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gardening/outdoors/clay soil digging spade close up view
Clay soil on digging spade, close up, view from above
#media dmcs-9536961
gardening/england lancashire wooden bench greenhouse
England, Lancashire, Wooden bench by greenhouse
#media dmcs-9537201
gardening/england lancashire muddy hands holding
England, Lancashire, Muddy hands holding freshly picked Golden Queen cherry tomatoes
#media dmcs-9537199
gardening/uk britain england hand holding golden
UK, Britain, England, Hand holding golden queen cherry tomatoes
#media dmcs-9537195
gardening/placing fir tree wicker basket
Placing fir tree in wicker basket
#media dmcs-9537129
gardening/angelica seeds palm hand dried flower cluster
Angelica seeds in palm of hand below dried flower cluster
#media dmcs-9537075
gardening/focus using special gardening scissors cut roman chamomile
Focus on using special gardening scissors to cut Roman Chamomile, stem, focused
#media dmcs-9537073
gardening/using special garden scissors harvest oregano
Using special garden scissors to harvest oregano leaves
#media dmcs-9537071
gardening/wire bird feeder containing nuts
Wire bird feeder containing nuts
#media dmcs-9537069
gardening/using garden scissors remove fennel flowerhead
Using garden scissors to remove fennel flowerhead containing seeds
#media dmcs-9537067
gardening/removing seed head garden scissors
Removing seed head with garden scissors
#media dmcs-9537065
gardening/using garden spade lift tender plants
Using garden spade to lift tender plants
#media dmcs-9537043
gardening/using garden fork dig well rotted manure
Using garden fork to dig in well-rotted manure
#media dmcs-9537035
gardening/cutting flowers leaves using clippers wide
Cutting back flowers and leaves using clippers with wide rusting blades
#media dmcs-9537029
gardening/spoon different type soil jar
Spoon in different type of soil into each jar, until it is about a third full
#media dmcs-9537005
gardening/young sapling pot alongside pot seed growing
A young sapling in a pot alongside another pot with a seed and nothing growing from it
#media dmcs-9537003
gardening/covering pots plastic bags
Covering three pots with plastic bags
#media dmcs-9536999
gardening/young sycamore tree nearing end second summer
The young sycamore tree is nearing the end of its second summer
#media dmcs-9536997
gardening/filling pot seed compost
Filling pot to the top with seed compost
#media dmcs-9536995
gardening/pushing seed 1cm seed compost
Pushing the seed about 1cm into the seed compost
#media dmcs-9536993
gardening/tie plastic bag place priece string
Tie plastic bag in place with a priece of string
#media dmcs-9536989
gardening/carefully pulling plastic bag tree
Carefully pulling the plastic bag down over the tree
#media dmcs-9536987
gardening/emptying pot plant window box
Emptying a pot plant into the window box
#media dmcs-9536983
gardening/filling clay window box soil
Filling a clay window box with soil
#media dmcs-9536977
gardening/pulling weeds plant pot containing small tree
Pulling out weeds from plant pot containing small tree
#media dmcs-9536877
gardening/cercidiphyllum japonicum japanese judas tree
Cercidiphyllum japonicum (Japanese Judas-tree) supported by angled stake
#media dmcs-9536833
gardening/man using penknife cut blackberry leaf stem bud
Man using penknife to cut blackberry leaf stem above bud
#media dmcs-9536643
gardening/radishes greenhouse bed close up
Radishes in a greenhouse bed, close-up
#media dmcs-9536499
gardening/greenhouse vents low angle view
Greenhouse top vents, low angle view
#media dmcs-9536495
gardening/cucumis melo first break cucumis melo minnesota midget
Cucumis melo 'First Break' and Cucumis melo 'Minnesota Midget' (Melons)
#media dmcs-9536493
gardening/young runner beans early stages growth bamboo
Young runner beans in the early stages of growth under a bamboo stick wigwam
#media dmcs-9536449
gardening/close up broomstick sweeping autumn leaves
Close-up of a broomstick sweeping autumn leaves from a damp garden lawn
#media dmcs-9536395
gardening/using secateurs prune wisteria attached wooden
Using secateurs to prune a wisteria attached to a wooden support
#media dmcs-9536391
gardening/close up forefinger gently stroking seedling
Close-up of forefinger gently stroking a seedling, giving scale to seedling, side view
#media dmcs-9536375
gardening/man making wooden hanging basket lining strips
Man making a wooden hanging basket lining it with strips of polythene
#media dmcs-9535763
gardening/man making wooden hanging basket adding strut
Man making a wooden hanging basket, adding the last strut
#media dmcs-9535733
gardening/man digging hedge line
Man digging out a hedge line
#media dmcs-9535701
gardening/mans hands seperating disentangling roots
Man's hands seperating or disentangling the roots at the base of a container
#media dmcs-9535699
gardening/garden showing use gravel control weeds
A garden showing the use of gravel to control weeds
#media dmcs-9535691
gardening/bulbs lying grass trowl used place bone meal
Bulbs lying in grass with trowl being used to place bone meal, mixed with a little soil from core
#media dmcs-9535671
gardening/mans hands transferring seedlings terracotta pot
Man's hands transferring seedlings to a terracotta pot
#media dmcs-9535669
gardening/mans hands feeling soil
Man's hands feeling soil
#media dmcs-9535667
gardening/plants greenhouse
Plants in greenhouse
#media dmcs-9535159
gardening/peach nectarine blossom espalier trained
Peach and nectarine blossom on espalier trained fans in a traditional lean-to greenhouse
#media dmcs-9534627
gardening/tomato plant rootstock shoot bound surgical tape
Tomato plant rootstock and shoot bound together by surgical tape
#media dmcs-9534141
gardening/using sharp knife make vertical cut rootstock
Using sharp knife to make vertical cut in rootstock stem of tomato plant
#media dmcs-9534139
gardening/tapered end base tomato plant stem
Tapered end on base of tomato plant stem
#media dmcs-9534133
gardening/porous brown surface
Porous brown surface
#media dmcs-9533751
gardening/cuttings pot compost fertiliser labels tools
Cuttings in a pot, compost, fertiliser, labels and tools
#media dmcs-9533663


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