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food drink/cheese/windrush cheese black pepper
Food and Drink
#media dmcs-9464619
food drink/thai green papaya salad
Thai green papaya salad
#media dmcs-9565609
food drink/pint guinness
Pint of Guinness
#media dmcs-9566753
food drink/cross section golden barrel cactus echinocactus
A cross-section of a golden barrel cactus, Echinocactus grusonii
#media dmcs-9567999
food drink/forms spices kaffir lime lesser galangal
Forms of the Spices: Kaffir Lime, Lesser Galangal, Kempferia Galangal, Mango Powder
#media dmcs-9568751
food drink/penne primavera spring green vegetable pasta
Penne primavera, spring green vegetable pasta, close-up
#media dmcs-9568743
food drink/strawberry half strawberry close up
One strawberry and half strawberry, close-up
#media dmcs-9568719
food drink/stems spear shaped leaves
Stems with spear-shaped leaves
#media dmcs-9568717
food drink/spicy lentils fritters coconut chutney close up
Spicy lentils fritters with coconut chutney, close-up
#media dmcs-9568715
food drink/croissant filled chocolate
Croissant filled with chocolate
#media dmcs-9568709
food drink/clay bowl wooden spoons
Clay bowl and wooden spoons
#media dmcs-9568699
food drink/sieved flour sifting buttered flour bowl
Sieved flour sifting on buttered flour in bowl
#media dmcs-9568695
food drink/lentils
#media dmcs-9568687
food drink/slice sticky lemon cake cooling rack close up
Slice of sticky lemon cake on cooling rack, close-up
#media dmcs-9568659
food drink/close up blackberries
Close-up of blackberries
#media dmcs-9568637
food drink/hand filling mould mix seeds preparing bird seed
Hand filling mould with mix seeds for preparing bird-seed balls
#media dmcs-9568633
food drink/spanish rice canvas bags
Spanish rice in canvas bags
#media dmcs-9568625
food drink/view 3 eggs
Above view of 3 Eggs
#media dmcs-9568613
food drink/watercress walnut salad close up
Watercress and walnut salad, close-up
#media dmcs-9568609
food drink/view french dressing small bowl
Above view of french dressing in a small bowl
#media dmcs-9568561
food drink/cross section wooden maracas south america
Cross section of wooden maracas from south america
#media dmcs-9568547
food drink/grated cheese
Grated cheese
#media dmcs-9568541
food drink/half cut kiwi fruit green polka dot tablecloth
Half cut kiwi fruit on green polka dot tablecloth
#media dmcs-9568537
food drink/japan tokyo shibuya ku plastic food model
Japan, Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Plastic food model at restaurant
#media dmcs-9568495
food drink/hot house cucumber ridge cucumber
Hot-House Cucumber and Ridge Cucumber
#media dmcs-9568489
food drink/dried apple muslin wire rack close up
Dried apple on muslin and wire rack, close-up
#media dmcs-9568483
food drink/1 place lightly toasted nori sheet bamboo mat
1 - Place a lightly toasted nori sheet on a bamboo mat
#media dmcs-9568473
food drink/spreading cream cake filling layer chocolate
Spreading cream cake filling over layer of chocolate sponge cake
#media dmcs-9568471
food drink/hands sprinkling sprigs fresh thyme vegetables
Hands sprinkling sprigs of fresh thyme over vegetables prepared for roasting
#media dmcs-9568467
food drink/flourless almond orange cake topped fresh
Flourless almond orange cake topped with fresh raspberries
#media dmcs-9568459
food drink/gingerbread man pickled ginger ground ginger
Gingerbread man, pickled ginger, ground ginger, preserved and crystallized ginger
#media dmcs-9568447
food drink/2 use mat help roll nori round rice
2 - Use the mat to help roll the nori round the rice
#media dmcs-9568441
food drink/nutmeg grater brass pestle mortar
Nutmeg Grater and Brass Pestle and Mortar
#media dmcs-9568427
food drink/close up pancake
Close-up of pancake
#media dmcs-9568417
food drink/piquillo peppers stuffed dungeness crab
Piquillo peppers stuffed with dungeness crab
#media dmcs-9568409
food drink/caraway mixed spices
Caraway and Mixed Spices
#media dmcs-9568401
food drink/hoppin john dish ham hock rice beans american
Hoppin' John, dish of ham hock, rice and beans from American South
#media dmcs-9568391
food drink/sweetcorn fritters cherry tomato salad close up
Sweetcorn fritters with cherry tomato salad, close-up
#media dmcs-9568387
food drink/viennese apple strudel whipped cream close up
Viennese apple strudel with whipped cream, close-up
#media dmcs-9568385
food drink/venison roasting joint white background close up
Venison roasting joint on white background, close-up
#media dmcs-9568377
food drink/redcurrants white background close up
Redcurrants on white background, close-up
#media dmcs-9568373
food drink/north eastern thai shrimp salad
North-eastern Thai shrimp salad
#media dmcs-9568341
food drink/womans hands kneading wheat pizza dough
Woman's hands kneading whole wheat pizza dough
#media dmcs-9568319
food drink/indian breads naan pakora ajowan
Two Indian breads - Naan and Pakora - made with ajowan
#media dmcs-9568317
food drink/greek salad feta tomatoes black olives
Greek salad with feta, tomatoes, and black olives, close-up
#media dmcs-9568315
food drink/womans hand putting grated cheddar cheese
Woman's hand putting grated cheddar cheese on wholemeal mini pizzas
#media dmcs-9568293
food drink/pears helene poached pears rich chocolate sauce
Pears Helene, poached pears with rich chocolate sauce, close-up
#media dmcs-9568291
food drink/bowl chilli carne tortillas chips soured
Bowl of chilli con carne with tortillas chips, soured cream and bowls of salsa
#media dmcs-9568269
food drink/block butter glass dish
A block of butter in a glass dish
#media dmcs-9568265


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