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history/assassination archduke francis ferdinand franz
Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand (Franz Ferdinand) 1863-1914, heir to
history/vesuvius early 19th century eruptions viewed bay
Vesuvius during one of its early 19th century eruptions viewed from the Bay of Naples
history/galileos 1611 drawing lunar craters c1655
Galileo's 1611 drawing of lunar craters. (c1655). Galileo Galilei (1554-1642)
history/canopic jars used contain viscera dead person
Canopic Jars: These were used to contain viscera of dead person, usually for burial
history/pre binomial classification species different
Pre-binomial classification of species. Here two different species of the genus camel
history/cardinal infante don fernando hunting dress c1632 3
Cardinal Infante Don Fernando in hunting dress
history/thomas paine 1737 1809 english born american
Thomas Paine (1737-1809) English-born American revolutionary, writer and philosopher
history/brewing beer egyptian tomb model 9th dynasty
Brewing beer: Egyptian tomb model, 9th Dynasty c2160 BC from Meketra
history/east room white house washington president mckinley
East room of the White House, Washington, where president McKinley shook hands with
history/st anthony great antony thebes 251 356
St Anthony the Great (Antony) of Thebes 251-356. Egyptian aesthetic: Father of Christian
history/otto lilienthal 1848 96 german aeronaut taking
Otto Lilienthal (1848-96) German aeronaut, taking to the air in one of his gliders
history/sheep treading seed man left leading sheep offering
Sheep treading in seed: man on left is leading sheep by offering the foremost ram food
history/rag and chain pump draining operated men treadmill
Rag-and-chain pump for draining a mine operated by men in treadmill. From Agricola
history/thoth ibis headed god moon holding wand patron
Thoth, Ibis-headed god of the Moon holding wand, patron of scribes and magicians
history/ibis headed god thoth secretary gods patron scribes
Ibis-headed god Thoth, secretary to the gods and patron of scribes: wall painting
history/native american algonquin indian village pomeiock
Native American Algonquin Indian village of Pomeiock, Gibbs Creek, North Carolina
history/various aspects ceramic industry making bricks
Various aspects of the ceramic industry from the making of bricks, tiles and drainage
history/james hutton 1726 1797 scottish geologist
James Hutton (1726-1797) Scottish geologist. Published his Theory of the Earth in 1794
history/emma lady hamilton c1765 1851 mistress horatio
Emma Lady Hamilton (c1765-1851) mistress of Horatio Nelson. Chromolithograph after
history/natives arctic dressed animal skins using thong
Natives of the Arctic, dressed in animal skins, using a thong drill to make fire
history/tomb amenhotep ii 15th century bc ruled 1450 1425
Tomb of Amenhotep II (15th century BC), ruled 1450-1425 BC. Sarcophagus containing
history/beginning conquest siberia cossacks jermak timofejew
Beginning of conquest of Siberia. Cossacks under Jermak Timofejew attacking army
history/descartes diagram human brain eye rene descartes
Descartes' diagram of the human brain and eye
history/youd valentine 1910 cupid gathering basket
If You'd Only Be My Valentine', 1910. Cupid is gathering a basket of red
history/romulus remus legendary twin founders rome suckled
Romulus and Remus the legendary twin founders of Rome being suckled by the she-wolf
history/plantagenet king england dining henry iija reigned
A Plantagenet king of England dining (Henry IIja Reigned 1154-89) Chromolithograph
history/nefetari favourite queen ramses ii rameses 1304 12137
Nefetari, favourite queen of Ramses II (Rameses 1304-12137 BC) seated, playing Senat
history/old woman witch fairy spinning woodcut attributed
Old woman (witch or fairy) spinning. Woodcut attributed to Holbein from Boethius
history/cartouche carved stone depicting egyptian god
Cartouche carved in stone depicting an Egyptian God
history/treasure tutankhamun dc1340 bc model boat
Treasure of Tutankhamun (dc1340 BC): Model of boat. Cairo Museum, Egypt
history/phrenology chart showing presumed areas activity
Phrenology chart, showing presumed areas of activity of the brain. Illustration c1920
history/deer hunt alexander great left hephestion
The Deer Hunt': Alexander the Great (left) and Hephestion (Hephaestion)
history/evaporating pots brine natural hot spring order
