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history/x raying hand card published 1924
history/lucas gaurico 1476 1558 italian professor mathematics
history/phrenology measuring bumps boys head assess future
history/behaviour magnetic compass box carried round globe shaped
history/nell gwyn c1650 1687 english comic actress
history/atafu atoll tokelau southern pacific ocean roughly
history/head and shoulders portrait facing right native
history/drawing 18th century british warship
history/parade klux klan counties virginia bordering
history/ferdinand spain receives nobles lords guernica
history/cartoon period following visit francois duke
history/george edmund butler burial party belle vue near
history/statue goddess ancient egypt isis hathor
history/giuseppe garibaldi 1807 1882in naples italy 1861
history/john lilburne 1614ja august 29 1657 agitator
history/japanese attack pearl harbour 7th december 1941
history/chief umapine full length portrait 1913
history/paul hermit circa 1535 40 meister von meaykirch
history/escutcheon gilt copper alloy 600 700ad gilton
history/boris kustodiev 1878 1927 tsar nicholas ii
history/dyers immersing bolt cloth vat dye placed fire
history/pacific ringed volcanoes oceanic trenches
history/victoria 1819 1901 queen england ireland 1837
history/lexington american aircraft carrier sunk 7th
history/hernando cortes cortez 1485 1547 spanish conquistador
history/head goddess hathor
history/robert cornelius napier 1st baron napier magdala
history/contemporary broadsheet depiction sir thomas stafford
history/bowl general djehuty new kingdom 18th dynasty
history/barents sea july 19th 2003 seen modis image
history/envisat image 2008 medium resolution imaging
history/conrad mary st pelagius including coat arms
history/king thutmose iv 1401 1391 bc medamud granite
history/navajo men seated ground turned right c1904
history/william cecil 1st baron burghley 1520 1598
history/amy march cheney beach 1867 1944 head shoulders
history/anglo saxon jewellery 8th century ad british
history/james nasmyths steam hammer erected foundry near
history/politics 1905 unattributed cartoon circa 1905
history/president franklin roosevelt depicted donor farm
history/hopi girls seated ground eating melon c1900
history/god sekhmet reign amenhotep iii egyptian mythology
history/saint paul writing early 9th century manuscript
history/head shoulders portrait native american woman c1924
history/saint edmund campion sj january 24 1540
history/voluptuary horrors digestion caricature george
history/anti immigration caricature showing anarchists
history/life lazarillo tormes fortunes adversities
history/calder hall cumberland england worlds first
history/julius rosenberg may 12 1918 june 19 1953
history/manufacturing baking bread ancient egypt
history/james butler wild hickock 1837 1876 american
history/native american child man sitting deck ship possibly
history/desert oryx gazelles brought metchetch
history/poseidon fighting polybotes tondo attic red figure
history/happy days gertrude kasebier 1852 1934 photographer
history/native americans looking edge cliff c1912
history/photo depicts northern pacific railway usa section
history/native americans horseback mountains background
history/nootka indian taking ceremonial bath whale hunt
history/ishtar gate ran processional road 8 fortified
history/bear hunt drawing making medicine cheyenne
history/statue carved egyptian palace 1300 bc shea wood
history/articles capitulation reduction new netherland
history/george washington painted rembrandt peale 1795
history/martin van buren december 5 1782 july 24
history/piegan men horseback open grassland near pond c1900
history/amon facing egyptian pharaoh
history/auto da fe plaza mayor madrid 1683 oil canvas
history/capture cacafuego spanish treasure ship sir
history/peter stolypin prime minister russia 1906 1911
history/head young man greek circa 300 30bc excavated
history/african american children playing golf clubs sticks
history/sausage department armours great packing house
history/papyrus depicting workers river boat nile
history/painting diego munoz camargos history tlaxcala
history/tomb paintings metchetchi 2350 bc early 6th dynasty
history/crow men horseback holding feathered spears c1910
history/gioachino antonio rossini february 29 1792
history/wood cut bonner punishing heretic john foxes
history/pandora the all gifted first mortal woman
history/charcoal burning building pyramid wood right
history/richard rich 1496ja 1567 english lawyer statesman
history/american indian woman standing holding basket beach
history/cowichan woman full length portrait wearing blanket
history/photograph showing head and shoulders portrait
history/ptolemy claudius ptolemaeus fl150 ad alexandrian
history/half length portrait male indian native dress
history/native americans horseback desert c1903 photograph
history/native american men children standing large tent
history/group native american indian baskets lids
history/ptolemy claudius ptolemaeus c90 158 alexandrian
history/richard ii 1367 1400 king england 1377 99 patron
history/native american indians horseback hill c1907
history/group karok baskets decorative woven patterns lids
history/theodore roosevelt 1858 1919 26th president
history/cowichan woman putting tule rushes boat c1910
history/sioux indian horseback wearing feathers beaded
history/native north american indian warrior photograph


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