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history/astrolabe ad 1345 1355 astrolabe astronomical
Astrolabe about AD 1345 - 1355 An astrolabe is an astronomical instrument that enables
history/john douglas sutherland campbell 1845 1914 9th
John Douglas Sutherland Campbell (1845-1914) 9th Duke of Argyll from 1900: 1871 married
history/warrior minamoto yoshitsune horseback series famous
The Warrior Minamoto No Yoshitsune on Horseback from series Famous Warrior Heroes
history/san diago native american head and shoulders
San Diago, Native American, head-and-shoulders portrait, 1905
history/ancient egyptians hunting wildfowl throwing sticks
Ancient Egyptians hunting wildfowl with throwing sticks
history/mining foreground labourer breaking ore hammer
Mining: In the foreground a labourer is breaking ore with a hammer supervised by an
history/william herschel 1738 1822 german born english
William Herschel (1738-1822) German-born English astronomer. Portrait by Artaud
history/peter i great 1672 1725 tsar russia 1682 dressed
Peter I, the Great (1672-1725) Tsar of Russia from 1682, here dressed as a ship's
history/native american men mounted horses silhouette
Two native American men mounted on horses, in silhouette, gazing off into the distance
history/aaron copland 1900 1990 american composer
Aaron Copland (1900-1990) American composer and pianist
history/native american hopi children eating melon c1903
Native American Hopi children eating a melon, c1903. Photograph by Edward Curtis
history/drained rag and chain pump powered overshot water
Mine being drained by a rag-and-chain pump powered by overshot water wheel. At right
history/catal huyuk anatolian cultural relic 5 750 bc
Catal Huyuk: Anatolian cultural relic 5, 750 BC. Gold figure in form of a stag
history/sioux warriors battle dakota north american
Sioux Warriors in battle. Dakota, North American Plains Indians. Painting on unbleached
history/sigismund ii augustus 1520 72 co ruler poland
Sigismund II, Augustus (1520-72) co-ruler of Poland with his father 1530-48, sole
history/native woman nude half length portrait facing
Native woman, nude, half-length portrait, facing slightly left
history/native american woman plains region half length
Native American woman from the Plains region, half-length portrait, facing right
history/stourbridge lion built england direction horatio
Stourbridge Lion: Built in England under direction of Horatio Allen, this was first
history/photomosaic earth cloud cover nasa photograph
Photomosaic of Earth without cloud cover. NASA photograph
history/ernest rutherford 1871 1937 new zealand atomic
Ernest RUTHERFORD (1871-1937) New Zealand atomic physicist, Nobel prize for chemistry
history/karl guthe jansky 1905 50 american radio astronomer
Karl Guthe Jansky (1905-50) American radio astronomer, at Holmdel, New Jersey, with
history/erasmus darwin 1731 1802 english physician poet
Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802) English physician and poet. Member of the lunar society
history/tarpan small european wild horse dun coloured
Tarpan: small European wild horse, dun-coloured with dark mane and tail. Small herds
history/soapine household cleaner late 19th century american
Soapine household cleaner. From late 19th century American trade card for Kendall
history/thomas robert malthus 1766 1834 english economist
Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834) English economist and clergyman, author of Essay
history/enrico fermi 1901 1954 italian born american
Enrico Fermi (1901-1954) Italian-born American physicist. Atomic energy. Awarded
history/thomas henry huxley 18231883 british biologist
Thomas Henry Huxley (18231883) British biologist. Foremost supporter of Darwin in
history/evaporating sea water iron pots obtain salt
Evaporating sea water in iron pots to obtain salt. Straw being used as fuel. From
history/joseh lister 1827 1912 english surgeon pioneer
Joseh Lister (1827-1912), English surgeon and pioneer of antiseptic surgery, c1877
history/william thomson lord kelvin 1824 1907 scottish
William Thomson, Lord Kelvin (1824-1907), Scottish mathematician and physicist. Kelvin
history/joseph priestley 1733 1804 english chemist presbyterian
Joseph Priestley (1733-1804) English chemist and Presbyterian minister. From a print
history/death triumphant hartmann schedel liber chronicarum
Death triumphant. From Hartmann Schedel Liber chronicarum mundi (Nuremberg Chronicle)
history/interior pantheon rome italy
Interior of the Pantheon, Rome, Italy
