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history/robert arthur talbot gascoyne cecill 3rd marquis
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne CecilL, 3rd Marquis of Salisbury (1830-1903) British
history/chiromancy jerry takes break hunt hand read told
Chiromancy: Jerry takes break from hunt to have hand read told by pretty gipsy while
history/ernest rutherford 1871 1937 new zealand born
Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937) New Zealand-born physicist. Subatomic physics. Nobel
history/hermann ludwig ferdinand von helmholtz 1821 1894
Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz (1821-1894). German physicist and physiologist
history/making pots wheel nigeria c1966 landscape format
Making pots without a wheel. Nigeria c1966. Landscape format
history/american plains indians buffalo north american
American Plains Indians on a Buffalo (North American Bison) hunt
history/spanish conquistadors native tlazcalan allies
Spanish conquistadors with their native Tlazcalan allies attack an Aztec temple
history/tomb tutankhamun dc1340 bc sarcophagus containing
Tomb of Tutankhamun (dc1340 BC): Sarcophagus containing gold coffin of the king which
history/hippostyle pillared hall temple amon re karnak
Hippostyle (pillared) hall in the temple to Amon-Re at Karnak, Upper Egypt, built
history/mounted muscovite warriors equipped bows arrow
Mounted Muscovite warriors equipped with bows and arrow, swords and quilted armour
history/elizabeth i 1533 1603 queen england ireland 1558
Elizabeth I (1533-1603) Queen of England and Ireland from 1558, last Tudor monarch
history/diagram illustrating descartes idea vision showing
Diagram illustrating Descartes' idea of vision, showing the function of the eye
history/section mayan troano codex maya peoples central
Section from the Mayan Troano Codex. Maya peoples of Central and South America
history/jane seymour 1509 1537 queen england wife henry
Jane Seymour (1509-1537) queen of England, third wife of Henry VIII. Mother of Edward VI
history/vasco da gama c1469 1525 portuguese navigator
Vasco da Gama (c1469-1525) Portuguese navigator, first westerner to round Cape of
history/coalition government duke devonshire arthur balfour
Coalition Government. Duke of Devonshire and Arthur Balfour (centre) trying to control
history/achilles hero homers iliad bandaging wound friend
Achilles, hero of Homer's Iliad bandaging the wound of his friend Patroclus
history/egyptian goddess nut supporting sky tomb horemheb
Egyptian goddess Nut supporting the sky. Tomb of Horemheb, last king of 18th dynasty
history/falconry artists impression late 16th century
Falconry: artist's impression of late 16th century party out hawking. Woman
history/imigration america emigrants rowed ship carry
Imigration to America. Emigrants being rowed out to the ship that will carry them
history/brewer pressing fermented bread basket beer drained
The brewer pressing out fermented bread in a basket
history/leonhard fuchs 1501 56 german botanist physician
Leonhard Fuchs (1501-56) German botanist and physician. Fuchsia named after him. Woodcut
history/enrico fermi 1901 54 italian born american nuclear
Enrico Fermi (1901-54) Italian-born American nuclear physicist
history/funerary wreath macedonian royal tombs philip
Funerary wreath from the Macedonian royal tombs where Philip II was buried. 350-325 BC
history/stamping roasting ore extract metal lead copper
Stamping and roasting ore to extract metal (lead copper, silver and gold treated in
history/laurence olivier 1907 1989 english actor producer
Laurence Olivier (1907-1989) English actor, producer and director. Still of Olivier
history/boy putters moving coal narrow seam lancashire
Boy 'putters' moving coal in a narrow seam - Lancashire, England. From Matthias
history/howard walter florey 1898 1968 australian pathologist
Howard Walter Florey (1898-1968) Australian pathologist: isolation and purification
history/flower flock artisan country family tea table
The Flower of the Flock Artisan country family at the tea table showing loving, hopeless
history/wilhelm konrad von roentgen 1845 1923 german
Wilhelm Konrad von Roentgen (1845-1923) German physicist: X-rays
history/johannes diderik van der waals 1837 1923 dutch
Johannes Diderik Van Der Waals (1837-1923) Dutch physicist. Nobel prize for physics 1910
history/anne boleyn c1504 1536 second wife henry viii
Anne Boleyn (c1504-1536) second wife of Henry VIII of England, mother of Elizabeth I
