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history/cabinet dr caligari 1919 german silent film
' The Cabinet of Dr Caligari' 1919. German silent film. Director: Robert Wiene
history/statue egyptian pharaoh tuthmosis iii 1479 1447
Statue of Egyptian pharaoh Tuthmosis III (1479-1447) at Luxor: 18th Dynasty. Note
history/eye tropical storm blanca photographed 17 24
Eye of tropical storm 'Blanca' photographed between 17 and 24 June 1985. NASA
history/boy putter drawing carriage containing 2 1 4
Boy 'putter' drawing a carriage containing 2 1/4 cwt of coal along a 24 inch
history/death lieutenant general sir john moore 1761 1809
Death of Lieutenant-General Sir John Moore (1761-1809) Irish-born British soldier
history/colossi memnon near valley kings egypt 70ft 21m
The Colossi of Memnon, near the Valley of the Kings, Egypt, two 70ft/21m stone statues
history/pyramids temple of the inscriptions palenque mexico
Pyramids and Temple-of-the-Inscriptions, Palenque, Mexico. Classical Mayan architecture
history/wealth indies 17th century design gobelin tapestry
Wealth of the Indies. 17th century design for Gobelin tapestry showing rich flora
history/karl carl bosch 1874 1940 german chemist
Karl (Carl) Bosch (1874-1940) German chemist. Haber-Bosch process for sulphate of ammonia
history/raising water means shaduf shadoof china
Raising water by means of a Shaduf (shadoof) China
history/mossadeq 1951 man year time 1952 mohammad mosaddegh
Mossadeq 1951 Man of Year, from Time 1952. Mohammad Mosaddegh (19 May 1882 - 5 March
history/galileo galilei italian pronunciation 15 february
Galileo Galilei (Italian pronunciation: 15 February 1564 - 8 January 1642)Italian
history/pierre narcisse guerin 1774 1833 morpheus iris
Pierre-Narcisse Guerin (1774-1833) Morpheus and Iris Oil on canvas 1811
history/lollipos 1910 photographed gertrude kasebier
lollipos 1910 photographed by Gertrude Kasebier
history/akhenaton nefertiti
Akhenaton and Nefertiti
history/bronze figure pharaoh late period 600 100 bc
Bronze figure of a Pharaoh. Late period 600-100 BC
history/porcelain vase violet blue glaze chinese
Porcelain vase with violet blue glaze. Chinese, 1722-1735
history/south east asia ptolemys geography redrawn 15th
South-East Asia from Ptolemy's geography. Redrawn in the 15th century. The British
history/credit image courtesymodis ocean group nasa gsfc
Credit Image courtesy:MODIS Ocean Group, NASA GSFC, and the University of Miami
history/vorwarts berlin central organ social democratic
"Vorwarts" (Berlin) central organ of the Social Democratic Party of Germany
history/prince albert prince consort queen victory
Prince Albert (Prince Consort) with Queen Victory and their Children
history/mikhail gorbachev taking questions crowd streets
Mikhail Gorbachev taking questions from a crowd on the streets of Moscow
history/sergey egornov died 1920 tsarevich alexei
Sergey Egornov (died 1920) Tsarevich Alexei Romanov1904-1918
history/woman boy golf clubs foreground 2 people boat lake
Woman and boy with golf clubs in foreground, 2 people in boat on lake, mountain in
universal images group/universal history archive horizontal/satellite computer generated image arctic
Satellite and computer generated image of the Arctic and Greenland
history/beatrice baxter ruyland charles omalley child
Beatrice Baxter Ruyland and Charles O'Malley, as a child with a book in his lap
history/utilite particuliere du vaisseau volant divers
Utilite particuliere, du vaisseau volant Divers utilites, du vaisseau volant. Published
history/gertrude kasebier 1852 1934
Gertrude Kasebier (1852-1934)
history/manfred brod a radical network english revolution
Manfred Brod, 'A Radical Network in the English Revolution: John Pordage and his
history/vandals rome vandals east germanic tribe entered
The Vandals in Rome. The Vandals were an East Germanic tribe that entered the late
history/head king diorite
Head of the king. Diorite
history/bas relief egyptian depicting seated male figure
Bas relief Egyptian depicting a seated male figure. 2620-2350 BC Limestone
history/russian emigrants boat usa 1900
Russian emigrants on a boat to the USA in about 1900
history/saint joseph carpenter georges la tour
