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history/god creating adam chatres cathedral stained glass
history/ankh ancient egyptian symbol life bee carved
history/apollo lyre greek pantheon god music poetry
history/imigrants landing ellis island circa 1900
history/joseph whitworth 1803 1887 british engineer inventor
history/emmeline pankhurst 1857 1918 daughter christabel
history/lovers bank man instgrument viol family
history/napoleonic wars napoleons grand armee catching
history/harry s truman 1884 1972 33rd president usa
history/goddess isis king tuthmosis iii 15th century
history/seated scribe model 5th dynasty
history/temple music pan american exhibition buffalo
history/english grandee rides indian procession company
history/blast furnace smelting iron ore agricola metallica
history/cliff palace 12th 13th century north american
history/assassination archduke francis ferdinand franz
history/vesuvius early 19th century eruptions viewed bay
history/galileos 1611 drawing lunar craters c1655
history/canopic jars used contain viscera dead person
history/pre binomial classification species different
history/cardinal infante don fernando hunting dress c1632 3
history/thomas paine 1737 1809 english born american
history/brewing beer egyptian tomb model 9th dynasty
history/east room white house washington president mckinley
history/st anthony great antony thebes 251 356
history/otto lilienthal 1848 96 german aeronaut taking
history/sheep treading seed man left leading sheep offering
history/rag and chain pump draining operated men treadmill
history/thoth ibis headed god moon holding wand patron
history/ibis headed god thoth secretary gods patron scribes
history/native american algonquin indian village pomeiock
history/various aspects ceramic industry making bricks
history/james hutton 1726 1797 scottish geologist
history/emma lady hamilton c1765 1851 mistress horatio
history/natives arctic dressed animal skins using thong
history/tomb amenhotep ii 15th century bc ruled 1450 1425
history/beginning conquest siberia cossacks jermak timofejew
history/descartes diagram human brain eye rene descartes
history/youd valentine 1910 cupid gathering basket
history/romulus remus legendary twin founders rome suckled
history/plantagenet king england dining henry iija reigned
history/nefetari favourite queen ramses ii rameses 1304 12137
history/old woman witch fairy spinning woodcut attributed
history/cartouche carved stone depicting egyptian god
history/treasure tutankhamun dc1340 bc model boat
history/phrenology chart showing presumed areas activity
history/deer hunt alexander great left hephestion
history/evaporating pots brine natural hot spring order
history/measuring altitude sun ring dials peter apian
history/hurricane florence taken space shuttle atlantis 165n
history/tarot card death grim reaper noblet tarot 17th
history/page buckingham palace census return 1841 showing
history/separating lead silver gold cupellation furnace
history/arch titus forum rome titus 39 81
history/divers salvaging guns seabed diving suits appear
history/isambard kingdom brunel 1806 1859 english civil
history/henry morton stanley 1841 1904 welsh born american
history/alfred lothar wegener 1880 1930 german geophysicist
history/colossi memnon near valley kings egypt 70ft 21m
history/jean leon gerome 1824 1904 1859 hail caesar
history/white house washington official residence president
history/marconi radio station berne long wave illustration
history/st antony padua 1195 1231 said preached fishes
history/charles herbert best 1899 1978 laboratory 1960
history/view duomo cathedral florence italy
history/taj mahal agra india marble mausoleum built
history/20 metre statues rameses ii ruler egypt c1304 1273 bc
history/gold larnax funerary casket macedonian royal
history/alexander great 356 323 bc alexander iii macedon
history/plato c428 c348 bc ancient greek philosopher
history/ancient olympic games held honour zeus runners
history/ancient egyptian papyrus book dead showing pharaoh
history/gentile da foligno d1348 examining sample urine
history/express train locomotive cowcatcher hauls train
history/mohondas karamchand gandhi 1869 1948 known mahatma
history/montezuma ii 1466 1620 aztec emperor palace top
history/dmitiri ivanovich mendeleyev 1834 1907 russian
history/papyrus reed cyperus papyrus used make writing
history/woman putter dragging sledge coal narrow seam
history/diana acteon hunting acteon surprises goddess
history/arthur stanley eddington 1882 1944 british astronomer
history/benjamin franklin 1706 90 american statesman
history/francis joseph i franz joseph 1830 1916
history/l panel showing adoration stable mary joseph
history/women workers carpet factory electric lights
history/cutler knife blades shaped forge background sharpened
history/karl friederich gauss 1777 1855 german mathematician
history/rain frogs recorded 1355 conrad lycosthenes prodigiorum
history/pipers leading march kilted highland footguards
history/votive stele dedicated brother man ermant near thebes
history/statue djoser zoser 2nd king 3rd dynasty c2686 2613
history/mrs emmeline pankhurst 1857 1928 english
history/hernando cortez cortes 1485 1547 spanish conquistador
history/venus willendorf stone age oolitic limestone
history/wall painting tomb akhnaton akenaton akhenaten
history/wilhelm i king prussia emperor germany 1797 1888
history/false colour image antarctic ozone hole 30 november
history/abyssinian expedition robert cornelis napier
history/pyramids sunset giza


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