Evaporating pots of brine in a natural hot spring in order to obtain salt. From Agricola
history/measuring altitude sun ring dials peter apian
Measuring the altitude of the sun with ring dials. From Peter Apian Cosmographia
history/hurricane florence taken space shuttle atlantis 165n
Hurricane 'Florence' taken from Space Shuttle Atlantis from 165n
history/tarot card death grim reaper noblet tarot 17th
Tarot Card of Death, the grim reaper. Noblet tarot, 17th century. Tarot pack of 22
history/page buckingham palace census return 1841 showing
Page of Buckingham Palace Census Return for 1841 showing the age of Queen Victoria
history/separating lead silver gold cupellation furnace
Separating lead from silver or gold in a cupellation furnace. From Agricola (Georg
history/arch titus forum rome titus 39 81
Arch of Titus, Forum, Rome. Titus (39-81)
history/divers salvaging guns seabed diving suits appear
Divers salvaging guns from the seabed. Diving suits appear to be Siebe's design
history/isambard kingdom brunel 1806 1859 english civil
Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-1859) English civil and mechanical engineer. From obverse
history/henry morton stanley 1841 1904 welsh born american
Henry Morton Stanley (1841-1904) Welsh-born American explorer with a Gatling machine
history/alfred lothar wegener 1880 1930 german geophysicist
Alfred Lothar Wegener (1880-1930) German geophysicist and meteorologist
history/colossi memnon near valley kings egypt 70ft 21m
One of the Colossi of Memnon, near the Valley of the Kings, Egypt, two 70ft/21m stone
history/jean leon gerome 1824 1904 1859 hail caesar
Jean Leon Gerome (1824-1904) 1859: Hail Caesar We who are about to die salute you
history/white house washington official residence president
White House, Washington, official residence of president of USA, from photograph
history/marconi radio station berne long wave illustration
Marconi radio station at Berne, Long wave. Illustration c1925
history/st antony padua 1195 1231 said preached fishes
'St Antony of Padua' (1195-1231)
history/charles herbert best 1899 1978 laboratory 1960
Charles Herbert Best (1899-1978) in the laboratory in 1960 with assistant (left)
history/view duomo cathedral florence italy
View of Duomo (Cathedral), Florence, Italy
history/taj mahal agra india marble mausoleum built
Taj Mahal, Agra, India, marble Mausoleum built 1632-1654 by Shah Jahan for his wife
history/20 metre statues rameses ii ruler egypt c1304 1273 bc
20 metre statues of Rameses II, ruler of Egypt c1304-1273 BC, in front of main temple
history/gold larnax funerary casket macedonian royal
Gold larnax (funerary casket) from the Macedonian royal tombs at Vergina 350-325 BC
history/alexander great 356 323 bc alexander iii macedon
Alexander the Great (356-323 BC), Alexander III of Macedon
history/plato c428 c348 bc ancient greek philosopher
Plato (c428-c348 BC) Ancient Greek philosopher. Chromolithograph
history/ancient olympic games held honour zeus runners
Ancient Olympic Games held in the honour of Zeus. Runners competing in a foot race
history/ancient egyptian papyrus book dead showing pharaoh
Ancient Egyptian papyrus of Book of the Dead showing pharaoh on bier being drawn to
history/gentile da foligno d1348 examining sample urine
Gentile da Foligno (d.1348) examining a sample of urine. Gentile wrote a great many
history/express train locomotive cowcatcher hauls train
The Express Train. Locomotive with cowcatcher hauls train through cutting. Print
history/mohondas karamchand gandhi 1869 1948 known mahatma
Mohondas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948), known as Mahatma (Great Soul)
history/montezuma ii 1466 1620 aztec emperor palace top
Montezuma II (1466-1620) last Aztec emperor in his palace, top. Judges, centre, Litigants
history/dmitiri ivanovich mendeleyev 1834 1907 russian
Dmitiri Ivanovich Mendeleyev (1834-1907), Russian chemist
history/papyrus reed cyperus papyrus used make writing
Papyrus reed (Cyperus papyrus) being used to make writing material. Stem of the reed
history/woman putter dragging sledge coal narrow seam
Woman 'putter' dragging sledge of coal along a narrow seam - South Wales
history/diana acteon hunting acteon surprises goddess
'Diana and Acteon'. While out hunting, Acteon surprises the goddess Diana
history/arthur stanley eddington 1882 1944 british astronomer