Saint Joseph the Carpenter by Georges de la Tour
history/chinese political poster depicting group collective
Chinese political poster depicting a group of collective farmers in Communist China
history/world war ii usa female war worker 1940s
World War II: USA female war worker in the 1940s. During the war women on the home
history/giuseppe garibaldi 1807 1882 italian soldier
Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882) Italian soldier, nationalist and politician. People
history/piero della francesca 1416 1417 1492 discovery
Piero Della Francesca 1416-1417 -1492. Discovery and Proof of the True Cross: Fresco
history/composition orlande lassus also orlandus lassus
Composition by Orlande de Lassus (also Orlandus Lassus, Orlando di Lasso, Roland de
history/rwandan president juvenal habyarimana
Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana
history/credit provided seawifs project nasa goddard
Credit Provided by the SeaWiFS Project, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Centre, and ORBIMAGE
history/nefertiti bust right
Nefertiti bust_(right)
history/colony virginia depicted book map 17th century
The Colony of Virginia depicted in a book with Map. 17th Century
history/akhenaten nefertiti 1345 bc ad after year 9
Akhenaten and Nefertiti after 1345 BC. AD (after year 9 of the realm) painted limestone
history/las obras boscan juan bosca
over of Las Obras by Boscan Juan BoscA
history/allegory tudor succession sudeley castle c
Allegory of the Tudor Succession (Sudeley Castle), c. 1572 The Family of Henry VIII
history/president richard nixon whitehouse 1970 richard
President Richard Nixon at the Whitehouse 1970. Richard Nixon was President of the
history/portrait kangxi emperor court dress anonymous
Portrait of the Kangxi Emperor in Court Dress, by anonymous court artists
history/official portrait president ronald reagan 1981
Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan, 1981. Ronald Wilson Reagan (February 6
history/mount redoubt eruption april 21st 1990
Mount Redoubt eruption (April 21st, 1990)
history/stele lady taperet intermediate period 22nd dynasty
Stele of Lady Taperet Third Intermediate Period, 22nd Dynasty, 10th or 9th century
history/sahara desert satellite image
Sahara Desert (satellite image)
history/egyptian tomb figure depicting scribe
Egyptian tomb figure depicting a scribe
history/joanna 1479 l 1555 queen regnant castile queen
Joanna (1479 - l 1555) Queen regnant of Castile and Queen regnant of Aragon, (Spain)
history/alsace lorraine german army alsace lorraine
Alsace Lorraine : German army in Alsace Lorraine (France) 1870's
history/king william iii prince orange 1650 1701
King William III, Prince of Orange. 1650 - 1701 (king of England) Published by Currier
history/world map believed compiled zheng hezheng
world map is believed by some to have been compiled by Zheng He.Zheng He (1371-1435)
history/portrait xiaosheng empress dowager qianlong period
Portrait of the Xiaosheng Empress Dowager, Qianlong period, 1751, by anonymous The
history/cows red green yellow 1912 franz marc february 8
Cows, red, green, yellow: 1912 by Franz Marc (February 8, 1880 - March 4, 1916) was
history/crow indians horseback shallow stream flanked
Two Crow Indians on horseback in shallow stream flanked by snow-covered trees, under
history/karl ernst von baer 1792 1876 estonian born
Karl Ernst von Baer (1792-1876) Estonian-born German naturalist and embryologist
history/benito pablo juarez garcia 1806 1872 native mexican
Benito Pablo Juarez Garcia (1806-1872) native Mexican (Zapotec Amerindian) lawyer
history/piero della francesca sansepolcro 1416 1417 1492
Piero Della Francesca (Sansepolcro, 1416-1417 -1492). Adoration of the Holy Wood
history/otto albert koch 1866 1920 german graphic artist
Otto Albert Koch (1866-1920), German graphic artist. Mercedes Benz Automobile advertisement
history/president coolidge delivering first message
President Coolidge delivering his first message to Congress
history/young native american woman half length portrait
Young Native American woman, half-length, portrait, standing, facing front, 1907
history/relief imenmes dejat parents general imeneminet
