummy of the lady Tacheretpaankh
history/god osiris son horus falcon headed king
The god Osiris between her son Horus, the falcon-headed, and a king
history/glorification eucharist ventura salimbeni 1600
Glorification of the Eucharist by Ventura Salimbeni 1600
history/king james ii england 1633 1701
King James II of England, 1633-1701
history/giovanni maria mosca active padua venice plogne
Giovanni Maria MOSCA, Active, Padua, Venice and Plogne from 1507 to 1573
history/winter sea ice east siberian sea true colour
The winter sea ice in the east Siberian Sea. True-colour Moderate Resolution Imaging
history/king ramses ii gods 1275 bc 19th dynasty comes
King Ramses II, among the gods, about 1275 BC (19th dynasty) comes from the small
history/stalin svetlana kirov countryside 1934 caption
Stalin, Svetlana and Kirov in the countryside, 1934 Caption : Stalin, Svetlana
history/head ascetic gandhara pakistan ad 300 400 clay
Head of an ascetic, from Gandhara, Pakistan. AD 300-400 clay
history/pompey gnaeus pompeius magnus pompey great
Pompey (Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus), Pompey the Great 106 BC - 48 BC, military and political
history/herald relief america woman shore ireland holding
The Herald of relief from America. Woman, on the shore of Ireland, holding up a sign
history/film poster showing rising waves perfect storm
Film Poster showing Rising waves during a perfect storm event
history/map berlin late 17th century showing fortress
Map of Berlin in the late 17th century, showing the fortress and numerous churches
history/pierre soule august 31 1801 march 26 1870 u
Pierre Soule (August 31, 1801 - March 26, 1870) was a U.S. politician and diplomat
history/vision saint bernard1650 ad alonso cano 1601 67
The Vision of Saint Bernard'1650 AD by Alonso Cano, 1601-67, Spanish baroque painter
history/woman children reading gertrude kasebier 1852 1934
Woman and children reading by Gertrude Kasebier 1852-1934, photographer.. photographic
history/battle sluyss jean froissarts chronicles 15th
Battle of Sluyss from Jean Froissart's Chronicles, 15th century
history/maximilian ii holy roman emperor maximilian ii
Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II (July 31, 1527 - October 12, 1576)
history/juan mena 1411 cordoba 1456 torrelaguna
Juan de Mena (1411, Cordoba - 1456, Torrelaguna) one of the most significant Spanish
history/bells mariners dressed waterproofs attempting
Eight Bells' Two mariners dressed in waterproofs attempting to used sextants in
history/katherine aragon 16 december 1485 7 january 1536
Katherine of Aragon (16 December 1485 - 7 January 1536), Castilian Infanta Catalina
history/king alfonso xiii spain 1913 oct 13
King Alfonso XIII of Spain, 1913 Oct. 13
history/william iii england netherlands date 1680 ja 1710
William III of England and the Netherlands Date 1680-ja-1710 Author Willem Wissingja
history/mino di giovanni called mino fiesole papiano
Mino di Giovanni, called Mino a Fiesole Papiano, 1429 Florence. By Dietisalvi Neroni
history/map showing habsburg empire time charles v mid
Map showing the Habsburg Empire at the time of Charles V Mid 16th Century
history/god amun 25 26 dynasticja 715 525 bc black bronze
The god Amun 25-26 Dynasticja 715-525 BC. Black and bronze inlaid plate
history/prince imperial ui prince imperial korea 1877
Prince Imperial Ui, the Prince Imperial of Korea, (1877 - 1955) fifth son of Emperor
history/leonard bernstein rehearsal mass leonard bernstein
Leonard Bernstein in rehearsal of his "Mass" Leonard Bernstein 1918 - 1990)
history/burning oilfield operation desert storm kuwait
Burning oilfield during Operation Desert Storm, Kuwait Date Cropped from an undated
history/josef stalin soviet propaganda poster showing
Josef Stalin Soviet propaganda poster showing Stalin with books. Circa 1940-45
history/ex president republic don francisco i madero
Ex-president of the Republic Don Francisco I
history/false colour images feature indus river valley
false-colour images feature the Indus River Valley, a lush oasis of vegetation made
history/persecution emperors diocletian maximus ad 301
Persecution by emperors Diocletian and Maximus, AD 301 (Eeghen 686) Jan Luiken (1649-1712)
history/punch cartoon day races derby day 1867
Punch cartoon 'Day at the races' Derby Day 1867. Depicts Benjamin Disraeli
history/atlas maior amsterdam johannes blaeu 1662 atlas
