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history/henry bessemer 1813 1898 english engineer inventor
Henry Bessemer (1813-1898) English engineer and inventor. A prolific inventor, he
history/hydrotheraphy treatments c1902 walking foot bath
Hydrotheraphy treatments, c1902. Walking foot bath, nasal douche, foot bath and head bath
history/hydrotheraphy treatments c1902 steam pack hot
Hydrotheraphy treatments, c1902. Steam pack with hot water bottles shown open and closed
history/hydrotherapy treatments wet packs treating the
Hydrotherapy treatments. Wet packs for treating the the kidney (top) and spine (middle)
history/hydrotherapy treatments wet packs treatment body
Hydrotherapy treatments. Wet packs for the treatment of the whole body and for specific
history/chinese agriculture 1825 1835 top husking rice
Chinese agriculture, 1825-1835. Top: Husking rice. One person puts grain into a husker
history/linus pauling 1901 1994 american chemist c1954
Linus Pauling (1901-1994) American chemist, c1954
history/robert andrews millikan 1868 1953 american physicist
Robert Andrews Millikan (1868-1953) American physicist. 20th century. Awarded Nobel
history/william henry bragg 1862 1942 english physicist
William Henry Bragg (1862-1942) English physicist. Founder of X-ray crystallography
history/john brown 1735 88 scottish physician 1791
John Brown (1735-88) Scottish physician, 1791. He proposed the Brunonian system
history/john leslie 1766 1832 scottish natural philosopher
John Leslie (1766-1832), Scottish natural philosopher and physicis, lecturing
history/heinrich khunrath c1560 1605 german chemist
Heinrich Khunrath (c1560-1605) German chemist and alchemist born in Leipzig. (1725)
history/alfred russell wallace 1823 1913 c1895
Alfred Russell Wallace (1823-1913) c1895
history/fairlies steam carriage light railway steam
Fairlie's Steam Carriage. Light railway steam locomotive for use on branch lines
history/pewterers workshop encylopedieparis 1751 1780
Pewterer's workshop from EncylopedieParis, 1751-1780, edited by Diderot and Dalembert
history/richard owen 1804 1892 british zoologist
Richard Owen (1804-1892) British zoologist. Opponent of Darwin
history/samuel crompton 1753 1827 english inventor spinning
Samuel Crompton (1753-1827) English inventor of the spinning mule
history/wilhelm eberhard bunsen 1811 1899 german chemist
Wilhelm Eberhard Bunsen (1811-1899) German chemist and physicist
history/sanctorius sanctorio sanctorio 1561 1636 italian
Sanctorius (Sanctorio Sanctorio) (1561-1636) Italian physician and physiologist, friend
history/joseph black 1728 99 scottish chemist
Joseph Black (1728-99) Scottish chemist
history/isambard kingdom brunel 1806 1859 english civil
Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-1859), English civil engineer and inventor. Tribute
history/vincenzo lunardi 1759 1806 italian aeronaut
Vincenzo Lunardi (1759-1806) Italian aeronaut
history/alfred nobel 1833 96 swedish chemist inventor
Alfred Nobel (1833-96) Swedish chemist and inventor. Dynamite. Endowed Nobel Prizes
history/wilbur wright 1867 1912 american pioneer
Wilbur Wright (1867-1912) American pioneer of aviation
history/richard trevithick 1771 1883 english engineer
Richard Trevithick (1771-1883) English engineer and inventor, born at Illogan between
history/thomas henry huxley 1825 1895 engllish biologist
Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895) Engllish biologist, supporter of Darwin and evolution
history/joseph jackson lister 1786 1869 english physicist
Joseph Jackson Lister (1786-1869) English physicist and opticist who made important
history/samuel franklin cody 1862 1913 biplane
Samuel Franklin Cody (1862-1913) in his biplane. American-born British aviator
history/emil fischer 1852 1919 german chemist nobel
Emil Fischer (1852-1919) German chemist: Nobel prize for chemistry 1904
history/la pharmacie rustique c1775 the country pharmacy
La Pharmacie Rustique', c1775 (The Country Pharmacy). The composition shows a
history/suspension bridge niagara falls
Suspension bridge at the Niagara Falls
history/alexander fleming 1881 1955 scottish bacteriologist
Alexander Fleming (1881-1955) Scottish bacteriologist who discovered penicillin in 1928
history/lyon playfair 1818 1898 scoittish chemist
Lyon Playfair (1818-1898) Scoittish chemist and politician
history/ffestiniog railway steam locomotive 8 james spooner