Relief of Imenmes and Dejat, Parents of General Imeneminet, from a Tomb in Memphis
history/queen elizabeth i c1590 1592 preparatory sketch
Queen Elizabeth I c.1590-1592. Preparatory sketch by Isaac Oliver
history/biblia pauperum paupers bible picture bible
The Biblia pauperum ("Paupers' Bible") was a picture Bible to portray
history/forces muhammed ix nasrid sultan granada battle
Forces of Muhammed IX, Nasrid Sultan of Granada, at the Battle of Higueruela 1431
history/portrait gerlach flicke 1545 thomas cranmer archbishop
Portrait by Gerlach Flicke, 1545 Thomas Cranmer Archbishop of Canterbury
history/imhotep active c2980 bc ancient egyptian physician
Imhotep (active c2980 BC) Ancient Egyptian physician (right, seated) surgical instruments
history/simple life gertrude kasebier 1852 1934 photographer
The simple life by Gertrude Kasebier, 1852-1934, photographer photomechanical print
history/streatham portrait lady jane grey painting panel
The Streatham Portrait of Lady Jane Grey: Painting on panel 1590s
history/nasa hubble space telescope close up view electric blue
NASA Hubble Space Telescope close-up view of an electric-blue aurora that is eerily
history/standing bear chief sioux wearing ceremonial
Standing Bear, Chief of the Sioux, wearing ceremonial robes and full length head-dress
history/sir edward carson reviews militia ireland circa
Sir Edward Carson reviews militia in Ireland circa 1906-10
history/rain steam speed 1844 joseph turner
Rain, Steam and Speed, 1844, Joseph Turner
history/florence austral 1894 1968 australian soprano
Florence Austral (1894-1968) Australian soprano specialising in Wagnerian roles: real
history/president richard nixon seated proposes nato
US President Richard Nixon (seated) proposes that NATO should study environmental
history/leopold charles maurice stennett amery 1873 1955
Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett Amery (1873-1955) English Conservative politician
history/elk horn spoons tolowa c1910 photograph edward
Elk-horn spoons- Tolowa, c1910. Photograph by Edward Curtis (1868-1952)
history/barbarossa hayreddin pasha defeats holy league
Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha defeats the Holy League of Charles V under the command
history/sekhmet egyptian lion headed goddess
Sekhmet Egyptian lion-headed goddess
history/jesuit tree jesuits bark called peruvian bark
(Jesuit Tree) Jesuit's Bark, also called Peruvian Bark, is the historical name
history/peter i great 1672 1725 tsar russia 1682 cutting
Peter I, the Great (1672-1725) Tsar of Russia from 1682 cutting a Boyar's beard
history/soup kitchen unemployed new york circa 1930
Soup Kitchen for unemployed in New York circa 1930
history/william paget represented produced 1506 june 9 1563
William Paget represented. Produced between 1506 and June 9, 1563. attributed to
history/stretcher bearers passchendaele august 1917
Stretcher bearers Passchendaele August 1917. Stretcher bearers struggling through
history/hadow clock gnomon 1400 1350 bc jc wood
hadow clock (gnomon) to 1400-1350 BC. JC Wood
history/giuseppe mazzuoli volterra 1644 rome 1725
Giuseppe Mazzuoli, Volterra, 1644 - Rome, 1725. 'Charity' Terracotta sculpture
history/mikhail vrubel lilac 1900 oil canvas tretyakov
Mikhail Vrubel. Lilac 1900 Oil on canvas Tretyakov Gallery
history/sandstorm red sea 20may13 2005
Sandstorm across the Red Sea, 20May13-2005
history/prince heinrich prussia 1862 1929 1913 younger
Prince Heinrich of Prussia (1862-1929), 1913, a younger brother of Wilhelm II, a
history/nakhthorheb prayer ancient egyptian stone
Nakhthorheb in Prayer. Ancient Egyptian stone sculpture
history/north american indian artifact navajo blanket
North American Indian artifact: Navajo blanket, 19th century wool, 127x188 cm
history/smiling native north american indian woman
Smiling Native North American Indian woman. Photograph by Edward Curtis (1868-1952)
history/michelangelo da caravaggio 1571 1610 italian
Michelangelo da Caravaggio (1571 - 1610) Italian artist who lived in Rome, Naples
history/indian woman child weaving baskets
Indian woman and child weaving baskets


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