history/glazed terracotta lion processional way temple
Glazed terracotta lion from the processional way from the Temple of Marduk to the
history/early idea quick firing cannon valturio militari 1482
Early idea of a quick firing cannon. From Valturio De re militari 1482. Woodcut
history/robert falcon scott 1868 1912 british antarctic
Robert Falcon Scott (1868-1912) British Antarctic explorer. Portrait in naval uniform
history/family new south wales natives butchering kangeroo
Family of New South Wales natives butchering a kangeroo, the results of their hunting
history/abbey st etienne st stephen caen founded william
Abbey of St Etienne (St Stephen) Caen, founded by William of Normandy (William I of
history/giant statue rameses ii great 1304 1237bc king
Giant statue of Rameses II The Great (1304-1237BC) Third king of 19th dynasty, at Luxor
history/david lloyd george ist earl lloyd george dwyfor
David Lloyd George, Ist Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor (1863-1945), Welsh Liberal statesman
history/man reaping barley sickle probably wood set flint
Man reaping barley with a sickle, probably of wood set with flint
history/nefertiti 14th century bc egyptian queen consort
Nefertiti (14th century BC) Egyptian queen, consort of heretic king Akhenaton. Sculptured
history/earth rise seen surface moon apollo mission 1969
Earth rise seen from surface of Moon: Apollo Mission 1969. NASA photograph
history/gebbard leberech von blucher 1742 1819 prussian
Gebbard Leberech Von Blucher (1742-1819) Prussian general. Important contribution
history/jackal headed god anubis receiving dead king noble
Jackal-headed god Anubis receiving dead king or noble: Painting inside coffin. Anubis
history/earth space view apollo 17 december 1972
Whole Earth from space - view from Apollo 17 December 1972
history/john frederick 1620 1688 great elector brandenburg
John Frederick (1620-1688) Great Elector of Brandenburg from 1640. Artist from German School
history/david presenting sceptre solomon cornelis vos
David presenting the sceptre to Solomon. Cornelis de Vos (1585-1651). Oil on canvas
history/raising slabs stone using block and tackle powered
Raising slabs of stone using block-and-tackle powered by man in treadmill, A
history/flavius josephus c37 c100 jewish historian soldier
Flavius Josephus (c37-c100), Jewish historian and soldier, brought before Titus (39-81)
history/st mary magdalene penitent milanese school c1530
'St Mary Magdalene Penitent'. Milanese School c1530
history/lao tseu lao tzu chinese philosopher sage father
Lao-Tseu (Lao Tzu) Chinese philosopher and sage, father of Taoism. 6th century BC
history/presumed view amsterdam gate winter artist jan
Presumed view of an Amsterdam gate in winter. Artist, Jan Beerstraten (1622-1666)
history/babylonian clay tablet text 7th century bc
Babylonian clay tablet with text. 7th century BC. Table with syllabary
history/amazon river plate spanish map south america
Amazon and the River Plate. From a Spanish map of South America 1582
history/papyrus reed cyperus papyrus stem reed used
Papyrus reed (Cyperus papyrus): Stem of the reed used to make a form of paper. Also
history/pre columbian columbia muisca fl1000 1541
Pre-Columbian: Columbia. Muisca (fl1000-1541) Cast gold figure pendant, 18cm high
history/falcon headed god horus weighing heart dead balance
Falcon-headed god Horus weighing the heart of the dead in a balance. Tomb of Menna
history/queen victoria 1819 1901 photograph published c1890
Queen Victoria (1819-1901) From photograph published c1890. Woodburytype
history/tudor ships type used privateers explorers
Tudor ships of the type used by privateers and explorers. Artist's impression
history/ivan iv ivan terrible 1530 1584tsar russia 1533
Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) 1530-1584.Tsar of Russia from 1533. Assumed power in 1547
history/marco polo 1254 1324 setting uncles venice far east
Marco Polo (1254-1324) setting out with his uncles from Venice for Far East
history/averroes ibn rushd 1126 1198 abu al walid muhammad
Averroes (Ibn Rushd) 1126-1198 full name Abu Al-Walid Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Muhammad
history/avenzoar ibn zohr c1072 1162 arab physician
Avenzoar (Ibn Zohr) c1072-1162. Arab physician, native of Seville: noted clinician
history/stanley baldwin 1867 1947 lst earl bewdley
Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947) lst Earl Bewdley
history/stanley baldwin 1st earl bewdley 1867 1947
Stanley Baldwin, 1st Earl Bewdley (1867-1947) British Conservative statesman: Prime