Ffestiniog Railway steam Locomotive No 8 'James Spooner', 1872. This 0-4-4-0
history/trade card sunlight soap c1900 does woman look
Trade card for Sunlight soap, c1900. Why does a woman look old sooner than a manja
history/person to person blood transfusion reads method
Person-to-person blood transfusion. In Read's method depicted here, blood
history/true love c1910 american valentine card
To My True Love, c1910. American Valentine card
history/helmut karl bernard count von moltke 1800 1891
Helmut Karl Bernard, Count von Moltke (1800-1891) Prussian/German general and statesmasn
history/trade union scroll 1851 amalgamated society
Trade Union Scroll, 1851. Amalgamated Society of Engineers, Machinists, Millwrights
history/mozart wins heart royalty c1763 early 20th century
Mozart Wins the Heart of Royalty' c1763 (early 20th century). Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
history/deathbed mozart 1791 late 19th century
The Deathbed of Mozart 1791' (late 19th century). Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
history/house mozart lived salzburg late 18th century c1890
The House in which Mozart lived in Salzburg, late 18th century (c1890)
history/basuto miners beers diamond mines photograph c1885
Basuto miners in De Beers diamond mines. From photograph c1885. In 1887 and 1888
history/zulu boys beers diamond mines photograph taken
Zulu 'boys' at De Beers diamond mines. From photograph taken c1885. In 1887
history/washing plant beers diamond mines kimberley c
Washing plant at De Beers diamond mines, Kimberley, c.1900. In 1887 and 1888 Cecil
history/joseph chamberlain 1836 1914 british liberal
Joseph Chamberlain (1836-1914) British Liberal statesman. Tinted lithograph published
history/joseph chamberlain 1836 1914 british liberal
Joseph Chamberlain (1836-1914) British Liberal statesman at the time he was Secretary
history/piotr ilyich 1840 1893 tchaikovsky russian composer
Piotr Ilyich (1840-1893) Tchaikovsky Russian composer. From card published 1912
history/cecil john rhodes1852 1902 english born south
Cecil John Rhodes(1852-1902) English-born South African statesman. Photographic portrait
history/guiseppe verdi 1813 1901 italian composer particularly
Guiseppe Verdi (1813-1901) Italian composer, particularly of opera
history/druggist 16th century woodcut jost amman
The Druggist. 16th century woodcut by Jost Amman. Druggist is using pestle and mortar
history/constanza mozart 1783 born constanza weber
Constanza Mozart, 1783. Born Constanza Weber, she married Wolfgang Amadeaus Mozart
history/vienna c1790 city viewed river danube
Vienna, c1790. City viewed across the river Danube
history/john logie bairds 1888 1946 first television
John Logie Baird's (1888-1946) first television demonstration - 1926. Photogaph
history/heliograph visual telegraph sending receiving
Heliograph, a visual telegraph for sending and receiving messages by means of mirrors
history/aerial telegraph ancient greek soldiers tending
Aerial Telegraph: Ancient Greek soldiers tending a signal fire. It is claimed that
history/aerial telegraph roman signal towers basket
Aerial Telegraph. Roman signal towers. A basket containing fire was hung from an
history/aerial telegraph naval semaphore sailors hoisting
Aerial Telegraph: Naval Semaphore. Sailors hoisting flags which have been assembled
history/richard wagner 1813 1883 german composer 1882
Richard Wagner (1813-1883) German composer in 1882. After the portrait by Auguste Renoir
history/death nelson painting daniel maclise horation
The Death of Nelson' after the painting by Daniel Maclise
history/brunhilde foremost valkyries daughter wotan erda
Brunhilde foremost of the Valkyries, daughter of Wotan and Erda, bearing a wounded
history/view florence italy duomo cathedral campanile
View across Florence, Italy with the Duomo (Cathedral) and the Campanile in the distance
history/joseph stalin 1879 1953 russian communist
Joseph Stalin (1879-1953) Russian Communist dictator
history/igor fedorovich stravinsky 1892 1971 russian
Igor Fedorovich Stravinsky (1892-1971) Russian composer
history/piotr ilyich tchaikovsky 1840 1893 russian
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) Russian composer
history/george frederick handel 1685 1759 german english
George Frederick Handel (1685-1759) German-English composer born in Halle. After
history/orlando gibbons 1583 1625 english composer
Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625) English composer