Arthur Stanley Eddington (1882-1944) British astronomer physicist and mathematician
history/benjamin franklin 1706 90 american statesman
Benjamin Franklin (1706-90) American statesman, printer and scientist
history/francis joseph i franz joseph 1830 1916
Francis Joseph I (Franz Joseph) 1830-1916
history/l panel showing adoration stable mary joseph
l panel showing the Adoration in the stable with Mary, Joseph, infant Jesus, Angels
history/women workers carpet factory electric lights
Women workers in a carpet factory. Electric lights with incandescent bulbs hang over
history/cutler knife blades shaped forge background sharpened
The Cutler. Knife blades are shaped at forge in background and sharpened on grindstone
history/karl friederich gauss 1777 1855 german mathematician
Karl Friederich Gauss (1777-1855) German mathematician, astronomer and physicist
history/rain frogs recorded 1355 conrad lycosthenes prodigiorum
Rain of frogs recorded in 1355. From Conrad Lycosthenes Prodigiorum ac ostentorum
history/pipers leading march kilted highland footguards
Pipers leading a march: kilted Highland Footguards wearing Busbies and Sporrans
history/votive stele dedicated brother man ermant near thebes
Votive stele dedicated by his brother to a man from Ermant, near Thebes. Bas relief
history/statue djoser zoser 2nd king 3rd dynasty c2686 2613
Statue of Djoser (Zoser) 2nd king of 3rd Dynasty (c2686-2613 BC) from the Mastaba
history/mrs emmeline pankhurst 1857 1928 english
Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst (1857-1928) English suffragette
history/hernando cortez cortes 1485 1547 spanish conquistador
Hernando Cortez or Cortes (1485-1547) Spanish conquistador who conquered Mexico, with
history/venus willendorf stone age oolitic limestone
Venus of Willendorf: Stone age oolitic limestone carving
history/wall painting tomb akhnaton akenaton akhenaten
Wall painting from tomb of Akhnaton (Akenaton or Akhenaten) c1375 BC showing waterfowl
history/wilhelm i king prussia emperor germany 1797 1888
Wilhelm I, King of Prussia and Emperor of Germany (1797-1888) Tinted lithograph c1880
history/false colour image antarctic ozone hole 30 november
False colour image of Antarctic ozone hole, 30 November 1992. NASA photograph
history/abyssinian expedition robert cornelis napier
The Abyssinian Expedition: Robert Cornelis Napier, 1st Baron Napier of Magdala (1810-90)
history/pyramids sunset giza
Pyramids at sunset, Giza
history/replica marconis first transmitter used early
Replica of Marconi's first transmitter used in his early experiments in Italy, 1894
history/ilya ilich mechnikov elie metchnikoff 1845 1916
Ilya Ilich Mechnikov ( Elie Metchnikoff 1845-1916) Russian zoologist who continued
history/weighing steelyard right gaultherus rivius
Weighing with a steelyard (right). From Gaultherus Rivius Architecture Mathematischen
history/caroline chisholm born jones 1808 1877 called
Caroline Chisholm (born Jones - 1808-1877) called 'The Emigrant's Friend'
history/treasure tutankhamun dc1340 bc ivory pillow
Treasure of Tutankhamun (dc1340 BC): Ivory pillow. Cairo Museum, Egypt
history/marcus annaeus seneca elder c55 bc 40 ad roman
Marcus Annaeus Seneca The Elder (c55 BC-40 AD) Roman Rhetorician
history/william mckinley 5th president usa 1896
William McKinley, 5th president of USA from 1896. Shot by anarchist Leon Czolgosz
history/miners hammers various sizes agricola george
Miner's hammers of various sizes. From Agricola (George Bauer) De re metallica
history/matthew boulton front 1728 1809 english engineer
Matthew Boulton, front, (1728-1809) English engineer and industrialist, and James Watt
history/harold ii c1022 1066 anglo saxon king england 1066
Harold II (c1022-1066) last Anglo-Saxon king of England 1066
history/gold helmet mesopotamia 2 500 bc iraq museum
Gold helmet from Mesopotamia. 2, 500 BC. Iraq Museum
history/golden sarcophagus tutenkamen tutankhamun dc1340bc
Golden sarcophagus of Tutenkamen (Tutankhamun) dc1340BC. Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh
history/iron helmet calligraphic silver damascening decoration
Iron helmet with calligraphic silver damascening decoration. Turkish (Mamluk) 15th
history/confucius 551 479 bc chinese philosopher
Confucius (551-479 BC) Chinese philosopher
history/hubble space telescope nasa photograph
Hubble Space Telescope. NASA photograph


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