from Atlas maior. Amsterdam, Johannes Blaeu, 1662 Atlas. A detail from a map of the
history/gold mouth plate dead person entombed with
Gold mouth plate for a dead person to be entombed with. It depicts the tree of life
history/head king sesostris 111 1862 1843 bc 12th dynastic
Head of King Sesostris 111 1862-1843 BC (12th Dynastic) sandstone
history/leonard bernstein composer conductor musical
Leonard Bernstein, composer, conductor and musical director of New York City Symphony
history/president hoover addresses joint session congress
President Hoover addresses joint session of Congress at bicentennial ceremony
history/5th dynasty egyptian 2500 2350 bc servants making
5th Dynasty Egyptian (2500-2350 BC) Servants making offerings of fruit and vegetables
history/american spanish soldiers captain generals palace
American and Spanish soldiers, in front of the Captain-General's Palace, Havana, Jan
art/archeology/alfred jewel enamel set gold carries inscription
The Alfred Jewel. Enamel set in gold. It carries an inscription which says '
history/alessandro vittoria trent 1525 venice 1608
Alessandro Vittoria, Trent, 1525-Venice, 1608. Portrait of a Venetian patrician
history/pseudo palette vizier ptahmes reign tuthmosis iii
Pseudo-Palette of the vizier Ptahmes, reign of Tuthmosis III (479-1425 BC)
history/head colossal statue king amenhotep iii 1391 1353 bc
Head from a colossal statue of King Amenhotep III 1391-1353 BC (18th dynasty)
underwood archives/united states/description women strike peace 47 street new york
Description Women Strike for Peace 47 Street New York, near the UN Building Date 1962
history/domenico cimarosa 17 december 1749 11 january
Domenico Cimarosa (17 December 1749 - 11 January 1801) was an Italian opera composer
history/king middle kingdom probably sesostris iii 1862 1843
A king of the Middle Kingdom, probably Sesostris III, 1862-1843 BC (12th dynasty)
history/ludwig van beethoven 16 december 1770 26 march
Ludwig van Beethoven (16 December 1770- 26 March 1827) was a German composer and pianist
history/statue god horus
Statue of the God Horus
history/wilhelm ii 1859 1941 german emperor kaiser1888 1918
Wilhelm II (1859-1941) German Emperor (Kaiser)1888-1918. Three-quarter length portrait
history/sphinx head probably king amenhotep ii
Sphinx head, probably of King Amenhotep II
history/pearl harbour japanese air attack sinks uss arizona
Pearl Harbour, Japanese air attack sinks the USS Arizona 1941
history/bakers making bread egyptian tombs contained
Bakers making bread. Egyptian tombs contained models of aspects of daily life to
history/wayne bidwell wheeler november 10 1869 september 5
Wayne Bidwell Wheeler (November 10, 1869 - September 5, 1927) American attorney
history/crew works wilson river highway 1939 old fashioned way
A crew works on the Wilson River Highway around 1939 the old-fashioned way, with picks
history/jewelled disc brooch gilt silver garnet
jewelled disc brooch in gilt, silver and garnet. Found Chatham Lines, Kent, England
history/stalin maxim gorky
Stalin with Maxim Gorky
history/queen isabella spain died november 26 1504 medina
Queen Isabella of Spain died on November 26, 1504 in Medina del Campo. In her will
history/john trumbulls painting declaration independence
John Trumbull's painting, Declaration of Independence, depicting the five-man
history/family tsar nicholas ii russia photographed
Family of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia photographed in 1904-05
history/dogs palette displaying canines giraffes quadrupeds
The Dogs Palette, displaying canines, giraffes, and other quadrupeds, Louvre The
history/scene bakery ancient egypt middle kingdom 2033 1710
Scene in a bakery in ancient Egypt, Middle Kingdom, 2033-1710 BC Painted wood
history/philip ii may 21 1527 september 13 1598
Philip II (May 21, 1527 - September 13, 1598) King of Spain from 1556 until 1598
history/brzesc bible known radziwill pinczow bible first
The Brzesc Bible, also known as the Radziwill or Pinczow Bible first translation
history/1937 make drink theme lead horse waterja pump
1937 But To Make Him Drink theme : You can lead a horse to waterja pump donkey pool
history/judgment painted michelangelo 1536 1541
The Last Judgment painted by Michelangelo between 1536 and 1541
history/ashmolean museum turquoise necklace egyptian
Ashmolean Museum, Turquoise Necklace from the Egyptian Old Kingdom, (the name given


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