history/title page mondino luzzi mundinus anathomia
Title page of Mondino de 'Luzzi (Mundinus) Anathomia, published by Martin Pollick
history/smelting ores gold silver copper lead
Smelting of ores (gold, silver, copper and lead)
history/earth space photographed spacecraft apollo 16
Earth from Space photographed by spacecraft Apollo 16, April 16 1972. Most of US
history/herculaneum house neptune amphitrite mosaic c69 ad
Herculaneum. House of Neptune and Amphitrite mosaic, c69 AD. Nymphaeum mosaic
history/tamerlaine tamerlane timur i lang 1336 1404
Tamerlaine (Tamerlane/Timur-i-Lang) 1336-1404 Turkic conqueror. Timur attacking Knights
history/passage inside great pyramid giza egypt
Passage inside the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt
history/john 1167 1216 plantagenet king england 1199
John (1167-1216) Plantagenet king of England from 1199, out hunting. Chromolithograph
history/cycling american display card showing ladies
Cycling: American display card showing ladies' cycling dress c1890. Skirt worn
history/wrestlers fragment bas relief frieze c500 bc
Wrestlers. Fragment of bas-relief frieze c.500 BC. The Panathenaia, a state religious
history/jj joseph john thomson 1856 1940 british nuclear
JJ (Joseph John) Thomson (1856-1940) British Nuclear physicist, discovered electron
history/rosetta stone basalt slab inscribed decree pharaoh
Rosetta Stone: Basalt slab inscribed with decree of pharaoh Ptolemy Epiphanes (205-180
history/st anne virgin child st anne mother virgin
'St Anne, the Virgin and the Child'. St Anne was the mother of the Virgin Mary
history/increasing popularity roller skate george du
Increasing popularity of the Roller Skate. George du Maurier cartoon from Punch
history/sub lime character building labourer carrying
A Sub-Lime Character. Building labourer carrying hod of mortar. Pun. Early 19th century
history/george vi daughters pet dogs outside y bwthyn bach
George VI with his daughters and their pet dogs outside Y Bwthyn Bach (The Little
history/charlemagne charles great 747 814 king franks
Charlemagne (Charles the Great) 747-814, king of the Franks: crowned Christian emperor
history/skull covered turquoise mosaic mixtec 1400 152l
Skull covered in turquoise mosaic. Mixtec 1400-152l, southern Mexico. Pre-Columbian
history/rufus daniel isaacs 1860 1935 ist marquess reading
Rufus Daniel Isaacs (1860-1935) Ist Marquess of Reading (1926) British lawyer
history/ruins forum rome house vestals left
Ruins of Forum, Rome with House of the Vestals on left
history/lion hunt alexander great hephestion hephaestionja
The Lion Hunt': Alexander the Great and Hephestion (Hephaestion)ja hunting lion
history/anglo saxon helmet sutton hoo treasure excavated
Anglo-Saxon helmet part of the Sutton Hoo treasure excavated near Woodbridge, Suffolk
history/golden outer sarcophagus tutenkamen tutankhamun
Golden outer sarcophagus of Tutenkamen (Tutankhamun) dc1340BC with guardian figures
history/afro americans picking cotton usa postcard c1900
Afro-Americans picking cotton, USA. Postcard c1900
history/conflict general george custer 1839 76 crazy horse
Conflict between General George Custer (1839-76) and Crazy Horse (Sioux Indian)
history/alexander i poland alexander jagellon 1461 1501
Alexander I of Poland (Alexander Jagellon 1461-1501): Coronation of Alexander at Cracow
history/aztec page vienna nahua manuscript zapotec origin
Aztec: page from Vienna Nahua manuscript of Zapotec origin. Lithograph
history/scene inscription relating confuciuss 519 471
Scene with inscription relating to Confucius's (519-471 BC) visit to court of
history/wall painting pompeii 1st century ad
Wall painting from Pompeii. 1st century AD
history/pont du gard nimes southern france roman aqueduct
Pont du Gard, Nimes, southern France. Roman aqueduct built c18 BC. No cement used
history/ashurbanipal ii king assyria 833 859 bc leading
Ashurbanipal II, King of Assyria 833-859 BC, leading assault on city with battering rams
history/dionysius greek god wine bacchus roman pantheon
Dionysius, Greek god of wine (Bacchus in Roman pantheon). Bust
history/gandhi mohondas karamchand 1869 1948 known
GANDHI, Mohondas Karamchand (1869-1948), known as Mahatma (Great Soul)
history/port bordeaux 1804 merchant vessels anchor loaded
The Port of Bordeaux in 1804. Merchant vessels are at anchor, being loaded and unloaded
history/charles stuart parnell 19th century irish politician