history/arthur james balfour 1st earl balfour 1848 1930
Arthur James Balfour 1st Earl Balfour (1848-1930) Scottish-born British Conservative
history/johann sebastian bach 1685 1750 german composer
Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750) German composer and organist. Chromolithograph
history/avicenna ibn sina 980 1037 arab physician philosopher
Avicenna (Ibn Sina) 980-1037, Arab physician and philosopher
history/augustus caesar gaius julius caesar octavianus
Augustus Caesar - Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (63 BC-14 AD), first Roman Emperor
history/raold amundsen 1872 1928 norwegian explorer
Raold Amundsen (1872-1928) Norwegian explorer. Artist's impression of Amundsen's
history/john logie baird 1888 1946 scottish electrical
John Logie Baird (1888-1946) Scottish electrical engineer: pioneer of television
history/benjamin baker 1840 1907 british civil engineer
Benjamin Baker (1840-1907) British civil engineer: Forth Railway Bridge: Hudson River
history/oswald theodore avery 1877 1955 canadian born
Oswald Theodore Avery (1877-1955) Canadian-born American bacteriologist and molecular
history/miner background man working rockface wheels
The Miner: In background man is working at rockface, while another wheels trolley
history/queen victoria prince albert eldest children
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their six eldest children: Louisa the youngest
history/sioux indian called picket pin dakota north
Sioux Indian called Picket Pin. Dakota, North American Plains Indians
history/akhenaten amenhotep iv heretic pharaoh reigned
Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) heretic pharaoh, reigned from c150 BC, here with Nefertiti
history/devil form flying goat carrying witch sabbath
The Devil, in form of a flying goat, carrying a witch to the Sabbath. From Francesco
history/helen einstein grandmother albert einstein 1879 1955
Helen Einstein, grandmother of Albert Einstein (1879-1955) German-Swiss mathematician
history/horse hind palaeolithic cave painting altimira
Horse and Hind: Palaeolithic cave painting from Altimira southern Spain. Lithograph
history/albert einstein 1879 1955 german swiss mathematician
Albert Einstein (1879-1955) German-Swiss mathematician with his first wife Mileva c1905
history/clement attlee harry truman joseph stalin seated
Clement Attlee, Harry Truman, and Joseph Stalin, seated outdoors at Potsdam Conference)
history/scribe egyptian scribe work 1430 bc
The Scribe (Egyptian scribe at work) 1430 BC
history/courtiers officers nobles knights spanish court
Courtiers Officers nobles and Knights of the Spanish Court Circa 1510
history/marie antoinette queen consort france 1755 1793
Marie Antoinette, Queen Consort of France (1755 - 1793)
history/remains monumental gate ramses 11
Remains of a monumental gate in the name of Ramses 11
history/folio 71v les tres riches heures du duc berry
Folio 71v of Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry depicts Gregory leading a procession
history/2008 ground receiving system modis processing
2008 Ground Receiving System: MODIS Processing System Geoinformatics Centre, Tropical
history/baccio bandinelli florence 1493 florence 1560
Baccio Bandinelli, Florence, 1493 - Florence 1560. La Descente de Croix. Bronze
history/mighty display spanish armada 1588 source amsterdams
The mighty display of the Spanish armada in 1588. Source Amsterdams Historisch Museum
history/sarcophagus known muses sarcophagus representing
Sarcophagus known as the "Muses Sarcophagus", representing the nine Muses
history/hernando talavera archbishop granada time ferdinand
Hernando de Talavera, Archbishop of Granada at the time of Ferdinand and Isabella
history/cartoon depicting president franklin roosevelt
Cartoon depicting US president Franklin Roosevelt steering the 'ship of state'
history/le scribe wife 1430 bc
Le scribe and his wife 1430 BC
history/constantinople rome early vi century empress
Constantinople or Rome, early VI century. Empress Arianeja
history/votive painting jacopo pesaro pope alexander vi
Votive painting of Jacopo Pesaro and Pope Alexander VI by Titian 1509
history/archduke ferdinand maximilian 1832 1867 seated
Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian (1832-1867), seated far right, and three other men
history/karl kautsky 1854 1938 czech german philosopher
Karl Kautsky (1854 - 1938) Czech-German philosopher and politician. He was a leading


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