history/thomas tallis c1505 1585 english composer organist
Thomas Tallis (c1505-1585) English composer, organist and music publisher
history/alban berg 1885 1935 austrian composer pupil
Alban Berg (1885-1935) Austrian composer, a pupil of Schoenberg
history/sergei vasilyevich rachmaninov sergey rakmaninov
Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninov (Sergey Rakmaninov) 1873-1943
history/edward elgar 1857 1934 english composer
Edward Elgar (1857-1934) English composer. Elgar at his desk
history/vladimir ilyich lenin ulyanov 1870 1924 c1917
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Ulyanov 1870-1924) c1917. Russian revolutionary
history/jefferson davis 1809 1889 president confederate
Jefferson Davis (1809-1889) President of the Confederate (southern) States
history/acupuncture chart rear body 19th century japanese
Acupuncture chart for rear of the body. 19th century Japanese. Wood block
history/vladimir ilyich lenin ulyanov 1870 1924 reading
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Ulyanov 1870-1924) reading Pravda 1918. Russian revolutionary
history/acupuncture chart body 19th century japanese
Acupuncture chart for front of the body. 19th century Japanese. Wood block
history/acupuncture chart 19th century woodcut
Acupuncture chart, 19th century woodcut
history/robin hood c1250 c1350 legendary english folk
Robin Hood (c1250-c1350) legendary English folk hero and outlaw, champion of the poor
history/flagellants time black death europe sect went
Flagellants. At time of Black Death in Europe, sect went through streets scourging
history/grigoriy efimovich rasputin ja1871 1916 centre
Grigoriy Efimovich Rasputin (ja1871-1916) centre. Russian mystic and 'holy man'
history/rasputin ja1871 1916 russian peasant holy man
Rasputin (ja1871-1916) Russian peasant, holy-man and mystic, surrounded by some of
history/seizure russian parliament petrograd st petersburg leningrad
Seizure of Russian Parliament in Petrograd (St Petersburg/Leningrad) by revolutionary
history/march les tres riches heures duc berry ox drawn
March. From Les Tres Riches Heures de Duc de Berry. Ox-drawn wheeled plough, foreground
history/reconstruction java man pithecanthropus erectus
Reconstruction of Java Man (Pithecanthropus erectus) based on skull cap, thigh bone
history/diagram pavlovs findings conditioned salivary reflex
Diagram of Pavlov's findings on conditioned salivary reflex. D Organ of touch
history/ancient olympic games relay race runners alight
Ancient Olympic Games: the relay race. Runners had to keep alight the flame and hand
history/gladiators roman arena spectators giving thumbs
Gladiators in the Roman arena: spectators are giving the 'thumbs down', signalling
history/scotts emulsion cod liver oil food supplement
Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil. Food supplement. Magazine advertisement of 1890
history/scarab beetle vulture wings disk sun limestone relief
Scarab beetle and vulture wings under disk of the sun. Limestone relief, Edfu
history/model soldiers tomb 18th dynasty pharoah
Model soldiers from the tomb of an 18th dynasty pharoah
history/djoser zoser second king 3rd dynasty c2686 2613 bc
Djoser (Zoser) second king of 3rd dynasty (c2686-2613 BC). Statue of Djoser removed
history/ancient egyptian scribe seated granite statue karnak
Ancient Egyptian scribe, seated. Granite statue from Karnak, 17/18th dynasty c1500 BC
history/shabaka stone 25th dynasty 710 bc memphis
Shabaka stone, 25th dynasty, 710 BC, from Memphis. Contains account of the Creation
history/scarab surmounting relief pharoah receiving tribute
Scarab surmounting relief of a pharoah receiving tribute. Temple of Karnak
history/seti i sethis sethos ancient egyptian king 19th
Seti I (Sethis or Sethos) Ancient Egyptian king of 19th dynasty, ruled 1318-1304 BC
history/capture enemy soldiers egyptians limestone relief
Capture of enemy soldiers by Egyptians. Limestone relief from Temple of Rameses II
history/feluccas nile elephantine island near aswan
Feluccas on the Nile, Elephantine Island near Aswan, modern Egypt
history/rameses ii great 1304 1237 bc captures subdues
Rameses II, The Great (1304-1237 BC) captures and subdues the Hittite enemy
history/mortuary temple queen hatshepsut ja1540 ja1481
Mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut (ja1540-ja1481) 18th dynasty queen of Egypt


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