Charles Stuart Parnell, 19th century Irish politician, c1874-1891. Parnell (1846-1891)
history/green leaf sere illustration mary ellen edwards
The Green Leaf and the Sere. Illustration by Mary Ellen Edwards (1839-c1910) published
history/christopher columbus 1451 1506 genoese navigator
Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) Genoese navigator, faced with mutiny on his voyage
history/victoria albert first steam driven royal yacht
'Victoria and Albert' the first steam-driven royal yacht. Queen Victoria
history/pre revolutionary rouble russian banknote 1909
Pre-Revolutionary ten rouble Russian banknote, 1909
history/the end feast boy bed shows furred tongue doctor
'The End of the Feast': Boy in bed shows furred tongue to doctor who feels pulse
history/alps space nasa photograph
The Alps from space. NASA photograph
history/josiah wedgwood 1730 1795 english industrialist
Josiah Wedgwood (1730-1795) English industrialist and potter
history/top pounding rice pestel mortar mid chinese
Top: Pounding rice in a pestel and mortar. Mid: Chinese seed drill. Bot: Chinese plough
history/max planck 1858 1947 german theoretical physicist
Max Planck (1858-1947) German theoretical physicist. Quantum Theory. Nobel prize for physics
history/view archaeological remains pella birthplace
View of the archaeological remains at Pella, birthplace of Alexander the Great (156-323
history/joseph lister 1827 1912 english surgeon ward
Joseph Lister (1827-1912), English surgeon, on his ward round in Glasgow Royal Infirmary
history/william mckinley 1843 1901 25th president usa
William McKinley (1843-1901) 25th president of USA from 1896 making a speech during
history/using astrolabes calculate height steeple
Using astrolabes to calculate the height of a steeple. From Peter Apian Cosmographia
history/rock salt miners work salt wieliczka galicia poland
Rock Salt: Miners at work in salt mine Wieliczka, Galicia, Poland. Mine worked for 1
history/largo di torre argentina square rome italy
Largo di Torre Argentina, a square in Rome, Italy, that contains the remains of four
history/stephensons locomotive rocket won competition
Stephenson's locomotive 'Rocket' which won competition at Rainhill Bridge
history/physician examining specimen patients urine
Physician examining a specimen of patient's urine (16th-17th century) 19th century
history/apothecarys shop johannis cuba ortus sanitatis
The apothecary's shop. From Johannis de Cuba Ortus Sanitatis, Strasbourg, 1483
history/golden death mask tutankamen tutankhamun dc1340bc
Golden death mask of Tutankamen (Tutankhamun) dc1340BC. Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh
history/mrs simpson offers withdraw 8 december 1936
Mrs Simpson offers to 'withdraw', 8 December 1936. Article on the front page
history/x raying hand card published 1924
X-raying the hand. Card published 1924. Chromolithograph
history/telling time night using nocturnal hour obtained
Telling time at night using a nocturnal. The hour is obtained by measuring the angular
history/lucas gaurico 1476 1558 italian professor mathematics
Lucas Gaurico (1476-1558) Italian Professor of Mathematics, Ferrara, 1531
history/phrenology measuring bumps boys head assess future
Phrenology: measuring bumps on boy's head to assess his future
history/behaviour magnetic compass box carried round globe shaped
Behaviour of a magnetic compass in a box if carried round a globe-shaped magnet
history/nell gwyn c1650 1687 english comic actress
Nell Gwyn (c1650-1687), English comic actress: mistress of Charles II
history/atafu atoll tokelau southern pacific ocean roughly
Atafu Atoll, Tokelau, Southern Pacific Ocean At roughly eight kilometres wide, Atafu
history/head and shoulders portrait facing right native
Head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right, of Native American woman by, 1907
history/drawing 18th century british warship
Drawing of an 18th century British Warship
history/parade klux klan counties virginia bordering
Parade of the Klux Klan through counties in Virginia bordering on the District of
history/ferdinand spain receives nobles lords guernica
Ferdinand of Spain receives nobles and lords in Guernica
history/cartoon period following visit francois duke
cartoon in the period following the visit of Francois, Duke of Anjou to Queen
history/george edmund butler burial party belle vue near
George Edmund Butler, Burial party at Belle-Vue near Solesmes, c.1918


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